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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 10, 1862

Killed and Wounded at the Battle at Williamsburg

The following is a further list of Pennsylvania soldiers killed and wounded at Williamsburg:

Ninety-Third 93rd Pennsylvania Volunteers

Captain G. S. Sheaver, Company E, killed

Privates - Jonathan Dampman, Company C, killed;
William Calliban, Company B, killed;
John McColday, Company G, killed;
Benjamin Wolfinger, Company G, killed;
William M. Snyder, Dompany H, killed;
William Geleny, Company G, right arm;
Samuel N. Shoutt, Company D, right side;
F. J.Andrews, Company F, breast;
P. Delaney, Company G, right arm;
Andrew Rheinhart, Company A, arm, slightly;
Anthony Kremer, Company A, head slightly;
Peter Fitterer, Company A, both thights, severely;
Corporal William B. Ramsay, Company C, shoulder, severely;
Ensign John Hutchinson, Company C, ankle, slightly;
William D. Deihard, Company D, neck, slightly;
Levi Books, Company D, hand, slightly;
Henry Fishel, Company E, arm and side, severe;
John Grogg, Company E, hand, slight;
David Snellender, Company F, arm, severe;
John Andrews, Company F, breast, slight;
Benjamin Meyer, Company F, hand, slight;
Henry Hillbart, Company G, arm, severe;
Daniel Shanabrook, Company G, knee, severe;
George Roack, Company G, head, slight;
James Bureau, Company G, slight;
Benjamin Lank, Company K, hand;
Privates Samel Short and B. T. Krotmine, Company B, neck, flssh. Civil War Databases

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