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Free Genealogy Biography of Milton Slick,
Pennsylvania Volunteer of the Civil War

Milton J. Slick

Milton J. Slick was born May 1, 1844, in Leitersburg, Md., was educated in the common schools of his native town, and grew to manhood, making his way in life as best he could, under the guidance of a good mother. When he was sixteen he began working upon a farm, and at anything else he could find to do. Later he went to Waynesboro, Franklin Co., Pa., to learn the printer's trade under William Blair, who established the Village Record, one of the oldest of the county papers. He was there but a year. In the meantime the printing office of Mercersburg was sold and our subject managed to buy half an interest in the business.

Later, in September, 1863, he purchased the interest of his partner, J. F. Cummings, who on Jan. 1, 1864, enlisted, leaving his business in the hands of Mr. Slick, who continued it until the burning of Chambersburg, in July, 1864, when he closed the printing office and enlisted in Company A, 17th Pennsylvania Cavalry, 162nd Regiment, and was with Sheridan in his campaign in the Shenandoah. He was with the army until the close of the war, and was present at Sheridan's famous ride from Winchester to Cedar Creek, as one of the general's escort, and he also took part in many other battles. He was fortunate enough to escape being wounded.

In the spring of 1866 Mr. Slick returned to Mercersburg, re-opened his printing office, and conducted it until June 1, 1899.

Milton J. Slick married Dec. 1, 1865, in Alice Garlinger, daughter of Horatio Garrlinger, of Leitersburg; they had no children.

In March, 1873, he was honored by election as justice of the peace, which office he has held continuously ever since, giving the most entire satisfaction to all. Many of his decisions have served as precedents in, the higher courts, and he is admitted to be a wise, calm, just judge, and one who always carefully considers all the points in the cases brought tip before him. Judge Slick was elected under the old constitution.

He is a Republican in politics, and has always taken a very active part in party affairs, being a prominent factor. In religious matters he is a consistent member of the Reformed Church, toward the support of which he contributes very liberally. For twenty-five years he served as secretary of the town council, and for thirty years he was clerk of the school board. For thirty-eight years he has been an Odd Fellow, and for twenty-five consecutive years he was secretary of the local Lodge at Mercersburg, Pa., and for two years was grand master of that order for Franklin county. During about fifteen years of his life he has devoted a large portion of his time clerking sales, and has handled about 600 farm sales.

In every walk of life Mr. Slick has proven himself an honorable upright man, a true Christian gentleman, a wise and just man on the Bench, and a kind friend, both in good and evil fortune. The city of Mercersburg has always found in him a wise promoter of all measures calculated to work to its betterment, while in the cause of education he has labored long and efficiently. Such is the man presented in this brief record of one of the leading representatives of the best interests of Franklin county, Pennsylvania.

Source: Biographical Annals of Franklin County, Pennsylvania : containing genealogical records of representative families, including many of the early settlers, and biographical sketches of prominent citizens; Chicago. Genealogical Pub. Co.. 1905. Notes: Prepared in part by George O. Seilhamer.

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