Pennsylvania Volunteers of the Civil War
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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

PA Soldiers Killed in Beaufort County, North Carolina

Baker, Henry    Co E, 58th PA    July 25, 1863
Borland, R.D.   Co G, 171st PA   May 12, 1863
Butler, Daniel W.   Co D, 171st PA   June 9, 1863
Churchill, Charles W.   Co A, 171st PA   May 17, 1863
Conley, Nathan   Co A, 175th PA   June 1, 1863
Crady, Alex M.   Co F, 58th PA   October 18, 1863
Eastwood, Oscar   Co B, 58th PA   July 26, 1864
Foy, Patrick   Co D, 58th PA   July 11, 1863
Gerhard, Gustavus   Co ?, 58th PA   September 19, 1863
Hardy, Thomas   Co A, 58th PA   March 5, 1864
Hill, S.B.   Co G, 171st PA   May 14, 1864
Hocknsminth, Amos   Co H, 158th PA   May 7, 1863
Holobough, Samuel   Co G, 158th PA   May 27, 1864
Hoover, Martin B.   Co I, 171st PA   May 24, 1863
King, William   Co C, 175th PA   June 2, 1863
Lindsey, Ephraim   Co B, 158th PA   July 1, 1863
Morgan, Martin S.   Co H, 158th PA   June 1, 1863
Palmer, William H.   Co C, 171st PA   May 8, 1863
Peasrol, Jacob   Co G, 168th PA   June 6, 1863
Peasley,  James   Co I, 58th PA   September 5, 1863
Peasley, Philander S.   Co I, 58th PA   December 27, 1863
Robbins, Alvin D.   Co A, 171st PA   May 19, 1863
Rohea, C.E.   Co B, 158th PA   June 18, 1863
Rondenbush, S.   Co H, 171st PA   May 12, 1864
Rundill, Joshua   Co B, 58th PA   January 25, 1864
Sells, John   Co C, 158th PA   May 8, 1863
Sishrop, Edward   Co D, 171st PA   May 30, 1863
Smith, W.H.   Co H, 168th PA   May 16, 1863
Smith, William   Co K, 158th PA   June 15, 1863
Stnail, William   Co H, 158th PA   June 13, 1863
Stufts, William   Co I, 171st PA   June 13, 1863
Sturges, Robert   Co B, 175th PA   April 9, 1863
Vaughn, Daniel   Co A, 58th PA   December 25, 1863
Vorisser, Phillip   Co H, 171st PA   June 11, 1863
Winters, Isaac   Co H, 158th PA   May 10, 1864
Witzel, William W.   Co A, 171st PA   May27, 1863
Wnissey, Isaac A.   Co I, 175th PA   June 4, 1863 Civil War Databases

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