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Free Genealogy Biography of William Frey
Pennsylvania Volunteer of the Civil War

William Frey

William Frey, was born February 7, 1834, a son of George and Mary (Spangler) Frey. His grandfather, George Frey, a native of Spring Garden Township, died of apoplexy in 1849, aged sixty-eight years. He was a veteran of the war of 1812; served in Captain Spangler's company; marched from York to Baltimore, and engaged in the battle of North Point, his wife becoming a pensioner until her death in 1872, at the age of ninety-two years. They had seven children: Charles, George, Frederick, Enos, Catherine, Mary and Leah.

Subject's father, George Frey, was a captain of militia some years, and private in a company of Independent Blues, under Col. Alex Hay, at the Catholic and Native American riots, in Philadelphia, in 1844; also a private in the Second Maryland Regiment in the civil war of 1862-65; he died in 1882 of apoplexy, aged seventy-two years. He had five children: William, John, Charles, Lewis, and Eliza. William Frey was married, December 24, 1854, to Elizabeth Boekel, daughter of Michael and Anna Maria Boekel. By this union they have had the following children: William B., Flora M. Rouse, Ferdinand C., Emma E. Christine, George T., Katie, Anna M., Robert E., Mollie E., Hattie M. and Harry S.

Mr. Frey is the pioneer of the Spring Garden Band, starting in 1855, and held the leadership over twenty-three years.

He took the band into the United States service, and it served one year as regimental band of the Eighty-seventh Pennsylvania Volunteers, 87th Regiment. He also held the office of treasurer of York County, having been elected in 1876, and having served three years.

He is the owner of forty-nine acres of finely improved land, and raises vegetables, fruit, etc., for market. He makes a specialty of bee culture. The family are members of the German Reformed Church.

Source: York County, Pennsylvania Biographical History, John Gibson, Chicago: F.A. Battey Publishing Co., 1886.

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