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Free Genealogy Biography of Christopher C. Lobingier,
Pennsylvania Volunteer of the Civil War

Christopher C. Lobingier

Christopher C. Lobingier was born at Laurelville, Pa., June 7, 1840. He is the son of Jacob Lobingier, and the grandson of Judge John Lobingier, of Westmoreland county.

He settled in Braddock’s Field in 1858, and attended the "Farmers’ High-school," in Centre county.

He enlisted for three years, in 1862, in Co. A, One Hundredth (Roundhead) P.V., 100th Regiment, and participated in the following battles: James Island, second Bull run, Chantilly, Fredericksburg, siege of Vicksburg and Jackson, Miss.

The Roundhead regiment was raised by Dr. Leasure, under authority from the war department. For many months the officers served without commissions.

The name Roundhead was given the regiment by Simon Cameron, secretary of war.

Mr. Lobingier was married Jan. 10, 1865, to Helena E. Mills, daughter of Isaac Mills, Sr., one of the earliest settlers of Braddock’s Field. They have five children, named J. Everett, Judson, Jason, Mary E. and Ida L.

Source: Cushing, Thomas; History of Allegheny County; Chicago: A. Warner & Co. 1889.

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