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VW Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

Fifth West Virginia Cavalry, Company G

Formerly Second (2nd) Virginia Infantry

Recruited in Allegheny and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Plummer Guards
5th WV Regiment Co. G

This company was raised in Pittsburgh, Pa., by Chatham T. Ewing, J.D. Owens, H.A. Evans and others, and was composed of residents of Allegheny and surrounding counties of Pennsylvania, and a few from Wheeling, Va., bearing the name of the Plummer Guards. John D. Owens was elected Captain and C.T. Ewing 1st. Lieutenant, and the company began to drill. The organization was completed fully on May 15th. Joseph Plummer, at the time a prominent shoe dealer on Wood Street, in return for the honor of having the company named after him, bought uniforms for the men, consisting of a suit of grey cloth pants, and jackets trimmed with black, very neat and pretty.

The quota of Pennsylvania being full, Gov. Curtin declined to accept the company, and the men chafed under the inability to get into the seat of war. At this time the confederates were becoming active in Western Virginia, and Major Oakes, at Wheeling, came to Pittsburgh to get some troops. The Plummer Guards at once accepted service, going to Wheeling on the steamer John T. McCombs, making their first camp on the steamboat Courier, and afterward in Camp Carlisle. They were mustered into U.S. service by Captain Craig on June 13, 1861 and mustered out on Aug. 8, 1864.
RANK         NAME                     REMARKS

Captain		OWENS, John D.	 	Promoted to Major, 2nd. Virginia Infantry.

Captain		EWING, Chatham T.	Wounded at Rocky Gap, Aug. 26, 1863.

1st. Lt		SICKMAN, Alfred		Killed in action at Allegheny Mt., Dec. 13, 1861.

1st. Lieutenant	MORTON, H.		Promoted from Corporal, Dec. 14, 1861.

2nd. Lieutenant	HUGGINS, Jacob G.	Resigned March 22, 1862.

2nd. Lieutenant	SHEARER, S.J.		Promoted from Sgt., March 22, 1862.


Q.M.S.	 	RIPLEY, Stephen     

1st. Sgt.	FETTERMAN, L.F.  	Transferred to 101 Pa., Jan. 6, 1862.

1st. Sgt. 	ROOK, A. Boyd       	Re-enlisted as veteran, Feb. 26, 1864.

Sgt.		OSBORNE, S.J.		Chief of first piece

Sgt.		VEACH, John H. 		Chief of second piece.

Sgt.		BROWN, Adam 		Chief of third piece.  Wounded at Rocky Gap, Aug. 26, 1863.

Sgt.		GRAHAM, Daniel 		Chief of fourth piece.

Sgt.		EVANS, Henry A. 	Chief of fifth piece.  Wounded at Rocky Gap. Aug. 26, 1863.

Sgt.		WATSON, Robert		Chief of sixth piece.  

Corporal		OSBORNE, A.G.		Gunner first piece.

Corporal		HAWKES, W.J.		Gunner second piece. 

Corporal		POWELL, Joseph N.	Gunner third piece. Captured on scout, Jan.21, 1863.  Exchanged.

Corporal 		LAMBIE, John 		Gunner fourth piece.

Corporal		HAWKES, John		Gunner fifth piece.

Corporal		BYDER, John G.		Gunner sixth piece. 

Corporal		DEFIBAUGH, Jere		Chief caisson first piece.  Captured Salem Raid.  Died in Andersonville.

Corporal		BARCLAY, George D. 	Chief caisson second piece. 

Corporal		HOUSEHOLDER, Joseph	Chief caisson third piece.  Re-enlisted Feb. 24, 1864. Trans. to Bat. D.,1st. W.Va. Art.

Corporal		BOLES, John 		Chief caisson fourth piece.

Corporal		MARSHALL, L.G. 		Chief caisson fifth piece.  Wounded at Rocky Gap.  Re-enlisted Jan. 2, 1864.  

                                                       Transferred to Battery B., 5th. U.S. Art.

Corporal		PUDDER, Richard		Chief caisson sixth piece.

Mus.		THOMAS, J.R.		Promoted to Prin. Mus., 2nd. Va.  Wounded at Rocky Gap.

Art. 		EDWARDS, W.L.      

Art		VANGILDER, J.W.		Captured on scout, Jan. 21, 1863.  Taken to Richmond and Exchanged.


Priv. 		ATCHESON, Alexander   

Priv.		ANNINGTON, Louis

Priv.		ADAMS, Elijah 		Captured on scout, Nov. 22, 1862.  Exchanged.  Re-enlisted Feb. 22, 1864.  Transferred 

                                                       to Battery B., 5th. U.S. Art.

Priv		ANSHUTZ, William 		Re-enlisted Jan. 2, 1864.  Trans. to Battery D., 1st. W.Va. Art.

Priv.		ARBOGAST, GeorgeW.	Recruit.  Killed at Rocky Gap, Aug. 26, 1863.

Priv.		ARBOGAST, Charles		Recruit.  Died in Andersonville prison.

Priv.		BERNERT, John          

Priv.		BRADLEY, Michael 	Deserted July 18, 1862. 

Priv.		CLAWSON, Benjamin F.	Recruit Oct. 3, 1862.

Priv. 		CASEY, John              

Priv.		COLEVES, Frank W.  

Priv.		CAMPBELL, H.		Re-enlisted Feb. 24, 1864.  Assigned to Battery D., 1 W.Va. Art.

