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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers' Diaries

Removal Request for Lieutenant Flannagan

133rd Regiment, Company F

Cambria County, Pennsylvania
First Letter     Second Letter     Third Letter

To Lieut. Francis Flannagan - Dear Sir: --

We, the undersigned, members of Captain John M. Jones' Company, do hereby announce that it is the unanimous wish of all to have a change in the command of our company. We are all desirous to place a person who will be capable to instruct us in the manual of arms in the office of Second Lieutenant. We do not, by any means, bear any disrespectful feeling towards you, because we are compelled to request you to resign. But knowing your incapability to discharge the duties required of you, we are thus forced to do so.

Hoping that you will not bear any ill-feeling toward us for our present action, we will close our remarks by once more declaring our unanimous wish that you will resign your office, so as to enable us to place a competent person to teach us the duties which we, as private soldiers, must at some future day discharge.
Ellis R. Williams			H. J. Humphreys
Thomas D. Davis				D. S. Evans Esq.
Alexander Jones				Robert E. B. Waugaman
John O. Evans				James M. Edelblute
Meshach Thomas				Peter Keith
George W. Berkey			Francis A. Sutton
Edward J. Humphreys			Lewis R. Edwards
Thomas J. Evans				Daniel Powell
John A. Thompson			Evan E. Jones
W. H. Davis				David D. Lewis
Valentine S. Barker			David Thomas
Hosea J. Evans				John N. Griffith
A. Evans				J. M. Thompson
William M. Evans			Levi Severance		
Christian Shinefelt			J. F. Wiggins
William H. Howell			Edwin E. Roberts
Evan Michaels				John M. Jones
Hugh E. Evans				David Morgan
Cyrus H. Fronk				William Makin
B. F. G. McCloskey			Joseph F. Stearns
Nathan Bracken
Joseph Mack
Edward Jones Jr.
Milton Jones
John W. Hughes
William Jones
R. J. Bennett
Daniel Long
Lewis Snider
J. N. Whitehead
Tobias Snyder
D. L. Kuttenger
W. R. Tibbit
R. B. McDowell
Samuel Lamer
A. J. Litzinger
David D. Pryce
Roster Source: PA State Archives, Harrisburg, PA
Records Group-19, 14-4035 carton 81.Contributed by Marcia Fronk

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