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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

Forty-eighth Regiment, Company E

Recruited in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

Mustered in July, 1861
Wynkoop Artillerists
48th PA Regiment Co. E

William Winlack
Charles W. Schnerr

First Lieutenant
William Cullen	
Thomas Bohannan

Second Lieutenant
Joseph W. Fisher
James May

First Sergeant
J. C. McElrath

John Seaward
Stafford Johnson
Thomas Tosh
William Trainer
William Clemens
David McAllister
Samuel A. Beddall
Samuel Clemens

James Brennan
William Mackey
James Greener
William J. Morgan
Robert Penman
R. B. Thompson
Patrick Rodgers
George W. James
Joseph Lord
James McLaughlin
John Cameron
George La'ham
George J. Heisler

Auman, Henry
Burke, John
Bohannan, Michael
Beaverage, Robert
Brennan, Michael
Boyer, Joshua
Boyle, Patrick
Brunnell, Peter
Boyer, Franklin
Brennan, John
Barnett, Daniel D.
Boyer, Daniel
Brennan, Patrick
Burrows, Joseph
Barlow, Alfred   
Bohannan, Michael
Broadbent, John
Baker, John
Bergan, James, 1st
Bergan, James, 2nd
Brown, James
Blanck, Charles
Conner, James
Cummings, Albert
Campbell, L. H.
Cirby, Thomas
Case, George
Clemens, Joseph
Castle, Jerome
Clemens, John
Clemens, Thomas
Coogan, Richard
Canfield, Jeffries
Dunn, James
Dunlap, Archibald
Dooley, John
Devine, Thomas
Dress, Cornelius
De Frehn, John A.
Doolan, Thomas
Dunlap, John
Devine, Robert
Darrah, John
Delany, Michael
Delany, Martin
Dougherty, James
Evans, William
Evans, Thomas
Evans, William
Farrell, Lawrence
Frantz, Valentine
Farril, James
Fager, William J.
Gotshall, Martin
Gaynor, William
Grant, James
Gibson, William
Goodwin, Fred O.
Grant, Patrick
Gibbons, Joseph
Hobwood, Thomas
Hodgert, William
Hayes, Thomas
Hall, Thomas H.  
Hyland, William
Hamilton, David
Jones, John    
James, William C.
Judge, John      
Jefferson, William
Jenkins, William
Kane, William B.
Kervine, Daniel
Kelley, Alexander
Knight, Elijah
Klechner, Abraham
Kelly, John   
Leary, Timothy
Lowry, John
Landy, Michael
Lynch, Patrick
Lyons, John      
Lord, Henry
Lewis, William
Morgan, David
McNeely, George
McElrath, Robert
Murry, John
McGee, Thomas
McCrea, John  
McGeary, Daniel
Mullen, William
McGlennen, Thomas
Meredith, Robert, Sr.
Meredith, Robert, Jr.
McSorely, John
McElrath, William
Muire, Michael
Mullen, William
Meighan, James
Major, John 
McGinnis, Edward
Mercer, James
Major, Thomas
McFeeley, Hugh
McNealy, George, Sr.
Martin, John
Murphy, Edward
Moyer, Samuel
Mouse, William
Mathews, William
McGowan, Michael
Mitchell, Joseph
Norton, James
O'Neil, John  
Penman, Mungo
Pierce, Henry
Pocket, John D.
Quinn, Daniel
Quinn, Charles
Reedy, Daniel E.      
Ramsey, Daniel
Roberts, Daniel
Reagan, James
Reysons, William
Robinson, William
Schaeffer, George W.
Spotts, Alfred
Stout, George
Snyder, Henry
Smith, John A.
Soesby, George
Simmers, William
Sigmund, Abraham
Seaward, Samuel
Sunderland, John
Shields, James
Slanderhous, John
Whalen, Thomas
Watson, John
Weaver, Jeremiah
Whoomer, Benjamin F.
Walter, Christopher
Whalen, James
Werner, Stephen P.
Wade, Anthony
Williams, David
Walker, John
Walker, Thomas
Young, William

Source: Bates, Samuel P. (Samuel Penniman), 1827-1902.: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5; prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates. Civil War Databases

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