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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

Eighty-eighth Regiment, Company B

Recruited in Berks County, Pennsylvania

Neversink Zouaves
88th PA Regiment Co. B

Henry A. Myers
Edmund A. Mass

First Lieutenant
George B. Rhoads
George W. Grant
Albert Nagle

Second Lieutenant
Samuel G. Boone

First Sergeant
Aaron H. Moyer

Lafayette K. Mohn
Richard Bell
Joseph Nagle
William Gilmore
Percival T. Rhodes
Zacharias Shravely
Jacob Shuster
Aaron Bright, Jr.
Ebenezer Lee
Henry Evans
William D. Clemens

Henry Moore
William Kenny
James Young
William Chambers
John Friesleben
John E. Applebaugh
Barney Halland
John H. Harris
Charles S. Butter
Isaac L. Brown
Aaron Guenther
George W. Gaylord
John R. Locks
Lewis W. Bonnin
John Eagle
Pierson O. Miller
Reuben Wider
Charles Geiger

George W. Leader
Edwin Ball
William Sands

Anderson, John
Albright, Thomas J.
Anderson, John G.
Blezer, Peter
Boquel, Francis
Bruebaker, William
Burkhart, Samuel
Brakeman, David
Browning, George
Beidler, Daniel
Behm, Jacob
Boger, George W.
Behm, Jesse K.
Bush, Thomas
Blervitt, Burkley P.
Bowman, George
Burger, Augustus
Coder, Washington B.
Clement, Joseph C.
Cravner, David
Colton, Charles
Colton, Michael
Carpenter, Joseph
Conway, Francis
Carney, William
Cavender, Joseph M.
Dever, Andrew
Drexel, Jacob
Drexel, Henry
Deemer, Tobias
Diffenbach, Adam
Esterline, Jacob
Ermentrout, Alfred
Ebling, Edward G.
Eagle, William S.
Fry, Henry H.
Fritz, Francis F.
Fagler, Henry
Gates, William
German, Theodore
Gonflow, Godfried
Gardner, Samuel B.
Grimes, Henry
Gartland, Michael
Gross, Henry
Higgins, Thomas
Hoffman, George
Hickel, Sylvester
Hawkins, Joshua B.
Hickel, Joseph
Hunterson, Henry
Hell, Jacob
Huttenstine, Peter
Haggmire, Samuel
High, William
Hinman, Joseph
Jacoby, George W.
Jackson, William
Jones, Joseph
Kentz, Conrad
Kerzer, Ernest
Kamer, William
Kelly, John
Keller, Adam
Kauhn, Henry
King, George
Leibecke, Lewis
Levis, Samuel
Lindermouth, John
Longmire, Samuel D.
Marr, John
Maffit, William
Miller, Christopher
Miller, Nathan
Miller, Andrew J.
Mingel, George
Morris, Nicholas
Morris, Samuel
Maynard, Emerson
Monyer, John, Jr.
Mallison, Joseph
Magel, Albert
Morrison, Samuel
McCullough, John
McComb, William
McGean, John
McNelly, Watson
McMullen, Hugh
McNulty, Cornelius
McGregor, Charles
Owen, Henry
Obrien, William
Peterman, George
Powers, William
Pretlove, Henry
Porter, Nathaniel
Reppert, Albert H.
Rosebough, Robert
Risestetler, Christian
Ross, Laird
Roger, Baldazer
Roach, Patrick
Reed, Henry
Reifsneider, Joel
Reif, William
Reif, Henry D.
Ramich, William
Smith, Daniel
Smith, William H.
Sharosky, Samuel
Storks, John
Sohns, Adam
Stauffer, Christian
Snyder, Jacob
Shearer, Peter D.
Shelly, Jesse
Sidel, Richard W.
Sterney, Joseph
Seyferd, James
Sohns, Frederick
Sowers, Adam
Sneal, David
Smith, Anthony
Shonour, John
Shuster, Samuel
Seery, John
See, George W.
Steiger, Michael
Shin, E. Fenton
Turner, Charles H.
Teed, George
Vankirk, Samuel
Vankirk, William H.
Walter, Francis
Wartz, George
Wagenhaght, John
Wentzel, Jonathan
Weidiner, William
Wesley, Samuel
Waterson, Noble
Whitehead, Edward
Whiteman, George
Warren, James W.
Waterman, John
Waterman, Lewis
Whitehead, William H.
Yount, Daniel
Yockey, George W.
Yockey, Frederick
Yoder, James
Zeller, Gadlip
Zacarius, Emanuel
Zeigler, George

Roster Source: Bates, Samuel P. (Samuel Penniman), 1827-1902.: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5; prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates. Civil War Databases

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