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Adams County, Pennsylvania

Gettysburg Compiler - November 3, 1862

Who Pioneered the Rebels into Pennsylvania?

In conversation with a gentleman yesterday morning, (who had just arrived from Adams county, and who is a respectable physician in Gettysburg.) he informed us and a large crowd at the railroad depot, that the Rebels were conducted into Franklin county by three Breckinridge Democrats, named Wilson, Logan and Simes. He asserted that these traitors knew every byroad, cowpath and private lane in Franklin county, and it was to them that the Rebels were indebted for their sucess in reaching Chambersburg. Comment on this horrible develpment is useless. Harrisburg Telegraph.

We know nothing about Logan and Simes, but Wilson we do know. His is a native of this county, and was an active advocate of the election of Lincoln, and a prominent Wide Awake *. He never voted a Democratic ticket in his life. Carlisle Volunteer.


The Cumberland Valley Railroad, whose depot, engine-house, shops, etc. at Chambersburg, were destroyed by Rebel Cavalry, is rebuilding the different structures, some of which will be larger and much improved.


* Note: The Wide Awakes were a campaign organization affiliated with the Republican Party during the 1860 election. Wide Awakes, who wore capes and black glazed hats, carried lighted oil lamps mounted atop six-foot poles, marched in support of Lincoln and other Republican candidates, and monitored polling places on election day. Civil War Databases

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