Priv.		COLVILLE, Wm		Re-enlisted Jan. 2, 1864.  Assigned to Battery B., 5 U.S. Art.

Priv.		CONNER, William L.		Discharged for disability Sept. 1, 1861.

Priv.		CAMPBELL, W.I.		Deserted July 18, 1861.

Priv.		CUTLIP, Benjamin F.	Recruit Oct. 17, 1863.

Priv.		DOUGHERTY, D.       

Priv.		DUFFORD, Jeremiah

Priv.		DUXBURY, Robert P.	Discharged for disability Nov. 1, 1861.

Priv.		EVANS, Rufus E.        

Priv.		FRAZIER, John W.      

Priv.		FIFE, John 		Wounded at Rocky Gap Aug. 26, 1863.

Priv.		FORREST, Henry       

Priv.		FORSYTHE, Joseph       

Priv.		FRY, John 		Captured at Beverly.  Taken to Richmond, Va.  Exchanged.

Priv.		GIBSON, William          

Priv.		GUEST, James P.		Captured on Salem Raid.  Trans. to 6th W.Va. Cav. June 22, 1864.

Priv.		GARRISON, Daniel 	Re-enlisted Jan. 2, 1864.

Priv.		GREGG, William H.		Discharged by order of General Hill, Company being above maximum.

Priv.		HART, George		Wounded at Rocky Gap Aug. 26, 1863.

Priv.		HALL, James H.         

Priv.		HASTINGS, James

Priv.		HOBAUGH, John		Captured Salem Raid.

Priv.		HOPE, Martin              

Priv.		HICKMAN, Samuel B.	Recruit.

Priv. 		HUFFMAN, George 	Captured on scout, Jan. 21, 1863.  Exchanged. Re-enlisted Feb. 24, 1864.  Transferred 

                                                         to Battery B, 5th U.S. Art.

Priv.		HAYS, C. McClure 	Promoted to adjutant 2nd Va.

Priv.		HEATON, Uriah 		Recruit.

Priv.		JAMISON, William        Re-enlisted Feb. 24, 1864.

Priv. 		KALOR, Andrew           

Priv.  		KENNELLY, Roger       

Priv.   	KILGORE, Watson       

Priv.      	KLEIN, Francis A.       

Priv.     	KINCAID, Albert 	Killed in action 2nd Bull Run, Aug. 30, 1862.

Priv.     	LEEDOM, Jeremiah	Wounded at Cross Keys June 1862, Wounded at New Market, May 1864.

Priv.     	LITTLE, Arthur 		Discharged for disability Dec. 6, 1862, at Beverly.

Priv.		LESSIG, Samuel		Killed in action at Rocky Gap Aug. 26, 1863.

Priv.		MANSBERGER, Robert 

Priv.		MARTIN, George C.     

Priv.		MAXWELL, George H. 

Priv		METCALF, James		Wounded at Rocky Gap Aug. 26, 1863.

Priv.     	MOAN, John		Killed accidentally April 26, 1864, on B&O  R.R. between Grafton & Clarksburg.

Priv.    	MARTIN, Henry W.	Deserted July 1862.

Priv.     	McCAULEY, William 

Priv.    	McCAULEY, Alexander

Priv.  		McCLURE, William F.      

Priv.     	McCORMICK, M.H. 

Priv.   	McCRACKEN, James     

Priv.    	McCUNE, Hugh

Priv.    	McGILL, Armstrong

Priv.     	McGILLIVRAY, Far.	Captured on Salem Raid.  Exchanged.

Priv.      	McGILLIVRAY, John

Priv.           McINTOSH, James

Priv.           McKEE, William		Re-enlisted Jan. 2, 1864.  Assigned to Battery B, U.S. Art.

Priv.           McKENDREE, James	Re-enlisted Feb. 24, 1864.  Assigned to Battery D, 1 W.Va. Art.

Priv.           McKENZIE, Alexander		Killed in action at New Market, Va., May 15, 1864. Veteran.

Priv.           PHILLIPS, David R.       

Priv.           PRENTICE, George 	Re-enlisted Jan. 2, 1864.  Assigned to Battery B, 5th U.S. Art.

Priv.           RODGERS, M.V.B		Recruit.

Priv.           ROWE, Frederick 	Died at White Sulphur Springs, Oct. 3, 1863, of wounds received in action at Rocky 

                                                         Gap, Aug. 1863. 

Priv.		SEIBERT, John

Priv.		SHAW, Samuel

Priv. 		SHIELDS, William     

Priv.  		SUTHERON, John W.

Priv.  		SAMPLE, Morrison A.	Discharged for disability Nov. 1, 1861.

Priv. 		STOBLE, Jacob 		Discharged for disability Sept. 1, 1861.

Priv. 		TAGGERT, John N.	Wounded at Rocky Gap Aug. 26, 1863.

Priv.  		TRUSSELL, Joseph

Priv.  		WALLACE, Patrick 	Re-enlisted Jan. 2, 1864.

Priv.  		WALSH, Thomas

Priv.  		YOUNG, Nathaniel

Priv.  		YINGST, David R.	 Re-enlisted Jan. 2, 1864.

Priv.   	ZEIGLER, Philip 	Wounded at Rocky Gap and taken prisoner Aug. 26, 1863. 

Roster Source: "A History of the Fifth West Virginia Cavalry, Formerly the Second Virginia Infantry" by Frank S. Reader, New Brighton, Pa. 1890.Donated by Glen Dixon Civil War Databases

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