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Thirty-second Regiment, Company B

32nd Regiment
Additional Companies, Bios, Organization & Service

Recruited in Wayne County, Pennsylvania

Salem Independents
32nd PA Regiment Co. B


William D. Curtis
George C. Davenport
Warren G. Moore

First Lieutenant
Frank G. Nicholson

Second Lieutenant
J. M. Buckingham
Lyman W. Hamlin
George M. Rohne

First Sergeant
Dudley K. Watrous

Lester T. Adams
John Hetzel
Adolphus Monnia
Florence B. Hamlin
James W. Carrier
William Biesecker
Henry C. Tripp
Hobart Nicholson

Charles H. Loper
George W. Martin
Michael Cobb
John Martz
Russell P. Abby
Gabriel S. Brown
Jesse R. Dickens

William Green
William L. Money

Ames, Warner J.
Akers, William F.
Andrews, Daniel
Bachon, Joseph
Barhite, William H.
Bortree, William G.
Burbank, John W.
Bronson, Eli
Bishop, David
Bennet, Benjamin
Brundage, Breeling
Buckingham, J. M.
Brownson, Justus
Brooks, Andrew
Buallesoa, Job
Bath, Oliver L.
Bidwell, Hiram
Briscoe, John
Cornell, Sydney
Cortright, Emily D.
Campbell, George N.
Dauborn, Nicholas
Dickins, Richard
Donelson, James
Dickins, Daniel S.
Eushiro, George P.
Frisbie, George S.
Frisbie, James P.
Firth, Thomas
Garman, Daniel
Gibbs, Alfred
Gillet, Oliver
Handenberger, J. B.
Hank, John
Hinds, Henry
Hubbard, C. W.
Hubler, Robert
Howe, Edward
Howe, James H.
Hoover, Joseph F.
Hand, William J.
Jones, Robert D.
Johnson, Jacob
Johnson, Porter C.
Kennedy, John S.
Leake, William H.
London, Joseph
Little, Archibald S.
Marsh, John
Marshall, Edwin A.
Mitchell, Charles E.
Moore, William G.
Moyer, Anthony
Mitchell, Eugene B.
Mitchell, Michael
Machan, Edward
Miller, Quinters
Mitchell, Davis
Marshall, Frederick
Miller, David
Perry, James P.
Peet, Daniel N.
Potter, Henry S.
Pinkerton, John
Peet, Daniel N.
Pillard, Emil
Riley, James E.
Riley, John
Sheppard, M. L.
Swingle, William
Swingle, Sharp L.
Stewart, Archibald H.
Simmonson, Asa
Thomas, Joshua R.
Townsend, Edward
Walter, Albert
Wortman, Henry
Warner, George
Wagner, Joseph G.
Woodruff, Selden A.
Watrouse, Friend
Wright, Albert A.
White, Henry
Williams, Alfred
Whipple, Stephen F.
Wright, Eugene H.
Young, Elliott
Young, George

Roster Source: Bates, Samuel P. (Samuel Penniman), 1827-1902.: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5; prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates. Civil War Databases

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