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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

Ninety-Third Regiment, Company K

Recruited in Lebanon and Berks County, Pennsylvania

Annville Guards
93rd PA Regiment Co. K

Eli Daugherty

1st Lieutenant 
David C. Keller

2nd Lieutenant 
Solomon Yeakel

Orderly Sergeant 
David A. Gruber

1st Sergeant 
Henry G. Rise

2nd Sergeant 
George A. Guernsey

3rd Sergeant 
John H. Ward

4th Sergeant 
Jonas F. Hasler

1st Corporal 
George Hauer

2nd Corporal 
Simon G. Ward

3rd Corporal 
John Farist

4th Corporal 
Aaron Cleaver

5th Corporal 
Charles Rothermal

6th Corporal 
Willaim Van Burkirk

7th Corporal 
Daniel Fegan

8th Corporal 
Moses Grumbine

James Eddinger

Willaim Achenbach                    Frederick Miller
Samuel Boltz                         Mathias Minker
Abraham Bausman                      Nathaniel Mathias
John Bishop                          Joseph Nye
Daneil Bailor                        Henry Nye
James Briel                          John Nething
Abraham Briel                        Jacob Oswald
Jacob Brown                          William Rosenberger
Daniel Bartlett                      Amos Runkel
Josiah Crist                         George M. Runkel
Martin Dumback                       Frederick Rauch
Charles Derolph                      Samuel B. Shucker
John Eberly                          Jeremiah Showers
John L. Endy                         William H. Saylor
Daniel Eddinger                      Simon Shay
Henry Fegan                          Levi Sheffly
Frederick Fink                       Cyrus Showers
George W. Felerstein                   John Shenk
George W. Fisher                     John Shaud
Israel Fesler                        Augustus Snyder
Daniel F. Funk                       William Snyder
Martin Funk                          Henry Shearer
John Filman                          Josiah Shultz
Alfred Fegley                        Augustus Seyler
Jeremiah Fetterman                   Moses Snyder
George Gingrich                      Herman Seidel
Levi Gerhart                         Adam Slay
Peter Hauer                          John H. Troxel
Charles Herbst                       Noha Troxel
Augustus Herman                      Isaac Vansicle
Jefferson Hunter                     John H. Wartz
James Hall                           Andrew Walters
Charles Keller                       Samuel Walters
Jeremiah Keller                      Harrison r. Wheat
John Lease                           Henry Werkmeister
Benjamin Laucks                      Mabry Weidner
Tyler Leinbach                       Hiram Xander
Henry Miller                         Isaac Yuengst
William Miller                       James Youse
George Miller                        Amos Yergy
John C. Miller                       Jonathan Zluban

Contributed by James Stump

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