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Indiana County, Pennsylvania

Indiana Democrat - June 12, 1962

Killed and Wounded at the Battle of Fair Oaks!

The details of this terrible and fiercely fought battle, are slowly coming to hand. The loss in killed, wounded and missing is a fearful one, and especially have the Regiments from Western Pennsylvania suffered severely. We give below as carefully prepared list of the casualities in the 61st and 105th Regiment as it is possible for us to obtain at this time. It is doubtless incorrect in many particulars.

61st Regiment.

Col. Reppey, of Pittsburg, Lieut. Col. Speer, Maj. Sweet, and Adjutant Miller, Killed.

Company A, (Capt. Kreps, of Indiana Co.) Privates Weaver, Faily, Short, McQuown, J.E. Allison, McCune. Wilson Kinter (supposed;) Wash. Cessna, William Donahoo, killed.

Lieut. Pollock, wounded - left at Marine Hospital, Portsmouth, Va.; *Lieut. Brady, wounded - Privates *Isaac Brady *Hugh Brady, Lew. Brady, (known to be wounded but missing.) *Alex. Walker. *Jas. Crawford, (wounded in four places, but will recover.) *Davis Lockard, *John Brewer, W. Weaver, (since dead) *Israel Spencer, (seriously) *James Donahoo. *George B. Mott, Joseph Rager, Van Stewart, William Shaffer, James Chambers, And. Pierce, *Thomas Moore and Sergeant J. M. Brewer, wounded; Segt. Roland taken prisoner, and Alex. Moore, missing.

Those marked with a * are in the different Hospitals in Philadlephia. For much of the above information we are indebted to Hon. J.K. Thompson, who has just returned home from a visit to Philadelphia. He visted the Hospital and reports the wounded as doing well. We will only add that the parents and friends of the deceased and wounded soldiers have the sympathies of the entire dommunity. Civil War Databases

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