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The Civil War Draft of 1863

Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

This is excerpted from a book on Schuylkill County in the Civil War, printed in the year 1865.

In July, 1863, President Lincoln issued a proclamation ordering a draft for five hundred thousand men to fill up the armies of the Union. The draft for the Tenth District, composed of Schuylkill and Lebanon counties, commenced in Pottsville on Wednesday, Sep. 23, 1863. The drawing was done by a blind man named William DOUBERT, of Schuylkill Haven, Schuylkill County. The drafting-box was on a table on a platform, placed in full view of spectators, adjoining the Provost Marshal's office. The committee of citizens invited to be present, were Samuel HUNTZINGER, William F. MORTIMER, Robert F. WEAVER, Hon. Strange L. PALMER, Hon. Solomon FOSTER, J. Franklin HARRIS, Oliver IBERSON, Daniel H. LEIB, and Jacob KOHLER.

The draft was made in the following manner: The Deputy Marshall, John M. MARK, of Lebanon County, turned the wheel and the blind man drew the names out. The latter passed them over to the Commissioner, John H. KINPORTZ, of Lebanon who read the names, the clerk at the same time entering them in a book. The drawing took place in the order of sub-districts laid down and the number of names drawn for Schuylkill County was 3,334.
DRAFTED MEN WHO ENTERED THE SERVICE - The following is a list of names

