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PA Civil War POWs

Fifty-fifth Regiment

Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

55th PA Regiment

The following listed men were held as prisoners of war in Andersonville and Salisbury prisons. This list was compiled from the records of the:
1.  Miners Journal
2.  Listing of Schuylkill County Soldiers.
3.  Atwater List of Deaths in Andersonville.
4.  Pennsylvania Survivors at Andersonville.
5.  Memorial To Patriotism, Wallace.

The Soldiers Who Died In Prison

Company E

1.  J.S. Bannan/ Co. Captured 5-20-64 Spotsylvania Va./                         
    Died while prisoner in Andersonville  from Scorbutus 10-15-64/ 
	buried in grave   # 10988.

2.  H. Strong/       
    Died in Andersonville on 10-15-64 of  Scorbutus/ 
	Buried in Grave # 10299.

3.  James Tobin/     Captured during Wilderness Campaign between May 6-16 1864/ 
    Died in Andersonville 10-11-64 from Diarrhea/   Buried in Grave 10735.

4.  William Kuehn/   Captured in May 6 - 16 1864/ Died in Andersonville 02-27-64.

5.  James McFarlane/  Captured in Battle of Drewry's Bluff  5-16-64/ 
    Died at Andersonville 7-31-64/ Buried in Grave 4414.

6.  Thomas Patton/    Captured in Battle of Drewy's Bluff   5-16-64/ 
    Died in Millen Ga. Near   Andersonville. Grave # 130.           
7.  George Yinchell/  Died in Salisbury prison NC. on 1-15-65.

8.  George Zeinhelt/  Captured 9-29-64/ Died in Salisbury  Prison NC. 6-16-65.

9.  Hiram Thomas/    Died at home in Minersville from the effects of prison.

The men who survived

.1.  David Weir/ Captured at Drury's Bluff, 5-16-64 
     held in  Andersonville and escaped 10-17-64 .2.  John Dippen/ Andersonville

3.  John Maggee Corp/ Captured 03-06-64

4.  Mike Beck/ Captured 09-21-64/

5.  Frank T. Bennet/ Lieutenant Col. Captured 3-16-64/ 
    Held in  Charleston and Colombia Ga.


The Following Men Were Held as PrisonersAt Andersonville and Salisbury Prisons.

The men listed below were all captured during the fight at Drewry's Bluff (Fort Darling) May 16, 1864. The regiment was caught by a surprise attack by the rebels of Gen. Beauregard and over 100 men were captured.

1.  Aaron Yoder.

2.  Daniel Billman/ Mentioned in Charles Taylors letter to the Miners Journal. 
    October 22, 1864/Minersville/                      
	Held in Andersonville.

3.  Solomon Billman Mentioned in Taylors letter/ Minersville/ 
    Held in Andersonville.

4.  John McCann/    Mentioned in Charles Taylors letter/Minersville/ 
    Held in Andersonville.
5.  Luke Welsh/     Mentioned in Charles Taylors Letter/ 
    Held in  Andersonville/ Minersville.

6.  Phillip Anstee/ Mentioned in Charles Taylors letter/ 
    Held in  Andersonville/ Minersville.

7.  Thomas Conway/  Mentioned in Charles Taylors letter/ 
    Held in  Andersonville/ Minersville.

8.  George Dunlop/  Mentioned in Charles Taylors letter/ 
    Held in  Andersonville/ Minersville.

9.  Thomas Patton/  Mentioned in Charles Taylors letter/ 
    Held in  Andersonville/ Minersville.

10. Peter Churchfield/ Mentioned in Charles taylors letter/                         
    Held in Andersonville/ Minersville.

11. John Booth/     Held in Andersonville.

12. David Hughes/   Held in Andersonville.

13. Edward Coyle/   Held in Andersonville.

14. William Williamson/ Held in Andersonville.

15. David Wier/     Held in Andersonville/ 
    Only person from  Schuylkill County that is listed as escaped. 
	He escaped on the 17th  of October 1864.

16. John Dippen/    Held in Andersonville.

The Following Men were Captured at Chaplins Farm

On September 29, 1864

1.  John Jeffries/ Held at Salisbury NC.

2.  James Murphy/  Held at Salisbury NC.

3.  Michael Murry/ Held at Salisbury NC./ Wounded.

4.  Patrick Delaney/ Was captured at Cold Harbor.

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