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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

Forty-eighth Regiment, Company F

Recruited in Minersville, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

Mustered in July, 1861
Ringgold Rifles
48th PA Regiment Co. F

Joseph H. Hoskings
John L. Williams

First Lieutenant
James Henry	
James A. Easton

Second Lieutenant
Henry Reese

First Sergeant
John W. Jenkins
George Edwards

William E. Taylor
Charles W. Haines
Robert D. Paden
Richard Hopkins
William J. Wells
Patrick Monaghan
Austin E. Farrow
Joseph Gould

Henry Jenkins
Jeremiah Griffiths
William S. Redner
William Hopkins  
George N. Dowden
John Williams
Samuel Glenn
Robert Wallaco
Isaac Barto
John Powell
David T. Kreiger
Thomas James
Samuel Dunkerly
Edward R. West
John Devlin
Aug's H. Whitman

John Lawrence
David Fulton

Ackley, Isaac
Adams, Richard M.
Achenbach, William
Andrews, James
Adams, Dennis
Ball, William
Brennen, James
Brennen, James
Burland, William
Bambrick, James
Bush, William     
Broderick, Thomas
Brennen, Murtogh
Boran, Patrick
Bradley, James   
Brereton, William
Brown, Patrick M.
Boyle, Bernard
Carroll, John
Crawford, John
Carroll, William J.
Carr, James
Carroll, Patrick P.
Crawford, John A.
Curry, Thomas
Carroll, Anthony
Cavill, William
Devine, John   
Duffy, William E.
Davis, William H.
Dillman, Henry
Davis, Thomas
Davis, John E.
Davis, David
Dailey, Edward
Demsey, James
Doolin, Patrick
Devlin, Simon
Defrehn, Elijah
Dando, Isaac
Doughton, William
Eddy, John    
Evans, James W.
Ferrich, Henry
Ferree, Jacob F.
Fisher, Albert
Fulton, William
Finley, Joseph
Falls, James
Griffith, David
Garland, Thomas
Griffith, John
Glacken, Hugh
Griffith, Lemuel
Glenn, William T.
Gibson, Francis
Hosgood, John  
Heisler, Henry C.
Harnan, Philip
Haws, James
Hollenback, James
Hoover, Jeremiah
Holsey, Henry
Houlte, James  
House, Hamilton
Haines, Cyrus  
Haggerty, John 
Holsey, William
Jones, George H. 
Jenkins, Sampson
Johnson, William
Jones, William T.
Jenkins, William
Kohler, George W.
Kohler, William H.
Kehn, John       
Kuhns, Jacob  
Kemp, John
Killrain, Michael
Lewis, Thomas D.
Leary, Cornelius
Lavell, Michael  
Lyshon, Thomas
Lawless, John
Litchfield, Peter
Lewis, Isaac
Lyng, John      
Littlehales, Richard
Lloyd, Thomas
Lyshon, Thomas
Manning, James W.
Manders, George
Murphy, James
McVey, John
Mullen, Patrick
Murphy, Thomas
Murphy, William, 1st
Murphy, William, 2nd
Moore, William
Miller, John  
Mohan, Michael
Manning, Israel
Morrisy, John
McCann, Henry
Miller, David 
McElvie, David W.
McGee, John 
Morrison, John J.
Malin, Patrick
Moon, William
Owens, Morgan P.
Paulley, James  
Pickford, Hugh  
Purcell, Patrick
Pfeifer, William
Phillips, John
Pugh, Edward, G.
Queeny, Frank  
Quinn, Peter  
Robson, Edward J.
Ramer, George         
Ryan, Michael
Reese, John J.
Sheridan, George
Stellwagon, George W.
Shissler, Edward L.
Schaeffer, Timothy
Shell, Elias
Sweeney, William
Straub, Horace E.
Smith, William
Sckouten, Jeremiah
Thomas, Thomas M.
Taylor, William E.
Turner, Edward H.
Thomas, Evan W.
Thiel, David F.
Thomas, Thomas J.
Taggart, Stephen
Triesbach, Charles
Williams, Thomas J.
Wallace, Robert
Wallace, John      
Wardrop, Thomas
Wiest, Benjamin F.
Wilson, Michael
Williams, Richard
Woods, Lewis
Westner, Andrew
Welsh, Michael
Wilson, Thomas
Wilson, John M.
Wood, Robert
Wessley, A.

Source: Bates, Samuel P. (Samuel Penniman), 1827-1902.: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5; prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates. Civil War Databases

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