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Delaware County, Pennsylvania

Delaware County American - June 1, 1864

97th PA Regiment Casualties & Wounded

THE FATAL CHARGE ON MAY 20TH. - The following is a list of casualties to the three Delaware County Companies of the 97th PA Regiment, during a charge made against the advance line of the enemy, in front of Gen. Butler, at Foster Plantation, near Bermuda Landing, Va., on the 20th of May, 1864.

The list is official, as furnished the RECORD by the acting Adjutant of the Regiment. The whole number of Killed, Wounded and missing in the Regiment, is about five hundred.

Company D Killed

Lieut. Isaac Fawks.

Company D Wounded

Captain S. Mendenhall, body slightly;
Sergeant Samuel McBride, (color bearer) severely:
Corporal Daniel H. Freas, leg, severely:
Corporal David Morrow, in left breast, slightly:
John Goodwin, thigh, severely:
John H. Stuckey, in foot slightly:
James Brierly, leg, amputated:
Jas. Crosson, in hand severely:
Robt. Babe, in foot, severely:
Jacob Pritell, in head, severely.

Company G Killed

Sergeant Albin Edwards
Corporal Patrick Hughes
Private Frederick Heitze.

Company G Wounded

1st Lieut. G. Yarnall, breast, slightly:
Corporal Hillary Fox, leg, slightly:
Corporal Franklin Clopp, hand, slightly:
Private Isaac Hoopes, stomach, mortally:
Private, Thomas McIntosh, thigh, severely:
Private, William H. Snyder, thigh and shoulder, severely:
Private, Ezekiel T. Ritchie, hand, slightly:
Private, Henry Hards, head, slightly:
Private, Thomas P. Waddell, hand, slightly:
Private, Herman Meiser, leg, slightly:
Private John Laughlin, breast, slightly:
Private, Merriott C. Reeves, breast, slightly:
Private, Terrence O'Brien, thigh, slightly:
Private Joseph Brensinger, Wounded in leg.

Comapny I Killed

James Donnelly
David Gaul
William S. Gutterson.

Company I Wounded

Sergeant William H.H. Gibson, leg, severely
Sergeant William R. Wood, head, slightly:
Cor. William P. Hayman, shoulder, severely:
Cor. George M. Middleton, side, slightly:
CorThomas Creigan, arm slightly:
Cor. William F. Green, leg, arm and body, severely:
Cor. James F. Engle, face, arm and body, severely:
Private Morton Broutman, leg, severely:
Private, Elias Cole, hand, severely:
Private, James Donnovan, body severely:
Private, William Davis, leg, slightly:
Private James Lewis, hand, slightly:
Private, James McKeivan, hip, badly:
Private, Herbert Rodgers, leg, severely:
Private, John Shutt, breast, severely,
Private, Charles Stewart, face, severely:
Private, Samuel Topkins, breast, slightly:
Private, Richard Walraven, both legs, severely:
Private, Philip Henn, hand, slightly. Civil War Databases

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