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Free Genealogy Biography of John Wood,
Pennsylvania Volunteer of the Civil War

John Wood

John William, son of William Wood, was born in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, March 14, 1843, died February 5, 1910. He was educated in the public schools, and learned the harnessmaker's trade with his father. He established business under his own name at No. 61 West Main street. He continued in business there a great many years, finally retiring in 1906, four years prior to his death. He was an ardent Democrat, but never would accept public office.

He enlisted during the war between the states in Company K, One Hundred and Sixteenth Regiment, 116th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, and was honorably discharged at the close of the war in 1865.

He married, December 31, 1879. Cecelia V. (Wathen) Hook, widow of David Ewing Hook. She was born in Uniontown, and survives her husband, residing at No. 120 West Fayette street, Uniontown. She is a daughter of Captain Thomas and Rebecca (Wood) Wathen. Captain Thomas Wathen was born in 1793 in Frederick county, Maryland, came to Uniontown in 1818, married Rebecca Wood in 1819. He followed his trade of shoemaker until his death, August 12, 1857. He served in the war of 1812, attaining the rank of captain, a title by which he was always addressed. Captain Thomas Wathen was a son of Gabriel Wathen, a Frenchman, and Susan (Whitter) Wathen, of Irish descent. They settled in Maryland about the time of the Lord Baltimore settlement, and became large land owners of Frederick county, Children of Gabriel Wathen: Leonard, moved to Kentucky, where descendants are found; Henry, moved to Ohio; Cecelia and Helen, became brides of the church and spent their lives in a convent in Maryland; Susan, married and lived in Frederick county, Maryland; Captain Thomas, of previous mention. Rebecca Wood, wife of Captain Thomas Wathen, was born in Uniontown, 1802, daughter of Isaac and Sarah (Comeley) Wood, the Quaker maid of Germantown, Pennsylvania, who defying parents and church clung to her lover and leaving home and kindred came with him to the then wilderness of Western Pennsylvania, there to found a family and help in the upbuilding of a prosperous community. This marriage and the subsequent one of John William Wood and Cecelia V. Wathen unites more than a century later the blood of two of the emigrant Wood brothers, John and Isaac.

Children of Captain Thomas and Rebecca (Wood) Wathen: 1. Henry, a shoemaker of Uniontown, married Mary Howser, both deceased. 2. Sarah, died at age of thirteen years. 3. Ellen, married Merchant Springer, of Uniontown, both deceased. 4. Julia C., married John Bierer, an attorney of Uniontown, who died in 1906; she survives him, a resident of Uniontown. 5. Margaret, married James Smith and moved to Allegheny, Pennsylvania, both deceased. 6. Cecelia V., of previous mention, married John William Wood. 7. Amanda, married George Coughanour, whom she survives. 8. Alice, married John Eberhart and lives in Hoboken, Pennsylvania.

The only child of John William Wood; William Lee, of whom further.

(IV) William Lee, only child of John William and Cecelia V. (Wathen) Wood, was born in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, January 6, 1881. He was educated in the public schools, and after completing his studies spent three years in Pittsburgh as clerk in the offices of the Pennsylvania railroad. In 1901 he returned to the old home in Uniontown and purchased the cigar and news store of L. L. Hatfield at No. 67 West Main street, where he continued in the same line of trade. He has a good business and is one of the active, energetic younger business men of his city, highly regarded by all. He is the last surviving male member of his Grandfather Woods line, that branch of the family tree that has flourished on American soil one hundred and twenty-five years. He is a Democrat in politics, but has never sought public office. Both he and wife are members of the Episcopal church. He is a member of Uniontown lodge, Free and Accepted Masons, and Uniontown Lodge of Perfection, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite.

He married, April 16, 1904, Ethel M., born at Pataskla, Ohio, July 10, 1882, daughter of Warren and Harriet (Marion) Cargille, Warren Cargille, deceased, was a cigarmaker. His wife survives him. Child, John Warren, born in Uniontown, June 25, 1908.

Source: Genealogical and Personal History of Fayette County, John W. Jordan, Lewis Historical Publishing Co., 1912.

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