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Pennsylvania Civil War Books
General Pennsylvania Regiments
Tracing Your Civil War Ancestor
     Bertram Hawthorne Groene
With this book as a guide and with a minimum of information, anyone should be able to trace his own Civil War ancestor. This book tells how to find the information on the Civil War soldiers' lives and military experiences that is available to anyone who knows how to extract it from the millions of state and federal records and countless books.

April 1865: The Month That Saved America
    Jay Winik
April 1865 is full of memorable images and you-are-there writing. Readers will come away with a new appreciation for that momentous month and a sharpened understanding of why and how the Civil War was fought.

The Civil War Trilogy: Gods and Generals / The Killer Angels / The Last Full Measure
    Michael Shaara, Jeff M. Shaara
Read the books on which the TV movie "Gettysburg" was based.

Eye Of The Storm: A Civil War Odyssey
    Robert Knox Sneden, Charles F. Bryan Jr., Nelson D. Lankford
Not just another Civil War journal. Not only has Robert Knox Sneden penned a highly descriptive account of his years with the Army of the Potomac and as a prisoner of war, his work is illustrated with scores of his own watercolors depicting what he saw -- many made at the time he was witnessing places and events during the war.
Harold Hand, Jr., author of One Good Regiment
-- First Regimental History of the 13th Pa Cavalry --

Rough and Regular: A History of Philadelphia's 119th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry : The Gray Reserves
     Larry B. Maier

Our Campaigns; The Second Regiment Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteers Or, the Marches, Bivouacs, Battles, Incidents of Camp Life and History of Our Regi: ... Life, and History of Our Regiment During
    Stanley W. Zamonski

Stone's Brigade and the Fight for the McPherson Farm
    James J. Dougherty
The Bucktail Brigade (Stone's) consisted of the 143rd, 149th, and 150th Pennsylvania Volunteers

Story of the 116th Regiment: Pennsylvania Volunteers in the War of Rebellion (Irish in the Civil War)
    St. Clair A. Mullholland

Collis' Zouaves: The 114th Pennsylvania Volunteers in the Civil War
     Edward J. Hagerty

The 149th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Unit in the Civil War
    Richard E. Matthews

History of Company K: 1st (Inft,) Penn'a Reserves "The Boys Who Fought at Home"
    Henry W. Minnigh

History of the Fifty-Seventh Regiment, Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry : First Brigade, First Division, Third Corps, and Second Brigade, Third Division
Gettysburg Battle Flags
Guide to Pennsylvania troops at Gettysburg
     Richard Rollins(Editor), David Shultz

The Killer Angels : A Novel
     Michael Shaara
This Pulitzer Prize winner is a dramatic and unforgettable novel that brings to life the Battle of GETTYSBURG. It helped me understand the Gettysburg battle as no history book has. It has 18 maps that show the placements of regiments that had prominent positions during the three days of the battle. The PBS series Gettysburg is based on this book

History of Company K: 1st (Inft,) Penn'a Reserves "The Boys Who Fought at Home"
    Henry W. Minnigh
Reprint of the original 1891 book on the company of infantrymen who came from the town and fought in the Battle of Gettysburg, written by their captain
Advance the Colors : Pennsylvania Civil War Battle Flags Vol 1
     Richard A. Sauers

Advance the Colors : Pennsylvania Civil War Battle Flags Vol 2
     Richard A. Sauers
At Peace With Honor: The Civil War Burials of Laurel Hill Cemetery Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
     Blake A. Magner
Diaries Videos
Captain James Wren's Civil War Diary
From New Bern to Fredericksburg: B Company, 48th Pennsylvania Volunteers February 20, 1862-December 17, 1862. Insightful and humorous. Many mentions of the men under him.

My Life in the Irish Brigade : The Civil War Memoirs of Private William McCarter, 116th Pennsylvania Infantry
This may just be the best memoir ever written by a soldier in the Irish Brigade.

'We Have It Damn Hard Out Here' : The Civil War Letters of Sergeant Thomas W. Smith, 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry
Told in his own words, this is the story of Sergeant Thomas W. Smith's service in the Civil War - the greatest adventure of his life. It is also the story of his regiment, the 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry, known as Rush's Lancers, named both for the distinctive wooden lances they carried for the first two years of the war and for their first commanding officer, Col. Richard H. Rush. Tested in battle, this regiment ultimately proved to be one of the elite cavalry units on either side of the conflict.

I'm Surrounded by Methodists : Diary of John H.W. Stuckenberg Chaplain of the 145th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
Civil War, The - Collector's Video Set
     Ken Burns(Director)
The most successful public-television miniseries in American history, the 11-hour Civil War didn't just captivate a nation, reteaching to us our history in narrative terms; it actually also invented a new film language taken from its creator. When people describe documentaries using the "Ken Burns approach," its style is understood: voice-over narrators reading letters and documents dramatically and stating the writer's name at their conclusion, fresh live footage of places juxtaposed with still images (photographs, paintings, maps, prints), anecdotal interviews, and romantic musical scores taken from the era he depicts. The Civil War uses all of these devices to evoke atmosphere and resurrect an event that many knew only from stale history books. While Burns is a historian, a researcher, and a documentarian, he's above all a gifted storyteller, and it's his narrative powers that give this chronicle its beauty, overwhelming emotion, and devastating horror. Using the words of old letters, eloquently read by a variety of celebrities, the stories of historians like Shelby Foote and rare, stained photos, Burns allows us not only to relearn and finally understand our history, but also to feel and experience it. Pennsylvania Civil War Books and Videos.

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