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Pennsylvania Volunteers of the Civil War Look for your ancestors in this PA genealogy database of American Civil War soldiers - infantry, cavalry & artillery rosters, histories, biographies, draft, journals, letters, medal of honor recipients, prisoners of war (POWs), & pensions of our Pennsylvania military ancestors. Use this free Pennsylvania database to help with your genealogy search.

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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

Two Hundred and Fourteenth Regiment, Company C

214th Regiment
Additional Companies, Bios, Organization & Service

Recruited in Philadelphia, Schuylkill and Lebanon Counties, Pennsylvania

214th PA Regiment Co. C

John F. Snyder

First Lieutenant
Walter Eckel

Second Lieutenant
W. Morris Cox

First Sergeant
William H. Bailey

Gabriel L. Todd
G. M. Zimmerman
Joshua W. Knight
Samuel Owens
William Hinkle
Francis G. Ryan

James M. Fahs
Samuel Elder    
John W. Ley     
Jacob Gouldey   
John M. Lutz   
William Glacs    
Edward Baltz    
George Heinle   
Henry Napfle  

Henry Raymond

Adams, Israel    
Aney, George    
Andrews, Levi   
Brewster, Charles
Baker, George    
Bloomer, Frank  
Bradford, George L.
Brooks, David    
Brady, James
Belles, Peter     
Cook, Benjamin, Jr.
Crawford, James
Cassidy, John    
Campbell, Daniel
Crook, Wesley J.
Cole, Alexander
Connelly, James
Colton, John     
Chestnut, John   
Dailey, Hezekiah
Dailey, John    
Davis, William   
Dunn, Michael   
Emerick, George
Ehrgood,  John H.
Elias, David P.
Felty, John H.
Fullmer, John
Fitzgerald, Thomas
Fish, James D.
Finnegan, John
Farrier, Joseph
Farrier, William
Felker, Ananias  
Freas, Milton    
Gable, Jacob B.
Gettle, Levi M.   
Gresh, Henry K.
Gresh, Abel K.  
Goodwin, George
Gateson, Joseph
Gribbin, James   
Gomer, Charles S.
Hecht, Henry    
Homberg, Herman O.
Hummel, John   
Hufford, Nathan  
Hofner, Abraham
Harps, Alexander
Houck, Gustavus
Hutton, John    
Hale, Joseph   
Henderson, John
Henry, Manassa
Henry, Samuel W.
Jones, John     
Keller, Andrew
Kennington, A. B.
Keisler, Hiram L.
Lawton, Henry M.
Lavens, Charles H.
Levy, Patrick   
Marshall, William
Marsh, Eugene B.
Miller, John  
Mullen, Michael
Mills, Thomas   
Murphy, Dennis  
Moser, David W.
Murray, Thomas
McGuire, John W.
McBride, James  
McCready, Archibald
McAndress, James
Nixon, George   
Orr, Thomas
Opp, Philip      
Phillips, Michael
Pricket, John    
Pyne, Cyrus B.  
Parry, Richard   
Parry, George
Paddock, James H.
Priel, Edward    
Reed, Emanuel H.
Rehr, Henry
Rehrer, George
Reichard, Joseph
Simes, George    
Senbert, Charles  
Smith, John H.  
Shepley, Penrose
Stritzell, Robert M.
Sanders, John
Smith, Patrick  
Sixtie, Joseph Jr.
Snyder, Joseph M.
Sommers, James
Smith, Francis  
Shaffer, Conrad
Snyder, Edward  
Selilosser, Solomon
Tyson, William
Trach, Simon
Trainer, John
Towney, Michael
Van Buskirk, A. B.
Valentine, James H.
Welch, William
Wirth, Frederick
Weissert, John
Werkheiser, Enoch
Williams, Abel
Wardell, Henry T.
Wood, James
Young, Henry J.
Young, Peter P.

Roster Source: Bates, Samuel P. (Samuel Penniman), 1827-1902.: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5; prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates.

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