of drafted men who entered the service. Total: 72 BLAKELEY, John BOYER, John BLEW, Charles H. BRININZER, Jacob BECKER, John BRETZ, Daniel CRANEY, John CARTWRIGHT, Jacob Jr. CAMPBELL, Owen CLARK, Patrick COLLIER, William H. COSGROYE, Edward P. CANFIELD, Michael DULIVANT, Patrick DEINER, Martin DRY, Mordecai FRONT, Washington GORMAN, Malachi GIBSON, Franklin GANGWALL, R. GEIGER, John GARBER, John GEARY, James HAGERTY, James HALSHAFER, Jacob HENDERSON, Charles JONES, John JONES, John KLINE, John KLAUSER, Peter KESSINGER, Solomon KELLY, Christopher KLINGEMAN, Jacob KNOBELOCK, Christian LAWRENCE, Isaac LICH, George LONG, Andrew LITTLE, George MENNIG, Edward MURRAY, MARTIN MILLS, William MC KEEVER, William MOYER, George D. MILLER, Jonathan MC KEON, James MURRAY, James NEIHEISER, William O'HARA, John PURCILL, Patrick RUPERT, John S. RABEWOLD, Michael REICHARD, Michael REED, William L. SEITZINGER, Henry SHEHAN, Michael SNYDER, Charles W. SNYDER, Charles SHINGLER, John SNOWDEN, Martin SWENK, Henry SEARLS, Nelson (colored) SMITH, Jonathan SMITH, Patrick SHIRK, William SNYDER, Jacob TIERNY, Stephen TRAINER, Charles WELLER, William WILSON, Charles WARD, William WHETSTONE, P. G. WILLIAMS, John WHETSTONE (enlisted prior to draft) DRAFTED MEN WHO FURNISHED SUBSTITUTES -
The following is a list of the names of drafted men who furnished substitutes: ACHENBACH, William ACHENBACH, William ADAMS, Daniel D. ALLEN, George Jr. ALLSPACH, Henry BATTESBY, John BARDER, George BALTENWEG, Frederick BAKER, Thomas BALDY, Peter P. BACHERT, William BANKER, John BACHERT, William M. BARRANG, Joseph BATDORF, John P BANNAN, Francis B. BAST, Jeremiah BAHM, Benjamin BARRALL, Daniel G. BERNER, Ludwig BELTZ, George BERGER, Daniel BERGER, Isaac BERGER, Harrison BERKHEISER, Henry D. BECKER, Joseph BECKER, David BERRY, John BERGER, Levi BERGER, William BEATTY, James B. BEABILHEIMER, Charles BISHOP, Conrad BOWE, Banks BOE, Daniel BOWERS, Henry BOSBYSHELL, Charles A. BOBST, Henry C. BORTZEL, Peter BOYD, Thomas BORDY, Joseph Jr. BOYER, Benjamin BOYER, Samuel C. BOYER, Irwin BRIGHT, Joseph F. BROOKS, Edward BRYANT, John BREESE, Hamilton BRAUSE, George BRADLEY, John BRETZ, Benjamin BRUMMER, Lewis H. BRUNNER, David BREISCH, Adam BREISCH, Henry BREINERD, Solomon BROWN, William BROWN, Peter BROWN, Joseph BROWN, Michael BUCK, Henry BUCK, Joseph BURK, Gannon BURNS, William BURNS, Andrew BUTLER, James BURGER, Henry S. BURKERT, Elijah P. BYERSMITH, Joseph BYERLY, William CAIN, Edward CARTER, Frank CAUGHLIN, John CAREY, Michael CARTY, James CARROLL, John CHRIST, John H. CHRISMAN, R. S. CLAY, John CLEMENS, David CLAUER, Jacob COYNE, Thomas COONAN, Edward COLLAHAN, Thomas COLLAHAN, Patrick COLLAHAN, Thomas COLEMAN, John CONRAD, F. W. COLLINS, Peter COUGHLIN, John CONNER, Michael CONNOR, Thomas Jr. CORCORAN, Mich. CONFER, Jacob CONNIFF, Patrick COX, Benjamin CURRAN, James CURRY, Thomas CUMMINGS, B. F. DAUBERT, Franklin DAVIS, Robert B. DAVIS, Ebenezer DENGLER, Charles DEWALD, George DEWALD, William DETWEILER, Peter C. DEIBERT, John DENTER, George DE TURK, Samuel G. DICE, John DINDINGER, Henry DILLEN, Patrick DOHERTY, Michael DOLAN, Thomas DOLAN, Michael DOWNING, Henry DONEHUE, W. W. DONALDSON, John DORAN, Patrick DOOLING, Patrick DRUMHELLER, Linery DRESS, George DRESS, Michael DREIBEL, Albert