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Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

Miner's Journal - The Miners Journal POW List

In late December 1886 the Miners Journal printed an advertisement requesting all men who were prisoners of war during the Civil War should send in their names. The following list of names is from the Journals list.

1.  Thomas Alderson      Pottsville
2.  William Anspach      Pottsville
3.  Andrew Arnold        Girardville
4.  James Bartholomew    Pottsville
5.  Thomas Brennan       Pottsville
6.  William Beltz        Pottsville
7.  Abraham Berger       Auburn
8.  John Billey          Sch. Haven
9.  John E. Bubeck       Sch. Haven
10. C.L. Bartholomew     Port Gibson, Ontario Co. N.Y.
11. Albert Berdy         Girardville
12. C.W. Cooper          Pottsville
13. Jacob Deppen         Pottsville
14. Francis Deams        Pottsville
15. John Dooley          Middleport
16. Joseph Edwards       St. Clair
17. Charles Focht        Pottsville
18. Thomas Flynn         Pottsville
19. Joseph Fetherolf     Ashland
20. H.O. Fernsler        Shenandoah
21. William Gray         Pottsville
22. James Goldsmith      Pottsville
23. Edward Haus          Pottsville
24. Steven Heran         Pottsville
25. George W. Huth       Pottsville
26. Frank Hause          Pottsville
27. Adam Haekler         Pottsville
28. Jacob Haerter        Tremont
29. William Houlahan     Mahanoy City
30. John Henry Heakler   Pittsburg
31. Mike Kelly           Pottsville
32. Reuben Kamp          Tremont
33. William Killian      Sch. Haven
34. Mike Larkin          Pottsville
35. William Lewthart     Mahanoy Plain
36. S.H. Lutz            Mahanoy City
37. J.D. Lutz            Mahanoy City
38. Edward McCormick     Pottsville
39. John McBarron        Pottsville
40. John McElrath        Pottsville
41. John Martz           Pottsville
42. Isaac Martz          Tremont
43. Mike Moran           Broad Mountain
44. C.P. Potts           Pottsville
45. David Pritchard      Pottsville
46. Ruch Samuel          Pottsville
47. William Robson       Pottsville
48. Frank S. Reber       Pottsville
49. John Rohrbach        Ashland
50. Joseph Richards      Eckley
51. George Snyder        Pottsville
52. William Smedley      Pottsville
53. John Stevenson       Pottsville
54. John Shaw            Pottsville
55. Peter Schnerring     Pottsville
56. Jacob Schroeder      Tremont
57. Morgan Shoener       New Philadelphia
58. Jacob Schroeder      Pine Grove
59. Joel Strausser       Joliett
60. Edward Titus         Pottsville
61. Abraham Wineland     Pottsville
62. Andrew G. Wren       Pottsville Civil War Databases

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