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Free Genealogy Biography of William Witherow,
Pennsylvania Volunteer of the Civil War

William Witherow

William Witherow

BIG, cheery, good-natured William Witherow, mine host of the Hotel Duquesne, who does not know him, and who that knows him does not admire his sunny disposition and the many other good qualities that go to make him the beau ideal of an American gentleman? Mr. Witherow has been for years a figure of prominence in Allegheny County. He was born on November 7, 1843, and received his education in the Allegheny public schools.

Just as he attained manhood the Civil War broke out. In 1862 he enlisted in Company E, 123d Pennsylvania Volunteers, 123rd Regiment. He took part with his regiment in many severe engagements, among them the second battle of Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg, and both fights at Chancellorsville. When his time expired he was honorably discharged, but reenlisted later on in the heavy artillery. He was sent to Fort Delaware, and detailed there as postmaster until the close of the, war. In 1865 he was discharged by a general order, thus being distinguished with two honorable discharges.

For a man with so fine a war record nothing was too good in Allegheny County, and accordingly Mr. Witherow easily drifted into the field of public life and political activity. He became a book-keeper in the U. S. Depository under Collector Thomas Steele, and served as a clerk in the Clerk of Courts' office under W. H. McCleary, and as Chief Clerk under Sheriff William Hunter.

In 1881 he was elected County Treasurer. In 1887 he took charge of the Hotel Duquesne, and by his rare tact and administrative ability made that establishment one of the most admirable of its kind west of the Allegheny mountains. Mr. Witherow's cares as a host have not caused him to forsake politics absolutely. In '88 he made a fight for Republican National Delegate against a powerful combination, and was beaten by only two votes. Few men are happier than he in the formation of strong and permanent friendships, and few are more generally respected and esteemed.

Source: All Sorts of Pittsburgers Sketched in Prose and Verse; Burgoyne, Arthur; Pittsburg, PA; The Leader; 1892.

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