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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

Thirty-second Regiment, Company I

Recruited in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Montgomery Guards
32nd PA Regiment Co. I


H. Clay Beatty
Samuel J. LaRue

First Lieutenant
Samuel Beatty

Second Lieutenant
J. Hutchinson

First Sergeant
Samuel P. Banes
Joel Chester

Joseph M. Read
Edward Richards
Albert Gardner
Thomas C. Leet
John Ferris
Irvine C. Wright
Robert Booz
Howard Reeder

Lewis Holt
Simon C. Moorhead
Nathan Harkness
William H. Cooper
William L. Allen
Lewis W. Gilkeson
George S. Silbert
Charles Grovat
Jacob Coombs
William W. Smith

William Whitely
William Burns
James K. P. Barry

Arrison, Jonathan
Anderson, William B.
Akers, William A.
Andrews, Samuel
Allen, Edward
Allen, Edward
Booz, Charles
Brelsford, William
Bushnell, Samuel A.
Banes, Roadman
Bradon, Joseph
Burgion, John
Benfer, John L.
Clark, William
Carlin, Charles
Carr, Thomas
Coppel, Joseph
Cummings, William
Clark, Benjamin
Curran, Daniel
Donkel, John
Dorran, Duval
Douglass, John M.
Erich, John
Fennemore, Thomas
Force, George W. 
Geathers, Mahlon
Garwood, Allen L.
Gibson, Tolbert
Geary, Charles
Guy, Robert E.
Gosline, Richard
Hunter, John
Hellings, Edward
Hall, William
Harkens, Albert
Highland, Eugene
Howell, F. B.
Hare, John
Jacoby, Edward C.
Johnson, Charles
Knight, William G.
Kennedy, George E.
Landreth, Edward
Leeti, Samuel H.
Lashels, John L.
La Rue, Manuel
Leeson, James
Machie, Hugh
Moorehead, T. J.
Miles, Thomas
Mooney, Edward W.
Miltenberger, C.
Martin, John D.
McKenna, Michael
Nelson, Alexander
Newcamp, John
Nelson, William H.
Oesterben, George
Ogelby, Isaac
Peters, Caleb
Rue, James N.
Roberts, Mahlon
Ryon, Charles M.
Richardson, S. V.
Rodamaker, William
Reading, James
Schaeffer, John
Stackhouse, William
Subers, Edward
Stumsfelts, Christian
Smith, Joseph
Synnamon, H.
Synnamon, Thomas
States, Abraham
Smith, William
Scott, John T.
Shock, Henry T.
Severns, Allen
States, William
Terry, William
Tarpy, John
Thomas, James
Vansant, William
Welch, Michael
Wilson, Ebenezer
Wofter, Frank R.
Whicher, Henry C.
Wilkie, Samuel
Welsh, John
Wright, John
Ward, James
Wilson, Henry
Wright, Robert E.

Source: Bates, Samuel P. (Samuel Penniman), 1827-1902.: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5; prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates. Civil War Databases

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