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Free Genealogy Biography of William Osborn
Pennsylvania Volunteer of the Civil War

Dr. William F. Osborn

Dr. William F. Osborn was born in Fayette County, Pa., in 1830, and lived in his native State twenty-three years, and removed to Quincy, Ill., and lived there until 1857, then removed to Chicago, and remained there three years; then moved to Memphis, Mo., and commenced the practice of medicine, and also took editorial charge of the Memphis National Democrat, entering warmly into the political issues that were then about to convulse the nation, strongly advocating the cause of the Union, and opposing the secession movement.

In 1861 he returned to his native State and entered the army as Assistant Surgeon of the Eleventh Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, 11th Regiment; was promoted and made Surgeon of the Thirteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry, 117th Regiment, and remained with that regiment until it was mustered out of service at the close of the war.

He then located in Mount Pleasant, Pa., and practiced his profession there until 1870, when he removed to Burlington, Kan., where he has since resided. Dr. Osborn commenced the study of medicine in Quincy, with Dr. W. S. Everett; took a six months' course at the Michigan University, then went into the office of Dr. Daniel Brainard, of Chicago, and graduated at Rush Medical College, February 15, 1860. He studied law, and was admitted to the bar as a practicing attorney in Burlington, in 1872. He was married in Fayette County Pa., in June, 1875, to Miss Frances Freeman, a native of that county. They have two children, William F. and John L. The doctor is a member of the Masonic Order, and I. O. O. F. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church.

Source: History of the State of Kansas; William G. Cutler; A.T. Andreas, Chicago, IL; 1883

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