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Free Genealogy Biography of Joseph Winger,
Pennsylvania Volunteer of the Civil War

Joseph Winger

Joseph Winger, (born in Lancaster county March 13, 1807 -- died at Claylick in 1892), son of Jacob and Mary (Weaver) Winger, came to Franklin county has in 1839, and purchased a woolen mill in Montgomery township. A year later he bought a farm near his mill.

He afterward disposed of these interests, and purchased a part of the Bradley farm, near the Mercersburg burg turnpike, to which he removed. In 1852 he bought a farm near Claylick, and removed to the village the next year where he engaged in mercantile pursuits, in which he continued until his death. He was one of the most enterprising men in his township, and besides his mercantile and farming interests was an extensive dealer in stock. Through his efforts a postoffice was established at Claylick in 1862, and his song succeeded each other as postmaster there until 1886.

In politics he was a Whig and Republican, but on account of State pride he voted for James Buchanan for President in 1856.

In 1862 he was made a prisoner by Stuart's Confederate Cavalry, and was carried to Richmond, where he was confined in Libby prison as a hostage for six weeks.

Mr. Winger married Esther Buckwalter (born in Lancaster county in 1812- died Sept. 17, 1868), daughter of Abraham and Nancy (Whitener) Buckwalter. The Witmers and Buckwalters, as well as the Wingers, were early Swiss Mennonite settlers of Lancaster county. Joseph and Esther Winger had issue

1. SARAH married Henry Brindle.
2. ELIZABETH married Jacob Lewis, of Frederick, Maryland.
3. ANNA married John E. Stover, of California.
5. ELAM B. was postmaster at Claylick, 1862-66, but removed to Freeport, Ill., and lived in Chicago until his death, in August, 1904. He married Elizabeth Stover.
6. CATHERINE married John Draper.
7. JOSEPH W. served in Battery -D, 2d Pennsylvania Artillery, and became captain. He was postmaster at -Claylick, 1866-74, county auditor, 1868, but removed to Lincoln, Nebraska. He married Margaret Irwin.
8. LYDIA died young.
9. ESTHER AMANDA married John H. Angle.
10. DAVID died young.
11. EMMA C. married J. B. Seacrest.
12. JOHN N. died young.
13. Lucy married Hon. W. R. Gillan. [Gillan Family].
14. CALVIN W. died young.
15. JACOB MELVILLE was postmaster at Claylick, 1874-81, and 1885-86; he married Catharine Lesher.
16. ALBERT C. was postmaster at Claylick, 1881-85, but went West, and is a railroad contractor at Ogden, Utah.

Source: Biographical Annals of Franklin County, Pennsylvania : containing genealogical records of representative families, including many of the early settlers, and biographical sketches of prominent citizens; Chicago. Genealogical Pub. Co.. 1905. Notes: Prepared in part by George O. Seilhamer.

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