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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

One Hundred and Eleventh Regiment, Field and Staff Officers

111th PA Regiment Officers

Colonel Mathew Schlaudecker Founded regiment on Sept.2, 1861, resigned 11-6-1862
Colonel George A. Cobham, Jr Elected Lieutenant Colonel 11-1861,
Promoted to Colonel 11-7-1862,
K.I.A. at Peach Tree Creek, Ga 7-20-1864,
Final rank of Brigadier General backdated to 7-19-1864, confirmed 7-16-1867
Colonel Thomas M. Walker Elected Major 11-1861,
Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel 11-7-1862,
Promoted to Colonel 4-23-1865 again to Brigadier General 7-5-1865
Muster Out with regiment 7-19-1865
Lieutenant Colonel Frank J. Osgood Promoted from Captain to Major 5-20-1865 to Lieutenant Colonel 6-7-1865
M.O. with regiment. Muster in 1-31-1862
Major John A. Boyle Muster in 1-3-1862
K.I.A. at Wauhatchie Station, TN 0-29-1863
Adjutant James W. Wells Muster in 12-6-1861,
Promoted to 1st Lieutenant Company F 2-14-1863 to Captain of Company F 5-16-1863,
Brv. Major 5-15-1865, Lieutenant Colonel 3-13-1865,
M.O. with regiment
Adjutant Hiram L. Blodgett Muster in 11-3-1861,
Promoted 1st Lieutenant Company C , 5-18-1863 to Capt Company H 3-16-1864.
Died 8-5-1864, Chattanooga, TN
Adjutant John R. Boyle Muster in 10-15-1861,
Promoted 1st Lieutenant Company H 3-12-1864, to Captain & Ass. Q.M.U.S. Vols. 7-24-1864.
Discharged by Special Order 3-20-1866
Adjutant Albert G. Lucas
QuarterMaster Alexander Thompson 12-16-1861 Resigned 3-23-1863
QuarterMaster William Saeger Muster in 1-23-1862,
Promoted from 2nd Lieutenant Company I 5-21-1863
Discharged special order 4-8-1865
QuarterMaster Noah W. Lowell Muster in 11-25-1861,
Promoted from Sgt. Company F. to Com. Sgt.4-3-1863 to Q.M. 6-6-1865, M.O.. with regiment, Vet.
Surgeon Wallace B. Stewart Muster in 1-28-1862,
Resigned 11-27-1862
Surgeon George P. Oliver Muster in 1-11-1863,
Discharged on Surgeon certificate 7-13-1864
Surgeon James L. Dunn Muster in 3-6-1862,
Discharged 4-6-1865, expiration of term
Surgeon D. Hayes Strickland Muster in 3-9-1863,
Promoted from Asst. Surg. 5-11-1865
M.O with regiment 7-19-1865
Asst. Surgeon John Nicholson Muster in 1-28-1862,
Died at Little Washington, Va. 8-2-1862
Asst. Surgeon James Stokes Muster in 8-6-1862,
Resigned 1-15-1863
Asst. Surgeon Henry F. Conrad Muster in 8-9-1862,
Promoted to Surgeon 174th P.V. 1-13-1863
Asst. Surgeon Joseph F. Ake Muster in 2-10-1863,
Resigned 4-7-1865
Asst. Surgeon G. Milton Bradfield Muster in 6-22-1865,
M.O. with regiment 7-19-1865
Chaplain Lorenzo D. Williams Muster in 1-28-1862,
Resigned 3-16-1863
Chaplain John R. Hamilton Muster in 10-17-1863,
Sgt. Major Logan J. Dyke Muster in 11-25-1861,
Promoted from Pvt.Company F 9-3-1863,
lost arm at Peach Tree Creek, Ga,
M.O.with regiment, Vet
Sgt. Major Marvin D. Pettit Muster in 11-25-1861,
Promoted from Cpl. Company F 11-1-1862; 2nd Lieutenant Company B 9-3-1863,
K.I.A , Wauhatchie Station, TN 10-29-1863
Sgt. Major John Corrigan Muster in 9-21-1861, Transferred to Company B 9-7-1863
Q.M. Sgt. Otto Kammerer Muster in 9-14-1861,
Promoted from Pvt Company H 9-16-1861,
M.O. with regiment, Vet.
Com. Sgt. Conrad B. Evans Muster in 1-4-1864,
Promoted from Cpl.Company A 6-26-1865,
M.O.. with regiment, Vet.
Com. Sgt Zalmon E. Peck Muster in 11-3-1861,
Promoted from mue.Company A,
Discharged Surg.cert 4-2-1863
Hospital Steward Albert M. Williams Muster in 9-15-1861,
Promoted from Pvt. Company E 7-1-1864,
M.O. with regiment, Vet.
Hospital Steward William T. McMurtrie Muster in 12-1-1861,
Promoted from Pvt. Company E 1-1-1862,
Discharged Surgeon certificate 1-18-1863
Hospital Steward Joseph O. Etherington Muster in 11-27-1861,
Promotedfrom Mue.Company K, 7-1-1864,
M.O. with regiment, Vet.
Hospital Steward Carl Zimmerman Muster in 10-14-1861,
Promoted from Mue. Company G, 10-16-1861
Discharged Surg. certificate 12-22-1862

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