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Free Genealogy Biography of Cephas Sharp,
Pennsylvania Volunteer of the Civil War

Cephas Dodd Sharp

Cephas Dodd Sharp, son of Zachariah and Elizabeth (Yoder) Sharp, was born June 21, 1834, in the old stone house at Amity, this county. When a young man he came to Washington, Penn., working as a clerk until the war opened, when, fired with patriotic ardor, he bade farewell to his affianced and laid aside the vocations of peace for the panoply of war.

He was among the first to volunteer for the three months' service, and enlisted in Company E (commanded by N. Magiffin), 12th Regiment,. For a time they were employed in guarding railroads, and then he returned home with zeal dampened by the harsh experiences of field life. But he possessed the true spirit of a warrior, and in 1862, with several friends, once more volunteered his services.

This time he enlisted in Company D, One Hundred and Fortieth, 140th Regiment, P. V. I., and participated in the engagements of that regiment until his death. He was in the battle of Chancellorsville, and was one of the martyrs who fell at bloody Gettysburg. On July 2, 1863, he joined in that desperate charge across the wheat fields which cost so many lives.

A bullet passed through both of his thighs, and at the same instant another lodged in one of his knees, the latter proving fatal. He fell and soon after received another terrible shot which paralyzed him for a time.

Regaining consciousness, he supposed a ball had passed through his breast, but found a minnie-ball deeply imbedded in the pocket Bible which was carried in his breast pocket. Night threw her mantle over the bloody tragedy as the dying soldier lay where he fell among the others. Listening, he heard the familiar voice of Bedan Bebout in prayer. He spoke, and they succeeded in dragging their bodies together. Isaac Lacock and Charles Cunningham, also wounded, heard the conversation and joined the group.

Slowly, painfully, the night passed on, and morning found them helpless in the hands of the enemy. They hired rebel soldiers to carry them to a place of greater security, and at midnight on July 5, were found in a Mr. Cunningham's barnyard. Lacock and Cunningham survived, and Bebout and Cephas were soon freed from pain.

The last words uttered by Cephas were: "Oh, God, cut me loose, let me go." The Bible and bullets are kept as sacred relics of that terrible night by his brother Manaen Sharp.

Source: Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington County, Pennsylvania; Chicago; J. H. Beers & Co., 1893.

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