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Pennsylvania Volunteers of the Civil War

Pension Roll of 1883

These PA county pension lists includes those on the U. S. Civil War pension list in 1883 but are not inclusive of all Civil War pensions granted by the U.S. government.
  • Additional pensions were granted after January 1, 1883
  • Some Civil War pensioners were deceased by this date and thus will not appear on this roll.

The 1883 roll also includes several veterans and widows who were receiving pensions for service during the War of 1812.

Civil War Pensioners on the Roll
This online book gives the name of each Civil War pensioner for all Pennsylvania counties in 1883, the cause for which pensioned (how wounded), the post-office address, the rate of pension per month, and the date of original allowance. Available at

Pensioners (available on this website) listed by 1882 PA county of residence:

Civil War pension records at NARA typically have birth dates, addresses of next of kin, medical information, proof of marriage, proof of children's births, a summary of military service, death certificates, and much more.

You can use the information on this list to send away for pension records from the National Archives (NARA); however, the pension certificate numbers may not match the current record numbers at the U.S. archives and should not be used to request pension records.

Individual Pensions Online by County

Adams County

Allegheny County

Blair County

Bradford County

Bucks County

Cambria County

Centre County

Chester County

Clearfield County

Clinton County

Columbia County

Dauphin County

Fayette County

Franklin County

Greene County

Juniata County

Lancaster County

Luzerne County

Lycoming County

Montgomery County

Northumberland County

Perry County

Philadelphia County

Schuylkill County

Somerset County

Washington County

Wyoming County

York County

Unknown County

Abbreviations used in the 1883 pension roll:

  • amp. - amputated
  • atr. - atrophy

  • chr. - chronic

  • diarr. - diarrhea

  • dis. - disease

  • frac. - fracture

  • g.s.w. - gun shot wound

  • inj. - injury

  • l. - left

  • ls. - loss

  • par. - partial

  • paral. - paralysis

  • r. - right

  • rheum. - rheumatism or rheumatic

  • shl., sh. - shell or shrapnel

  • shoul. - shoulder

  • w., wd. - wound

Abbreviated names:

  • Charles - Charles
  • Dan'l - Daniel
  • George - George
  • Jas. - James
  • Jno - John
  • Jos. - Joseph
  • Rob't - Robert
  • Sam'l - Samuel
  • Thos. - Thomas
  • Wm. - William Civil War Databases

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