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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

Thirty-second Regiment, Company C

32nd Regiment
Additional Companies, Bios, Organization & Service

Recruited in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Union Rifles
32nd PA Regiment Co. C


David V. Feaster
Harry W. Sutton

First Lieutenant
Strickland Yardley
John H. Crothers

Second Lieutenant
Joseph B. Roberts
Zeaman Jones

First Sergeant
Daniel P. Burkit

T. Watson Bewly
Thomas Adams
Perry H. Vanhorn
Aaron N. Buckman
William F. Roberts
Sanuel J. Griffee
James E. McMasters
Thomas P. Goheen
Edward L. Lennon

Martin V. Taylor
Charles Y. Clark
Benjamin F. Crosedale
William Gray
John D. Blaker
Matthew Mills

Allen, William
Blaker, Edward H.
Barker, Francis
Black, Edward
Bodine, John R.
Bennett, James L.
Brown, James L.
Bennett, Henry
Caffee, William
Corbet, Metthew
Craver, Philip
Cooper, Owen
Carver, John W.
Caffee, Joseph K.
Dillon, Andrew J.
Doan, Howard
Ditmars, Isaac
Dillon, Thomas
Dillon, Robert
Eizenbrey, Edwin
Fitzpatrick, Joseph
Flanagan, Albert
Fennell, William J.
Featherby, George W. 
Fleming, James
Fifer, Richard
Gordon, Swayze
Grady, George
Graham, Adam
Harris, William H.
Hibbs, Algernon
Helly, Jonathan T.
Hough, Calvin
Hillboro, Joseph
Harrison, Charles
Hough, George W. 
Hillboro, William
Hammer, Joseph
Hitchcock, Charles
Johnson, Lyman
Kinsey, Jonathan
Kelly, Robert
Longshare, William G.
Long, Henry
Londen, Joseph
Lugar, James M.
Lewis, Abraham
Large, Joseph H.
Morris, George W. 
Mitchell, Jeremiah
Mershon, William
McCannell, John
McCarn, Barnard
McCarn, James
Phillips, Banner T.
Reeder, Henry P.
Ryan, James
Rose, John L.
Roberts, George W. 
Rose, James
Robinson, Charles
Runk, Charles
Swartz, Larne
Smith, Bartlett
Smith, John
Stevenson, Daniel
Stone, Thomas
Stout, Joseph
Southwick, John
Steifle, John
Stewart, Henry
Thornton, Charles
Tapp, John S.
Trimmer, Elwood
Vanhorn, Joseph
Walton, Samuel
Wiggins, Charles
Woolman, Lewis N.
Wall, Anthony J.
Wynkoop, S. W.
Wells, Charles
Williamson, Levi
Wittee, Peter W.
Wiggins, George W. 
White, George W. 
Young, Absalom B.
Young, Wesley S.

Source: Bates, Samuel P. (Samuel Penniman), 1827-1902.: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5; prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates. Civil War Databases

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