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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

One Hundred and Forty-seventh Regiment, Company H

Recruited in Lehigh and Berks Counties, Pennsylvania

147th PA Regiment Co. H

Alfred B. Schwartz
Samuel F. McKee
John W. Parks

First Lieutenant
Daniel Bower
Tilgma'n S. Hummel

Second Lieutenant
Thomas J. Leaming
Josiah E. King

First Sergeant
Edward J. Schoo1ey
Wallace W. Weaver
Reuben A. Howerter

Francis Whipler

James Dunn
John Delahunte
Henry Stepp
Matthias Fox
Joseph Mussleman

Edward Lavenberg

Adams, James
Abrams, Seth   
Anderson, August
Brown, John, 1st
Boyer, John   
Brown, Charles
Burdock, John
Baker, Charles
Brown, John, 2nd
Bray, John
Berger, Lewis
Brand, Frederick
-Baacher, John
Burns, Henry
Bartt, Charles   
Brown, George   
Cummings, Peter
Carroll, Michael
Collins, John B.
Cruise, John
Carr, Charles
Crook, William
Chamber, Charles
Coberdale, Martin
Dolan, John     
Dougherty, Neil
Deitrich, Conrad
Duss, Andrew  
Darland, William
Debner, Christian
Doellner, William
De Planque, Frederick
Forman, Henry 
Fry, John.      
Fox, Robert    
Fogle, Frederick J.
Francis, George J.
Forest, William
Ginder, David   
Grove, George  
Gemberling, Alfred S.
Gallagher, James
Hartman, George S.
Hoover, Charles P.
Harbour, Thomas
Harvey, John
Hollenbach, Griffith
Harris, Abel
Heck, Frederick B.
Ishman, William
Jakel, Charles   
Jones, John
Kougler, James
K1ein, Charles
Laurent, Francis
Lortz, William
Linefelter, Michael
Lyman, Christopher
Lindermyer, Michael
Lynch, James   
Landis, Charles  
Lynch, John
Loyed, William
Moyer, Henry M.
Mussleman, Jacob
Meyers, William H.
Meyers, Charles  
Moyer, George B.
Miller, Simon
Maloy, Peter
Mitchel, John
Marshal, Thomas
Mason, Alexander
Miller, Henry
Mellen, William
May, James
McGraw, Christian
McMann, Nathan
Nice, William
Newman, James
Newman, Henry
O'Brian, William
Orner, Henry    
Peters, John     
Parry, Edward   
Richerd, John   
Russel, James   
Ryan, James    
Roberts, Thomas  
Roeder, Charles  
Rose, Ferdinand
Reveer, William 
Sutton, John    
Sharkey, James  
Schultz, George J.
Spade, John C.
Seafers, Henry   
Sigman, Charles
Sullivan, John
Smith, Charles
Swartz, Frederick
Smith, Francis
Strouse, George B.
Sullivan, Thomas
Smith, George
Smith, Charles
Tanner, Robert
Troy, Joseph
Vanarsdale, Nathaniel
Wolf, Benjamin
Worthington, James
Whipple, William A.
Westcott, George B.
Wilson, Samuel
Wilker, Edward
White, David
Wilson, William
Williams, James
Werner, William
Yeager, Edward
Yeager, William
Zanue, Francis

Source: Bates, Samuel P. (Samuel Penniman), 1827-1902.: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5; prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates. Civil War Databases

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