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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

Fiftieth Regiment, Company G

Recruited in Bradford County, Pennsylvania

Goodrich Guards
50th PA Regiment Co. G

CaptainWilliam A. Telford
Charles Forbes

First Lieutenant
Michael McMahon
Frederick R. Warner
Henry J. Christ

Second Lieutenant
Charles F. Croass

First Sergeant
John F. Kinney
Ethan B. Powell

H. C. Alderson
Henry Scott
Philip Carland
Henry Blend
Edgar Roberts
Merwin Higgins
William Spalding
Simon Russell
Henry C. Camp
Chauncy V. Bassett
A. S. Blackman

James W, Birney
Theodore Lewis
George N. Chaffee
Alexander Spalding
James Morrison
C. M. Heilman
Joseph H. Taylor
C. B. Vandermark
Thomas Gillett
Edgar E. Spalding
James Lewis
Daniel M. Reed
William Hurst
Joseph H. Atkins
William F. Carey

Daniel Reifsnyder
James Gillson

Allen, Charles H.
Arnold, Robert
Ammon, John
Avery, Samuel
Ames, Samuel
Bennett, Asa B.
Brown, Charles H.
Bare, Benjamin
Buckingham, G. W.
Brown, Charles T.
Babcock, Asa E.
Brink, Leonard M.
Birney, Newton
Burton, John
Boughton, John S.
Ball, Jacob L.
Bennett, James
Bailey, William
Cook, Joseph
Carrigan, William
Cannon, Thomas K.
Cowdon, John
Carmer, Charles
Carmichael, Daniel
Comstock, Alonzo
Coleman, Richard
Duross, Isaac
Derr, William H.
Daubenspeck, C.
Daubenspeck, A.
Duell, Samuel
Davis, Isaac
Develin, Barnard
Delamater, Lewis
Evans, William
Evans, Samuel
Eiker, John
Farrar, George C.
Frost, Clayton W.
Fleming, Thomas
Foster, John C.
Forbes, John C.
Fox, Silas A.
Frutchey, Moses
Frazier, John
Frailey, William
Gale, Eli W.
Garmon, William
Gore, John
Grippin, Benjamin
Harsh, John
Hawkins, James
Hill, Emery
Harris, John P.
Hicks, Orville S.
Hutchinson, Alex
Heller, Henry
Hilliard, Thomas B.
Hilliard, Israel I.
Hermick, Samuel
Horton, Lemuel
Hawkins, James
Horton, James
Howard, Almon
Hiney, Mathew
Heckathon, Reuben
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, William A.
Jones, John
Kahoe, Michael
Kelley, Richard
Kelley, Samuel F.
King, William
Kelley, Thomas D.
Knolbs, William F.
Lerue, Burtis
Leonard, Simon
Lewis, Abriel
Lines, William B.
Lines, John M.
Morrison, John D.
Mapes, Milton C.
Markham, Rufus A.
Martin, Robert S.
Mace, Harvey H.
Monroe, John
Morris, William H.
Mack, Daniel
Middaugh, Avery
Mills, Albert W.
Mott, Abraham M.
Macy, Hiram
McElwain, Wilson
McLeary, Terrence
McGee, John
Naylon, Patrick
Naylon, John
O'Donnell, Charles
O'Neal, James
Owens, George W. 
Powers, John J.
Powers, Elijah, C.
Porter, Samuel H.
Porter, Amos C.
Pease, David
Place, Jacob
Quick, John
Russell, Hiram W.
Ross, Albert
Ryan, Thomas
Roberts, Edgar
Spalding, L. Nathan
Spate, Charles A.
Stoner, Christian
Sullenberger, John
Sloan, Thomas
Stinson, Charles
Shira, William H.
Stroud, James
Spalding, Henry
Sullivan, John
Shepherd, Albert
Scully, John A.
Scrivan, Edwin
Scrivan, Albert
Scrivan, Edward
Strope, William
Shaffer, Alex H.
Smith, George
Slawson, Edward
Thompson, Timothy S.
Thompson, John
Towner, Philander
Tompkins, Ira A.
Towner, Douglass
Uncal, Jacob
Vanderpool, Simon
Vanderpool, Moses
Vincent, William
Weller, George
Wright, James
Wilcox, Freeman
Waid, Isaac
Warner, Nelson E.
Warner, Fletcher G.
Williams, George H.
Willer, Smith
Wood, John S.
Wood, Daniel B.
Young, Lewis A.

Source: Bates, Samuel P. (Samuel Penniman), 1827-1902.: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5; prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates. Civil War Databases

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