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VW Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

Fifth West Virginia Cavalry, Company F

Formerly Second (2nd) Virginia Infantry

Recruited in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Mustered into U.S. service June 1861; mustered out June 30, 1864.
5th WV Regiment Co. F


RANK  	 NAME                          REMARKS
Captain      SCOTT, Alexander	Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, May 20, 1862.

Captain      FLESHER, Henry C	Promoted from 1st. Lieutenant, Co. H., May 20, 1862; Promoted to Major, Nov. 9, 

                                                     1862.            +

Captain      SMITH, Thomas B.	Promoted from Sergeant. Wounded at 2nd Bull Run.


1st. Lieutenant    HUNTER, John A.	Promoted Captain, Company A., March 20, 1862.

1st. Lieutenant    DAY, Charles H. 	Transferred from Co. E., Nov. 20, 1862; Trans. to Co. I, May 24, 1863. 


2nd. Lieutenant   SMYTHE, Douglass G.	Resigned June 17, 1862.

2nd  Lieutenant   SCHMOLZE, William	Promoted from 1st. Sgt., Co. D., July 2, 1862.


Sgt.        BROUGHSON, William	Captured at Rocky Gap, Aug. 26, 1863.

Sgt.        BLACK, Joseph             

Sgt.        WYBLE, William                

Sgt.        KIRCHAFIER, Charles      

Sgt.        KROUSE, Peter 	Re-enlisted Jan. 5, 1864.

Sgt.        DEVLIN,  Jno	Discharged for wounds received in action. Nov. 6, 1862.

Sgt.        STEPHENSON, __iah 	Deserted Aug. 23, 1862.

Sgt.        CARNEY, William W.	Killed in action at Rocky Gap, Aug. 27, 1863.

Sgt.        BURNS, Henry	Died at Pittsburgh, Feb. 24, 1864, from effects of a fall.

Sgt.        SILVER, W. H.	Promoted to Sgt. Major, Aug. 1, 1861.

Sgt.        FRISBIE, John R.	Promoted 2nd. Lieutenant, Co. D., May 20, 1862.


Corporal     MASSY, Joseph               

Corporal     PEPPARD, John              

Corporal     McINTYRE, George           

Corporal     STEWART,  James	Died Jan.10,1862, from wounds received in action at Camp Allegheny, Dec. 


Corporal     MURRY, John		Killed in action at 2nd. Bull Run, Aug. 29, 1862.

Corporal     BING, Ambrose J	Died, Feb. 2, 1864, of disease contracted while a prisoner.


Private    ANDERSON, James M.	Deserted May 11, 1863.

Priv.        BURKE, Michael

Priv.        BRECKER, Francis        

Priv.        BARRY, Edward H.	Re-enlisted Jan. 5, 1864.

Priv.        BANNON, Frank 	Died at Cheat Mt., Jan. 29, 1862, disease of the lungs.

Priv.        COX, John                      

Priv.        CAMPBELL, Archibald

Priv.        CARRIGHER, Richard     

Priv.        CULP, John

Priv.        CHADDERSON, C.

Priv.        CARNEY, Owen	Discharged for disability, Aug. 2, 1862.

Priv.        CAIN, Bernard	Died at Beverly, Aug. 27, 1861.

Priv.        CASSIDY, Peter 	Killed in action at 2nd. Bull Run Aug. 29, 1862.

Priv.        DANIELS, John 	Re-enlisted Jan. 5, 1864.

Priv.        DRURY, Samuel	Deserted May 8, 1864.

Priv.        DELANEY, Luke	Deserted March 5, 1863.

Priv.        DAVIS, William 	Deserted March 5, 1863.

Priv.        DUNN, Alexander	Killed in action at 2nd. Bull Run Aug. 29, 1862.

Priv.        FANZEH, Matthew        

Priv.        FERGUSON, Richard    

Priv.        FRANNA, Michael

Priv.        FINNIN, James

Priv.        GILLAND, John W.     

Priv.        GRANT, John

Priv.        GAPNEY, Lawrence	Re-enlisted Jan. 5, 1864.

Priv.        GAY, James 	Deserted Feb. 23, 1863.

Priv.        GARDNER, James A.	Killed in action at Waterloo Bridge, Aug. 23, 1862.

Priv.        GLASS, James	Died March 18, 1864.

Priv.        HENRY, James R.             

Priv.        HILSDON, George        

Priv.        HILLARY, Patrick         

Priv.        HARLE, John               

Priv.        HARDEN, John

Priv.        HUNTZEKER, Marsh	Discharged April 10, 1863.

Priv.        HALL, Joseph	Deserted April 12, 1862.

Priv.        JONES, George V.        

Priv.        KANE, Edward             

Priv.        LOUREY, Francis     

Priv.        LEWIS, Thomas	Deserted July 9, 1861.

Priv.        LOUGHRAN, Michael	Died March 1, 1864, of disease contracted while a prisoner.

Priv.        MILLER, Jacob             

Priv.        MAIN, Charles              

Priv.        MATTHEWS, William   

Priv.        MITCHELL, John	Discharged for disability Oct. 19, 1862.

Priv.        McGILL, Henry             

Priv.        McKEEFER, Thomas       

Priv.        McCLAY, George         

Priv.        McDERMOTT, John      

Priv.        McCORMICK, Robt	Captured at Rocky Gap Aug 26, 1863; Died in Andersonville.

Priv.        McMASTERS, L.	Re-enlisted Jan. 5, 1864.

Priv.        McLAIN, James	Deserted March 29, 1862.

Priv.        McCAY, Daniel 	Died April 27, 1864 at Parkersburg.

 Priv.       NEVERGOLD, Frank	Deserted Oct. 1, 1862.

Priv.        OTTERSON, John          

Priv.        PANNER, Phillip

Priv.        QUINN, John

Priv.        QUILLIAN, John  

Priv.        ROBERTS, Charles M.

Priv.        RICHARDSON, Thomas B.

Priv.        ROBINSON, James B.	Re-enlisted Jan. 5, 1864.

Priv.        SNYDER, George W.    

Priv.        SHEDDEN, John

Priv.        SHEETS, John

Priv.        STORY, William H.

Priv.        SLAVEN, Daniel

Priv.        SHORT, Leander

Priv.        SMITH, Hugh	Captured at Rocky Gap, Aug. 26, 1863; Died in Andersonville.

Priv.        STERLING, Robert	Discharged for disability, Feb. 22, 1863.

Priv.        SHINE, Patrick	Deserted Aug. 28, 1862.

Priv.        STEVENS, Thomas	Died at Beverly Aug. 20, 1861.

Priv.        TONER, Barney            

Priv.        WALTERS, Martin

Priv.        WERNER, John

Priv.        WHITE, John W.

Priv.        WALTERS, John	Re-enlisted Jan. 5, 1864.

Priv.        WARD, Henry D.	Deserted July 9, 1861.

Priv.        WALTON, Henry	Deserted March 23, 1862.

Priv.        WATTS, Samuel	Deserted March 5, 1863.

Priv.        ZIMMERMAN, Charles

Priv.        ZIMMER, John J.
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