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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

Eightieth Regiment - Seventh Cavalry, Company F

Recruited in Philadelphia and Schuylkill Counties, Pennsylvania

Mustered in April 22, 1861
80th PA Regiment 7th Cavalry Troop F

Cyrus Newlin
William Jenkins

First Lieutenant
Heber S. Thompson
Bernard Reilly, Jr.
Val K. Boyer

Second Lieutenant
Joseph H. Dennings

First Sergeant
Daniel Seigfried
George F. Steahlin
John M. Rich

Quartermaster Sr.
Samuel Winn

Commissary Sr.
Joseph Partridge

William Zehner
James A. Wilson
Rich'd Fotheringill
Charles Blacker
Thomas Ray
George Nutz
Charles Vandusen
John A. Wilson

William H. Beavert
Llewel'n Llewellyn
A. Bummersbach
John D. Thomas
Joseph M. Bochart
Henry Breslin
Joseph T. Hart James Shine
George J. Herring
George C. Lee
Daniel Fitzpatrick
Richard H. Fisk
William Hodge
George M. Boyer

William Austock
David Gower

Abraham Vandyke

Adam Meager
Thomas B. Evans

Anderson, Josiah H.
Berger, Abraham
Bowers, Charles
Bond, William
Broom, Jacob
Beacher, John J.
Baldwin, Thomas
Boardman, George W.
Ball, Bartholomew
Ball, John
Burke, Charles M.
Brenan, William
Betz, John
Breslin, William
Bummersbach, John
Beacher, Benjamin
Boyer, David
Berger, John B.
Burge, John D.
Bartolet, William H.
Broucher, Charles L.
Blacker, William
Bartholomew, C. L.
Bealor, Jacob
Brenan, Owen
Boyle, James O.
Coughlin, John
Cunningham, John
Cunningham, J. C.
Cuniff, Patrick
Cockill, Ezra
Conners, Edward
Clark, Lewis
Crummins, Timothy
Clingerman, C. B.
Clarey, Michael
Coggins, Bartholomew
Collins, James
Chambers, And. J.
Collins, George
Carney, James
Devine, Robert
Dando, John
Deinor, John
Dityoung, Adam
Donahower, John K.
Dickison, John
Dent, James F.
Dolan, Thomas
Duncan, Samuel S.
Evans, David
Evans, Samuel F.
Fartich, John A. J.
Fisher, Joseph R.
Fotheringill, Joseph
Fox, William J.
Flynn, Patrick
Fitzgerald, John
Fisher, Emanuel
Freed, Henry C.
Fronkle, Albert
Gilldey, Michael
Gleason, Timothy
Hower, Charles S.
Haldeman, Joseph
Haley, Martin
Haggerty, James
Haggerty, Francis
Howser, George H.
Hoffa, Benjamin
Hultzer, John
Henry, David
Hines, Edward
Haley, Patrick
Horn, Elias
House, John
Harris, William
Howser, Joseph
Hines, Edward
Heiser, George
Haines, Henry
Hench, William F.
Jones, Thomas W.
Jones, David
Jones, Robert
Jones, Thomas
Jones, William
Jones, Joseph
Jones, Elias
Koch, Theodore
Klinger, William R.
Koch, George
King, Daniel
Keiger, Peter
Link, Cornelius
Linn, Charles
Levan, David
Leib, George J.
Lawler, Edward
Lambert, George
Lyons, James
Lafferty, Alexander
Moyer, John W.
Millet, George F.
May, Thomas H.
May, Joseph G.
Miller, John
Miller, Isaac
Mitchell, Samuel
Manly, Philip
Martin, David
Mooney, John
Martin, John
Mason, James
McGuire, Condy
McGuire, John
McLaughlin, Patrick
McManamy, Daniel
McGann, Peter
McDryfuss, Shelby
McLaughlin, Patrick D.
McCarty, John
McCay, Alexander
Nahf, Aquilla
Newser, Christian
Novinger, Albert R.
O'Donnell, John
O'Neal, John
Payne, Selathiel
Price, James
Poff, Amos
Quin, Patrick
Raber, Peter
Reese, George
Richards, William C.
Raber, Peter
Reed, Joseph
Reed, Francis
Rarick, Peter
Reily, John
Reigle, Jacob
Raber, Jonathan B.
Rafferty, Thomas
Roberts, Albert
Shutt, George
Smith, Frederick
Shaw, Thomas
Sykes, Henry
Sultzer, William
Schrefller, Solomon
Smith, William
Smith, Philip
Shannon, Samuel S.
Sheran, James
Stack, William
Thomas, Samuel
Trump, Samuel
Vanhorn, Adgate
Womer, Amandus
Williams, John D.
Williams, Oliver
Williams, Michael
Williams, David
Walsh, James
Wheyhet, Francis
Wilson, James
Wilson, Thomas
Wood, Thomas B.
Whiteman, John
Warfield, James H. B.
Walters, Samuel
Williams, Richard
Williams, John
Ward, John
Watkins, William

Roster Source: Bates, Samuel P. (Samuel Penniman), 1827-1902.: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5; prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates. Civil War Databases

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