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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

Thirty-second Regiment, Company E

Recruited in Philadelphia

Desilver Greys
32nd PA Regiment Co. E


John Clark
Robert Johnson

First Lieutenant
Thomas H. Banford

Second Lieutenant
George H. Lindsey
Edwin A. Glenn

First Sergeant
Alfred B. Day
John Blaker

Dennis C. Duggan
Jesse Wells
Jacob Y. Martindale
Charles W. Stout
John B. Clift
Samuel Flemming
Harry S. Jones

George Wells
John B. Wagner
James P. Brown
Edward Tustin
Weward J. Haines
Lynford Finlayson
George T. Mills
Samuel Cartledge
Henry B. Weed
Alfred Haines
Jacob Thomas

George Morgan
John Stack

Achuff, Isaac
Atkinson, William H.
Ackley, Benjamin
Artman, Owen
Ashton, William
Booth, Walter
Bambrick, Richard
Bennett, David R.
Boileau, Tustin
Boulton, James
Brophy, James
Chambers, Robert
Clark, William
Clinton, John
Cripps, William
Clark, Robert
Cochran, Matthew
Carman, William
Dewees, Charles
Dugan, Michael
Drexler, Frederick
Downing, William
Eckley, Amos
Eckley, John T.
Egee, George H.
Fullerton, John
Fletcher, John W.
Fletcher, George W. 
Hoff, Henry K.
Johnson, John
Johnson, Jacob A.
Kreuson, Luther
Kennedy, John
Kelly, John F.
Lynn, John
Mooney, George W. 
Miller, Frederick C.
Mayberry, Martin
McBride, John
McCollough, Joseph Jr.
McCreedy, Charles
Nield, William J.
Pidcock, Benjamin
Pidcock, Jason
Ryan, William
Rich, Charles H.
Solly, William W.
Saul, Robert B.
Scott, David
Shemaley, Nelson
Shaw, William F.
Smith, Jacob
Scott, Frederick B.
Switzer, Frederick
Seaver, Samuel
Travis, James
Thompson, William B.
Toy, Joseph H.
Tomlinson, Elijah L.
Taylor, Hallowell
Toy, Joseph L.
Vanhorn, George
Wilson, Robert
Wells, Joseph H.
Wright, Richard
Williams, Lynford
Wilson, David M.
Ward, Samuel P.
Yonker, Samuel

Source: Bates, Samuel P. (Samuel Penniman), 1827-1902.: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5; prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates. Civil War Databases

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