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Free Genealogy Biography of John Pedan
Pennsylvania Volunteer of the Civil War

John Pedan

Benjamin Pedan, before the time of the Revolutionary war, became a prominent and influential citizen of the lower end of the county. He was appointed justice of the peace for his township under the first constitution of the State of Pennsylvania, in June, 1777, and in the year 1790, was one of the five representatives of York County who helped to frame the second constitution of the State. For many years after this event he served as justice. In 1805, he was elected a member of State legislature. In the taxable list of Chanceford Township for the year 1783, he was assessed for 307 acres of land, one slave, five horses, six cows and six sheep. Benjamin Pedan was married to Jane Giffin, and came from Frederick County, Md., in 1772, bought 307 acres of land, added eighteen adjoining acres, and at the time of his death, in 1813, owned 325 acres and a number of slaves. He was an elder in the Presbyterian Church. He had eleven children. His first wife having died, he married a second time.

John Pedan was the ninth child by the first marriage, and was born June 7, 1780, in Chanceford Township (now Lower Chanceford), where he remained until his death in 1840. His father died in 1813.

John Pedan was married to Nancy Campbell, who was a native of Stewartstown, Ireland, and immigrated to America about 1800. John Benjamin Pedan grew to manhood on his father's farm in Lower Chanceford, and received his educational training in the public schools of his native township.

In 1863 he enlisted in Capt. Stevens' company of ninety-day men, who entered the service during Lee's second mvasion of Pennsylvania.

In 1864 he purchased the farm of 140 acres, on which he now resides. Samuel M. Pedan, Esq., whose portrait appears in this work, was a son of John and Nancy (Campbell) Pedan, was born on the old homestead, and there lived and died; he was for fifteen years known as a prominent justice of the peace of his township. He was a man of excellent character and sterling worth. He served in various positions of honor and trust among the people of the lower town. His death, while he was yet in the prime of life, on February 11, 1882, was deeply felt by a large circle of friends and acquaintances. He was never married. The other members of the family of John Pedan are Margaret J., Martha E., Allie E., Annie A. and Charles J.

Source: York County, Pennsylvania Biographical History, John Gibson, Chicago: F.A. Battey Publishing Co., 1886.

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