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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

12th Cavalry, One Hundred Thirteenth Regiment, Company L

Organized at Union Mills, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania March 1, 1862

113th Regiment, 12th PA Cavalry, Troop L


Captain W. H. McAllaster
1st Lieut. M. H. Fenno
2nd Lieut. O. B. Tourtellott


*1st Henry A. Drake
*Q. M. John White
*Bela P. Scovill
*Charles S. McCullough
*Sheldon Logan
*Newton B. Parker
*David W. Miller
*William H. Keasey


*James W. Osborn
*William Marshall
*Franklin Alford
John Betz
Michael Finn
*Hiram E. Hanson
*Henry Mulvin
*Samuel Allan

*Madison J. Kennedy, Farrier
*Milon Dunham, Blacksmith
*Michael Allen, Saddler
Lyman Dunham, Bugler
Hesley M. Newton, Bugler


Ammon, James S.
Blanchard, Semor
Boyler, Joseph H.
Butler, Orion S.
Clark, Russell G.
Collins, David
Conner, George
Cory, Robert
Courtney, Charles F.
Crowell, Joseph B.
*Culver, Jackson
Cumer, John
*Davidson, Andrew
*Eastright, George W.
Emerson, Henry
*Fannon, Dominick
Fawcett, Nathan S.
Fox, Leonidas, L. C.
Freeman, John W.
Frey, Frederick
*Giesking, Henry S.
Gray, John W.
*Gross, Lafayette
*Hamel, Simon
Hammond, John F.
*Harrison, Henry
Hendry, William A.
Holey, George
Hosey, Marvin M.
Jacobs, Frank
*Jaggi, Joseph
Kappel, Charles G.
Karshner, Franklin H.
Kelley, Thomas
Kincaid, John S.
*Lantz, Jacob M.
Lantz, Joseph H.
Lewis, William
Magee, John M.
McIntyre, George G.
McIntyre, Alanson D.
Middleton, David S.
Miles, Jacobs[sic]
*Miller, John
*Miller, Henry
Morter, Samuel
*Myres, Jacob
Nourse, Horace D.
Polk, John S.
*Riley, John
Rockwood, Horatio
Rounds, George W.
Sample, Lemuel E.
Saxton, Hezekiah
Saxton, James
Scott, John M.
Shepard, Jefferson
Sherwood, James M.
Shipman, Wesley
Smiley, Perry
*Stackhouse, Daniel
Stanton, Henry L.
Stanton, Oscar D.
*Steele, Henry
Switzer, Lewis
Thompson, Benjamin B.
Thompson, William
Toy, Benjamin
*Trautman, Benjamin
*Trisket, Willard
Wilson, John H.
*Wyatt, George D.


Captain George Russel
Captain Elmer F. Jennings


Sergeant H. E. Burroughs
Sergeant John Owen
Sergeant Araunah M. Smith
Corpl. Leander Blanchard
Corpl. Henry Bryan
Gross, Lewis
Kosloskie, Antone
Slishinger, Frederick
Wallenstine, Fred
Bateman, George
Karnes, William


Graham, Christopher
Ross, David
Ritelin, John R.
Jackson, William W.
Bostwick, Edward
Ford, Henry
*Harrison, James Y.
*Mickle, Thomas
Rineheart, John


George Oaks, Wounded, since died
Norman Campbell-Died in Richmond, Va., Oct. 21, '63
Asa Wilkins-Died in Anderson, Ga., Mar. 17 '64
Luther Beardsley-Prisoner since June 29, '64
Robert Campbell-Prisoner since June 29, '64
John Carrens-Prisoner since Oct. 24, '64
David C. Conrad-Prisoner since November 29, '64
Henry Knickerbocker-Prisoner since June 29, '64


John Peters-Killed at Manassas, Aug. 27, '62
Willard Baker-Killed at Winchester, July 24, '64
Abner Phillips-Accidently killed, Aug. 9, '64
Corpl. William Cooper
Corpl. William P. Morse-Died May 20, '63
Norman Kibbe
Elwin Clark-Died July 30, '63
James McCarron-Died October 21, '63
Horace Sackett-Died April 25, '64
George F. Proctor-Died November 11, '64


*Sergeant Eugene B. Clark
Corpl. William Jenkins
George Berry
James Brown
Christian Uteheart
John Wilson
James Anderson
Jacob Nuser
Isaac Carson
Thomas Kenney
John Baker
Edwin E. Mason

Those marked * Re-enlisted as Veterans


Bristow Station, Aug. 27, '62
Manassas, Aug. 28, '62
South Mountain, Sept. 14, '62
Antietam, Md., Sept. 17, '62
Strausburg, April 22 & 27, '63
Jane Lieu[sic], May 19, '63
Winchester, June 13, 14 & 15, '63
McConnellsburg, Pa., June 28, '63
Maryland Line, July 5, '63; 648 Prisoners, 
550 Horses & Mules, 3 brass 12 pounders and 125 waggons,
taken by 200 Cavalry without the loss of a man. Tomahawk, Oct. '63 Boliver, July 4, '64 Frederick City, July 8 & 15, '64 Monocacy Bridge, July 9, '64 Winchester, July 23 & 24, '64 Charlestown, Va., Aug. 22, '64 ORGANIZED AT UNION MILLS, PA., MARCH 1, 1862. REORGANIZED FEB. 1, '64 AT MARTINSBURG, W. VA.
Transribed by Vee Housman

Roster Source: Soldier Memorial - 25" x 20" illustrated black and white document under glass in a wood gold frame Civil War Databases

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