DUFFY, Thomas DUDLEY, Benjamin DUNDORE, Levi DUNN, Robert DUNN, Owen EASTON, Robert EBERLY, Valentine EBLING, Albert EBLING, Thomas ECKROTH, Solomon ECKEL, Albert D. EDMONDS, Henry EILER, Frank EILFR, Charles ELDRINGHAM, Mathias EAIS, Robert ERB, Joseph EVANS, John EVANS, John FAHL, James FAHL, Jonas FAHL, Joseph FAHL, David FAUST, Charles FAlSE, Andrew FARRELL, John FEAHRER, Franz FETHEROLF, Daniel FERRY, John FEGLEY, Daniel FEY, Conrad FISHER, John FISTER, James H. FISK, Pliny FINNEGAN, Patrick FINNEGAN, Patrick FIDLER, Richard FIDLER, George FIELD, Levi FLYNN, Patrick FLANAGAN, Peter FLANIGAN, James FOX, C. A. FORD, Patrick FOELLER, John FRANTZ, Henry FRY, William FREDERICK, Michael FREED, George FREDERICI, Edwin FRITZ, David FULMER, Charles FURGESON, Thomas GAUGER, Joseph GAUGLER, John GARIS, Philip GEHRES, John F. GERMAN, John GILLINGHAM, Joseph GILDNER, John GLOVER, James GLOVER, Robert A. GORDON, George W GORDON, William GOWEN, Franklin B. GORMAN, Patrick GRAY, James Jr. GROSS, Aaron GROSS, Charles GROUSE, Samuel GRESSLE, Matthias GRIMES, Edward GRIFFITH, Thomas GUNDERMAN, Wil. GULDIN, Michael GULDNER, William HASSEL, Charles HALDEMAN, John HAIN, David HAMMER, Christian HAESELER, Francis HAGNER, William HALDEMAN, Gide. HAUSER, John G. HARBIG, Conrad HETHERINGTON, Thomas HEISLER, Lewis HEISLER, Franklin HElTER, William S. HElM, Jonas HENDERSON, James HILL, Charles M. HILL, John HORAN, James HOUSER, Nathan HOUSER, Noah HOHAN, Peter HOLSHOE, Josiah HOPKINS, John HOFFMAN, Francis HOFFMAN, Thomas HOFFMAN, John HUTTON, William HONAKER, Christopher HOUTZ, Reuben HORNING, Washington HOWARD, Benjamin HUNTSINGER, Paul J. HUNTZINGER, William HUFNAGLE, Silas HUHN, Henry IMPCHWEILER, Lorenz JAMES, John R. JEFFERIES, Samuel JOHN, Francis JOHNSON, Robert JONES, Samuel JONES, Richard JUNGKURTH, Ernst KARCHER, Josiah H. HElM, George L. KALB, Jacob KEILMAN, George KERSCHNER, William KELLER, Christian KELLEY, Daniel KELLY, Daniel KELLY, Michael KELLY, John KESSLER, Charles KENNIG, Patrick KENNEDY, Peter KENNEDY, Charles KENNEDY, Reuben KERSHNER, Frank KIEFER, Edward KINTZLE, Thomas H.B. KINTZLE, George W. KINTZLE, Henry B. KLINGER, Alexander KLOCK, Jacob KLECKNER, Solomon KLINE, John KNAPP, George KOCH, John KOCH, Henry KOLB, Philip KOPP, John KOENIG, Samuel M. KOEHNIG, Samuel Jr. KRELL, Peter KRAMER, William A. KRAMER, Adam KRAUSER, Daniel H. KREBS, Andrew KRAMER, Jacob LANDIG, Jacob Jr. LAUTENBACHER, Charles LANGTON, Peter LARKIN, James LAWRENCE, Frank C. LEWIS, John Jr. LEFFLER, Samuel LESSIG, James B. LEWIS, George F. LEOPOLD, A. LEDDY, Mark LIDDLE, David LILLY, Oliver W. LINK, Paul LILL, Jacob LLOYD, William Jr. LLOYD, Henry LONGACRE, David S. LONGABAUCH, Samuel LOOKENBILL, Reuben LORAH, John LUCKINS, John LUSCH, Nicholas LUTZ, Simpson LUCKENBILL, William MARTZ, Solomon MARTZ, Daniel F. MATZ, John B. MAYBERRY, William MAYBERRY, Emanuel MASON, William MATTERN, Charles MAURER, Lewis MAUGER, George K. Mc ADAMS, Frank MC ARDLE, Bernard MC CONNEL, James Mc CONNEL, James MC CORMICK, Patrick MC CORMICK, Thomas Mc CULLOGH, Patrick MC CABE, John MC CANE, Patrick Mc CARTY, William MC CANLEY, Neal MC DONALD, Allen Mc GOVERN, Philip MC GOVERN, John MC GUIGAN, Patrick Mc HUGH, John MC KNOWLES, George MC WILLIAMS, Daniel MEEHAN, John MEISBERGER, Michael