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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

Two Hundred and First Regiment, Company C

201st Regiment
Additional Companies, Bios, Organization & Service

Recruited in Dauphin, Perry and Berks Counties, Pennsylvania

201st PA Regiment Co. C

George W. Fenn

First Lieutenant
Mark T. Cash

Second Lieutenant
Warren W. Weitzel

First Sergeant
John R. Stoey

Joseph J. Lloyd
Francis H. Hoy
Vol. D. Voshburgh
Samuel Forster
David H. Hopkins

John Hepford
Wilbur F. Blair
Daniel Potteiger
John H. Hipple
Thomas Forney
John C. Lime
John Neidig
Tilghman F. Stadler
David Davis
William H. Morgan

Albright, John
Aungst, Henry D.
Bell, Atwood A.
Brockbill, George W.
Breithof, Michael
Burns, George W.
Carmichael, Joseph
Cowden, Frederick K.
Crum, George J.
Dickey, George C.
Dochterman, Benjamin
Duncan, Joseph M.
Elser, Peter S.
Evans, John W.
Forney, Jeremiah C.
Forrest, Allen
Foster, Martin A.
Foss, Edgar
Gamber, Peter
Grabill, Pierson B.
Gross, William E.
Grubb, Henry B.
Hamilton, John R.
Hawley, Albert G.
Hepfbrd, George
Hipple, John
Hicks, Amos A.
Horne, Christian
Hipple, William A.
Hanarty, John
Jones, Benjamin M.
Jones, George K.
Keel, Jacob 
Kelly, Samuel
Kelly, William
Kitch, William L.
Lewis, Lewis B.
Lomman, George
Mackey, James K.
Martin, David L.
Martin, Elias
Meck, Reuben
Mickey, Martin
Miller, Sabian
Moore, John H.
Mowry, Samuel
Moyer, Esaias
Moyer, Franklin
McNeely, Theopholis
Noecker, John H.
Poist, Jacob A.
Parmon, William
Rank, Edward S.
Rist, Henry C.
Righter, John M.
Roberts, Joseph
Rossell, William R.
Ritts, Joseph
Schuttler, John G.
Seifert, Tempest M.
Shirck, George
Shearer, Samuel
Shearer, Thomas
Shope, Jacob W.
Snyder, Andrew
Spangler, Jerome C.
Stoneesifer, Ishmael
Tobias, John
Unger, John T.
Wagner, John H.
Wallower, John H.
Webster, Loren A.
Werts, Cassius C.
Winn, Lewis P.
Wittle, Jacob H.
Wolf, Jacob

Roster Source: Bates, Samuel P. (Samuel Penniman), 1827-1902.: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5; prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates. Civil War Databases

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