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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

Fiftieth Regiment, Company C

50th Regiment
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Recruited in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

50th PA Regiment Co. C

Daniel F. Burket  
Charles E. Brown 

First Lieutenant
George W. Brumm
William H. Hiney
John S. Eckel
Samuel A. Losch

Second Lieutenant
John F. Saylorch
Augustus Mellon

First Sergeant
David Raudenbush
William Hill

Levi Eckert
Henry Hill
George Schwenk     
Samuel Hoffman   
James H. Levan
Alexander P. Garrett

Henry M. Deibler
George W. Cake
Jacob Scheck
Charles Oswald
Isaac Eckert     
William Wildermuth
Frederick Scheck
Gotlieb Burket    
John Doudle  
George H. Hoffman
Robert Bechtel
Benjamin Brown

William H. Genslin
Clestine McKibbons
Jeremiah Holmes

Agley, Samuel
Baker, Lafayette
Bowsman, George
Berger, David
Beeker, William
Boyer, Lewis
Bretz, William
Block, David
Burns, Henry
Burns, Franklin
Bryne, William
Brown, George W.
Berger, Elias
Belle, Volney
Benedict, Jacob
Bertold, Albert
Burkert, Charles
Berger, Augustus
Brosins, George W.
Burget, Elias
Brenner, Jonathan
Combs, Alpheus
Correll, Rolandus
Christian, Henry B.
Carrigen, Garrett
Dilcamp, Peter
Dupple, Gotlieb
Dankle, Peter
Eckert, John N.
Eckert, William
Eckert, John
Eiler, Charles
Eckert, Marks E.
Eckle, Emanuel
Ebert, Daniel
Emerick, William
Ellis, Thomas
Eilerding, Henry
Fisher, Franklin
Fritz, Peter
Fritz, John
Freistine, George
Fitzimons, Peter
Fohl, Richard
Fenstamacher, Fr'n
Fickenshee, Peter
Gulliver, Christian
Guertler, William D.
Garber, Mahlon
Graff, John
Getler, Jacob
Gilbert, Aaron P.
Gilmore, Robert
Hoffman, Jerome
Heebner, Edward
Harner, Romandes
Heebner, George
Haus, Thomas J.
Hehn, Jacob
Haines, William
Hoffman, William
Hehn, Henry
Harbst, Jacob
Hohl, Lewis
Hiney, George
Keighnor, Stough'n
Kerrigan, Garrett
Koch, William J.
Koch, William
Knarr, Isaac
Knarr, George
Karney, Charles
Krebs, Andrew J.
Knarr, Benjamin
Knarr, Charles
Kraner, Jonas W.
Klingner, George
Llyod, Adam
Losch, William G.
Lindermuth, Jacob
Llyod, George W.
Lehman, Josiah D.
Long, Joseph
Llyod, Thomas
Long, Lewis
Little, John
Lendal, John L.
Martz, John B.
Machlin, William E.
Miller, Henry B.
Moyer, George
Marland, Edward
Mercer, William
Martz, Daniel
Martz, Samuel
Mussic, Daniel
Melley, Dennis
Martin, John
Malloy, Patrick
Meckenstorm, Charles
McHarque, Jonathan
McCullough, Patrick
McGlann, Daniel
O'Donnell, Franklin
Oswald, Israel
Oswald, Edward
Paul, Peter
Pugh, Morgan
Patton, William
Reed, George
Ryan, John
Reiger, Albert
Reiger, Edward
Reber, Lewis B.
Rupp, Thomas
Reilly, Michael
Reed, John
Reisher, Philip
Reinheimer, Frank
Sheck, Paul
Schwenk, Samuel
Smith, John
Sweeney, John
Seaman, Lewis
Seifert, John
Seifert, William B.
Schwab, Adam
Saylor, James M.
Sullivan, Daniel
Sirles, William
Sheppell, Charles
Sharon, Franklin
Schwartz, Lucian
Simpson, George
Tyson, William H.
Tyson, Irving W.
Venable, Arthur
Williams, Charles
Williams, William
Wesner, Samuel
Wright, Josiah
Wall, Augustus
Waliser, Thomas
Williams, Patrick
Wagner, William
Warner, Levan J.
Williams, Alex
Wise, Franklin

Source: Bates, Samuel P. (Samuel Penniman), 1827-1902.: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5; prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates. Civil War Databases

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