MECK, Charles MECK, Samuel MEDLAR, Morgan F. MENGLE, Nathan MERRICK, Michael Jr. MERRICK, Anthony MILLER, William MILLER, Daniel MILLER, Benjamin MILLER, Simon MILLROY, Michael MINSKER, Benjamin MILNES, William Jr. MITCHELL, Samuel MORRIS, Daniel MORRIS, Henry MORAN, Robert MORAN, Patrick MOHAN, John MORGAN, Jacob MOLL, William F. MOORHEAD, Alexander MOMBERGER, Charles MOYER, Franklin MOYER, Morgan MOYER, Joseph MOYER, Lewis MOYER, Enoch MOYER, George MOYER, Lewis MULL, Michael MURRAY, Jeremiah B. MURPHY, Franklin MUNDAY, James MULLEN, John MULLEN, Hugh NAUGHTON, Patrick NEY, John NEIFERT, Joseph NICHTER, John F. NOLAN, Michael NOLAN, James OBENHAUS, Daniel OHL, Edward ORTH, Ernst OROWAY, C. J. P. OSCHMAN, William OVERFIELD, Charles OSAWALD, Peter OSMAN, Eregood J. O'BRIAN, Edward O'BRIAN, Matthew O'BRYAN, William O' CONNORS, Patrick O'DONNEL, Hugh O'DONNELL, Bernard O'NEAL, Michael PAXSON, George PARVIN, William J. PALSGROVE, James PATTERSON, Thomas L. PEALE, Edward PEIFER, Levi PHILIPS, William PHILLIPS, David PHILLIPS, Robert PLAPPERT, Ignotz POTSDAMER, Tobias PORTZEL, Andrew PRESMAN, Joseph PRICE, J. F. PURCELL, Richard QUERIN, Peter RAUDENBUSH, Henry RANDALL, W. M. RABER, Nicholas RAUDENBUSH, Joshua RATTIGAN, Daniel REPP, Henry REMELY, Thomas REICH, George REBER, Benneville REICHARD, Aaron REIGEL, Joshua REICHELDERFER, Roland REIGEL, Jacob REED, Solomon REYNOLDS, Patrick REHRER, James RHOADS, William S. RICH, Clifford RICHARDS, Henry RICHARD, Charles RICKERT, John R. RIDGWAY, D. J. ROGERS, John ROGERS, Thomas RODGERS, James R. ROAN, John ROSSER, Henry ROEHRIG, Charles RUMP, John RUDY, William B. SAYLOR, Charles P. SAYLOR, 0. L. SASSAMAN, William SCHUEY, Levi SCHAAF, Joseph SCHNELL, George SCHUYLER, Benjamin SCHRINER, John SCHOCK, Adam SCHUGAR, John SCHWENK, Joseph SCHWENK, Daniel SELTZER, William SELTZER, Francis SHOCK, Jacob B. SCHUGAR, John SHOENER, John SHARP, Hugh SHIELDS, Hugh SHOLLEY, John SHADLE, John SHETTLEWORTH, Joseph SHOLLENBERGER, B. V. SHAEFFER, George SHELLHAMMER, Samuel SHOEMAKER, Samuel SHOENER, Charles F. SHAEFFER, Thomas SHAPPELL, James SHULTZ, Balzer SLATTERY, Francis SLY, William SMITH, William B. SMITH, Gordon SMITH, Martin SMITH, Thomas SMITH, George A. SMOLLEITZ, Peter SNYDER, Baird SOTZIN, William SORTMAN, Henry SPACHT, John STEIGERWALD, H. D. STEPHENSON, Michael STERNER, Jeremiah H. STERNER, Henry STALLER, Daniel STEPHENS, John R. STOUT, James STEAF, Michael STAHL, George STATZMAN, John STINE, Jonas S. STEIN, Daniel SWEENY, Hugh SWASEY, Clark TETER, Benjamin THOMPSON, Louis C. TREIBLEY, William TROUT, Jacob TRACY, Henry W. TREZISE, Walter ULRICH, Nicholas VARDY, William VASTINE, Rufus VAN HORN, Reuben VOUTE, William F. VOLLMAN, Philip VOLK, Christian WADLINGER, John WALTERS, William WALTER, Jacob WALSH, Thomas WAGNER, Valentine WAGNER, Thomas WAGNER, Andrew WAGNER, Charles WATKINS, Thomas WALDNER, Adam WERTLEY, Philip WETZEL, D. S. WENTZEL, George WELDER, Peter WEILER, Daniel L. WEISS, Joseph WELSH, James WEIHING, John WEIMAR, Ephraim WHITTY, John WHITE, Peter WHITNEY, Frank WISE, Francis K. WILK, Benjamin M. WOMMER, Jacob WOLFF, Rev. D. W. WORTZ, Philip WOOD, Joseph WOODNUTT, Charles WORMKESSEL, Daniel WOLFF, Wallace W. WOSTER, Henry WREN, Hale WRIGHT, Thomas P. YOST, Charles YOST, Samuel M. YODER, William L. YOCUM, John H. ZIMMERMAN, William ZIMMERMAN, William ZIMMERMAN, William L. ZIMMERMAN, John S. ZIMMERMAN, Joseph ZIMMERMAN, George ZIMMERMAN, J. M. ZIMMERMAN, Henry ZEHNER, Charles ZEHNER, David DRAFTED MEN WHO PAID COMMUTATION -
