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PA Civil War POWs

Sixty-seventh Regiment

Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

67th PA Regiment

67th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry In February 1863 the 67th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry was surrounded and captured at Winchester Va. Company K was recruited in Schuylkill County and some of the men were captured and sent to Libby, Belle Isle and later paroled.
Company K 

1.  Thomas Patterson Lieutenant/ Pottsville
2.  Edward Nagle 1st Sgt./ Pottsville
3.  John Christian Sgt./ Pottsville
4.  Franklin Shoener Sgt./ Pottsville
5.  Francis Hause Sgt. / Pottsville
6.  George Rice Corporal / Pottsville
7.  Martin Hutchinson Corporal / Pottsville
8.  John Martin Corporal/ Pottsville
9.  Sam McQuade Corporal/ Minersville
10. Ben Barlet Corporal/ Pottsville
11. Daniel Christian Corporal/ Pottsville
12. Charles Ewing Corporal / Pottsville
13. John Wren/ Drummer/ Pottsville
14. Henry Myers/ Bugler/ Tremont
15. Gorge Albertson/ Tamaqua
16. John Bauman Pvt./ Minersville
17. John Bauman Sr. Pvt./ Minersville
18. Ben Christian Pvt./ Pottsville
19. Benjamin Davis Pvt./ Swatara
20. Francis Deion Pvt./ Pottsville
21. Pete Dimmerling Pvt./ Pottsville
22. D.D. Dalicus Pvt. / Pottsville
23. Charles Dunkelberger Pvt. / Pottsville
24. William Faust Pvt./ Pottsville
25. Charles Garett Pvt./ Pottsville
26. John Gayer Pvt./ Pine Grove
27. Edward Hause Pvt./ Pottsville
28. Dan Keeler Pvt./ Pottsville
29. Martin Langton Pvt./ Ashland
30. Jack Lutz Pvt./ Tamaqua
31. Paul Litterman Pvt./ Pottsville
32. Edgar Lewis Pvt./ Pottsville
33. William Lowhert Pvt./ Pottsville
34. John McCurl Pvt. / Primrose
35. Aaron Moore Pvt./ Pottsville
36. Thomas Myers Pvt./ Pottsville
37. James O'Rorick Pvt. / Pottsville
38. Henry Poular Pvt./ Pottsville
39. William Schuntier Pvt./ Pottsville
40. Dan Shrivelry Pvt. / Friedensburg
41. Samuel Shoener Pvt./ Orwigsburg
42. James Shoener Pvt./ Pottsville
43. Ted Sands Pvt./ Pottsville
44. George Snyder Pvt./ Pottsville
45. Edgar Titus Pvt. / Pottsville
46. John Widerman Pvt./ Pottsville
47. Abraham Wendeard Pvt./ Pottsville

Contributed by Stu Richards

Source: Bates, Samuel P. (Samuel Penniman), 1827-1902.: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5; prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates. Civil War Databases

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