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Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

Miner's Journal - December 3,1864

Members of the 96th Regiment still prisoners in the hands of the Rebels.- From Christofer Kane, of Co. C, 96th Regiment, an exchanged prisoner who reached Annapolis last week, we have received the following letter, with a request to publish. Mr. Kane was captured in the summer of 1863, after the battle of Gettysburg, and was a prisoner up to last week. He was confined first at Libby Prison, next at Belle Isle, next at Castle Thunder, and afterwards at Andersonville. Fortunately, his health was good during the term of his imprisonment. His letter, giving information of other members of this regiment is as follows:

To the Editors Miners Journal

Oblige a returned prisoner, of the 96th Regiment P.V. by inserting this in the columns of your paper. I have been a prisoner for sixteen months, and been in all the rebel hells in the confederacy. There were twenty three captured members of the regiment at Andersonville when I left. All of their names I do not know. The following are those I know:
S. Bishop, Co. C;
E Pritchard and M. Larkin of Co. A;
T. Prosser, D.R. Erdman and D. Engle of Co. H;
A. Sandy, D. Williams, and E. Hardman of Co. G and
Maddox, of Co. F.

The deaths have been
A. Wike, Co B died June 30, 1864;
J. Bensinger, Co. E died July 15 1864; and
S. Bishop, Co. C died October 22, 1864.

The following are here in camp:
E. Gearing, Co. G and
J. Devitt, Co. I
there are several more whose names I do not know.

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