The following is a list of the names of drafted men who paid commutation. ACKERMAN, Clement ALBRIGHT, Thomas CALDWELL, William CANFIELD, Thomas APPLEGATE, Joseph J. ATHANOTHOL, Jacob ARTZ, Aaron ARTZ, Moses ARTZ, Edward BUCKLEY, William BOLTZ, Levi BROWN, Fred. J. BROWN, William BROWN, David BRETZ, John BURKE, John BLEW, Edward BANKER, Lewis BACHUS, Israel BOYD, James BANER, George BILLMAN, Thomas BILLMAN, Daniel BEAK, Moses BECKER, Elias BARR, Moses BARR, Percival BARR, Solomon BARR, Gideon BERGER, William BERGER, Reuben S. BARTHALS, Felix BROSINE, Henry J. K. BRENNAN, Thomas BRENNAN, Andrew BRENNAN, Patrick BANCROFT, Thomas B. BURNS, Joseph BOLIG, Joseph BIERMAN, Philip BESTER, Christian BOWMAN, Christian BRITT, Edward BEBHAM, Peter BATTINGER, John BOYLE, John BIND, Benjamin BOON, Thomas BEARMAN, John BARRY, William CABELY, Zechariah CHRISTOPHER, Edward CARRIL, Thomas CUMMINGS, Hugh CRUIKSHANKS, William COBELY, John CAMPBELL, Patrick CALLERY, Patrick DECK, Jonathan Z. DEWEES, F. P. DEVINE, Peter DEVINE, Patrick DEAKER, Joseph DUFFY, James DEIBERT, Henry DEIBERT, Daniel DOWNING, George W. DALTON, George DORMER, James DYKE, James DONDLE, Alexander DREISBACH, Benjamin DILLMAN, William DOHERTY, John DORNBACH, Gorlech DYER, William DEVITT, William DINGER, Augustus DOLAN, Patrick DOLAN, Patrick DE FREHN, Elijah DIETRICH, Neri EVAGLESLY, James EBERT, Jonas ERD, Michael EVANS, Richard EVANS, Theopholus EVANS, Isaac ERNST, Martin EVERLY, Peter EINSHWEILER, Jacob ENGLISH, William FREDERICK, John FRIAR, Daniel FRY, Thomas FEATHER, Joseph FARROW, Thomas FAUST, Solomon M. FOLK, Samuel FETHEROFF, Peter FORNEY, Jacob W. FISHER, William FISHER, Daniel FISHER, Hiram H. FERGUSON, John FOLEY, Michael FOOSE, Daniel GARRET, Frank H. GOWAN, Peter GROSS, Fred GILBERT, Nathan GRUPE, William CATIN, Thomas CAMPBELL, Samuel CORE, John CLARK, Philip CHRIST, Henry CLAUER, Franklin GEBBART, Henry GEIGER, William GALLAGHER, William H. GOTTSHALL, Henry GOTSHALL, Lewis HART, Patrick HEISENBERGER, Martin HOWELS, Samuel HIGGINS, Michael HERRING, Cornelius HERRING, John R. HERRING, Paul HEFFNER, Lewis HAAS, David HAAS, Jacob HUGHES, John R. HEID, William D. HEISER, Edward HOMMAS, Thomas HERBACH, Christian HEAD, John HURLEY, Peter HILL, Isaac HELLENTHAL, Nicholas HARTNER, Joseph HARRIS, Stephen HARTING, John HOSKINS, Edward HAGAN, James HEPLER, Jacob L. HOCH, George HARE, James HERRICKS, Edward HOPKINS, William M. HIRNE, Benneville HEISLER, Edwin HUMMEL, David HACK, George HEIM, Jacob HORNING, Fred L. HORNING, Samuel HUNTZINGER, Franklin HARNEY, George W. HOPPSDENER, William HEFFNER, John W., Sr. IVES, Chancey JOHNSTON, G. W. JONES, Joseph JOY, Thomas JEFFRIES, David KNARR, Aaron H. KESSLER, Elias KIMMEL, George KRAMER, H. KEHLER, William Z. KLINE, Jacob KANTNER, Joseph KIMMEL, Jacob F. KLINGERMAN, John KLEBER, Lewis KISSINGER, Levi KERKESLAGER, Joseph KELLEY, John KEATING, William KEELER, Patrick KIMMEL, Edward KOONS, Christ KRIDER, Israel KRAMER, Joseph KOHLER, John KLEIBENSTEIN, George KRAUSE, Jacob KRAMER, Daniel A. KRAMER, Ephraim