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Free Genealogy Biography of William Siep
Pennsylvania Volunteer of the Civil War

William H. Siep, M.D.

William H. Siep, M. D., removed from Washington, N. J., to the city of Atchison in 1878, where he is now successfully established as a physician and surgeon. Dr. Seip was born in Easton, Pa., August 20, 1835. At an early age he manifested a decided predilection for the study of medicine, persisting in his chosen pursuit until he graduated from Jefferson Medical College in 1859.

From 1859 to 1861, being at the same time engaged in following his profession, he was editor and publisher of the Easton Times and Der Beobachter.

April 17, 1861, he enlisted as a private in Company D, First Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1st Regiment, serving until July 29 of the same year. In the following September he again entered the service as First Lieutenant of Company H, Eleventh Pennsylvania Cavalry, 108th Regiment.

He was promoted to Captain October 28, 1861; again promoted January 19, 1864, to Major of the First Regiment of the United States Colored Cavalry; to Lieutenant Colonel December 6, 1865, and on the 22nd of May, 1866, was breveted Colonel "for faithful and meritorious services during the war," as his commission reads, to rank from March, 1865.

During his first three months term of service as private, Dr. Seip was appointed Assistant Surgeon of his regiment, and was detailed as one of the surgeons in charge of the post hospital. From December 23, 1865, to February 4, 1866, he was in command of his regiment and was stationed at Brazos, Santiago, Texas, where he was mustered out of service.

On his discharge he commenced the practice of medicine in Easton, Pa., where he remained about three years, when he moved to Washington, N. Y., in which place he was engaged in the practice of his profession until his removal and location in Atchison in 1878. Dr. Seip received the degree of A. M. from his alma mater, Lafayette College, Easton, Pa., December 26, 1865.

He was married in May, 1855, to Emma O., a native of Easton and daughter of Rev. John P. Necht, professor of German in, and one of the trustees of, Lafayette College. They have four living children -Sallie C., Mary G., Annie B. and William Hecht. Amy Leah died at the age of sixteen; Percy Thomas at the same age, and Louise B. in infancy. Dr. Seip was one of the members of the New Jersey and one of the founders of the Kansas State Pharmaceutical Association. While residing at Washington, N. J., he was commander of Post No. 30, G. A. R.

Source: History of the State of Kansas; William G. Cutler; A.T. Andreas, Chicago, IL; 1883

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