KRAMER, Jonathan F. KERSHNER, Jonathan KRAMER, John KNESE, H. KEENEY, Samuel KERDONER, Anthony KENNEDY, Edward KINNEY, Michael LATMER, Gideon LONGACRE, Jacob LEAN, Anthony LARING, John LUCKINS, Thomas LESSIG, William A. LONDENFELD, William LAKE, James LIVERMORE, Horace P. LEE, Patrick LUKE, Emil LUDES, Mathias J. LYNCH, Edward LYNCH, Abraham LAPF, Joseph LYNN, Daniel LYONS, Timothy LINDERMUTH, William MARS, George MERVINE, Lewis MOSER, Ebenezer MOSER, Elias MASON, W. D. H. MANNING, Israel MILLER, E. B. MILLER, Solomon MILLER, Tilghman MILLER, Edward MINNICH, Henry METZINGER, John MORAN, James MUDEY, Peter F. MUSKET, John MALEY, Matthew MEDLAR Lewis MARCH, John MATZ, Francis L. MOYER, Jackson MOYER, Samuel MOYER, Henry D. MOYER, Jacob MOYER, Julius MOYER, Joseph MOORE, Henry MOORE, Thomas MC CUE, (n.r.) MC CABE, Patrick MOURLEY, Gotlieb MAURER, George MAYBERRY, William MINNING, William MINNIG, Levi MC LAUGHLIN, Patrick MULL, Michael MORRIS, George MARTIN, Patrick MITCHELL, Job MC GANY, John MORAN, Thomas MADARY, Uriah NEISHWENDER, Michael E. NICHOL, Ernst C. NAUS, John OCHR, Daniel OWENS, William OLIVER, Ralph OESTREICH, Rudolph O~BRIAN, Martin O'HARRE, Bernard OBERLIES, Charles OYSTER, John POWERS, Lawrence PATTEN, James PURCELL, James PARKER, Samuel H. POTTIEER, Frank PATRIDGE, Thomas PRESCOTT, Christian PERCIL, James QUINN, Henry QUIRK, Thomas QUINTER, John REX, Reuben REINER, Gabriel ROWLAND, John RUTH5 Franklin REUBEN, Henry RUSE, George REDDINGTON, John RILDER, Joseph REILLY, Francis RYAN, Terrence ROW, Tobias REESE, William REYNOLDS, Michael REED, John H. REED, Elijah REED, Daniel RICHARDS, Joseph RODER, Elias REICH, Frederick RYAN, James ROWE, William RUDY, Hugh RAHN, Abel RAMALY, Nathan STUTZMAN, Israel SHADLE, John STRAUCH, Daniel SORTMAN, Joseph STEELE, Jared STRAUB, Joseph SCHLEGEL, Solomon STRUSSER, Daniel SMITH, Daniel SMITH, William SMITH, Albert SMITH, John A. SMITH, Peter SMITH, Owen SNYDER, Ephraim SNYDER, David SNYDER, Jacob D. SNYDER, Samuel L. SNYDER, Daniel L. SCHLEMMER, Christian STEPHENSON, James SELIGMAN, Emanuel SYKES, Benjamin STERLING, William SIMMONS, Phillips SHEAD, Jonathan SELIGMAN, Joseph STINE, Jonas SHELLENBERG, Henry SCHWANK, Joseph SCHLOUCH, Samuel SHUMAN, William SCHLOUCH, Rudolph STACK, Joseph SCHWEITZER, William SHIELDS, David SHIREY, Edward STINE, Henry SUECH, Henry SWARTZ, Jonathan STERNER, Charles STERNER, Franklin SPEICHER, John STEIGERWALD, Gideon SPARKS, John L. SHIFFERSTEIN, Henry SICKELS, John, Jr. SCOTT, James SHOMPER, Christian SHOFFSTALL, Joseph A. SCHNOPE, Simon P. SCHNOB, Jacob SPANGLER,William SHOENER, David SAYLOR, Harry M. J. SAYLOR, Clarkson SCHWARTZ, Samuel STAUFFER, Joseph THOMAS, John M. THOMAS, David T. TAPPE, August THOMPSON, David TEROLF, Elim UPDEGRAVE, John VEITH, John WILD, John WOOLCOCK, Thomas WATKINS, Edward WATKINS, David WEIR, Robert WILCOX, D. H. WARLOW, James WELSH, William J. WAGNER, Peter WILLIAMS, James WHITTAKER, Patrick WILLIAMS, David WALKER, John WOOLCOCK, Edward WEIRICH, Nicholas WOLFGANG, Daniel WOOLLIS, John E. WALTERS, William WHETSTONE, E. M. WEIKEL, John D. WETZELL, L. Peter WILLIAMS, William M. WHETSTONE, Samuel YOUNGFLEISCH, Christian ZIMMERMAN, Peter ZIMMERMAN, William ZERBY, George ZERBY, Edward ZERBY, Reuben ZERBY, Jacob ZELL, George

Immediately upon the return of the three months' volunteers, Col. James NAGLE, Col. Henry L. CAKE, Col Benjamin C. CHRIST and Col. George C. WYNKOOP, of Schuylkill County, received authority to raise regiments "for three years, of the war." Recruiting became active, and during the months of August, September and October, 1861, the drum and fife of recruiting officers were seldom idle in our streets, while their rendez-vous were almost as numerous as our stores. In addition to the volunteer officers, several officers of the regular army were here, and did quite a brisk business. We hazard nothing in saying that in the space of three months, over three thousand men were recruited in this County.

Col. NAGLE's Regiment, the Forty-Eighth, P. V., was encamped at Harrisburg, while being organized, and was composed entirely of Schuylkill County companies.

Col. CAKE's Regiment, the Ninety-Sixth, P. V., also composed of Schuylkill County companies, was encamped at Pottsville, until November.

Col. CHRIST and Col. WYNKOOP encamped their Regiments, the Fiftieth, P. V. and Seventh Pennsylvania Cavalry, at Harrisburg. These Regiments were only partially made up of companies from this County.

Single companies and individuals from the County, were scattered through other Regiments of the State.

On Monday, September 2nd, 1861, the Citizens' Cornet Band, numbering twenty-five members, left Pottsville for Harrisburg, to join Col. NAGLE's Regiment.

Roster Source: PA Archives

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