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155th Pennsylvania Regiment - Became the Pearson's Zouaves *

Recruited in Allegheny county, and Clarion county, PA

155th PA Regiment Soldier Biographies

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155th PA Regiment Books

  • Under the Maltese cross
    Antietam to Appomattox, the loyal uprising in western Pennsylvania, 1861-1865; campaigns 155th Pennsylvania regiment, narrated by the rank and file.

  • Company "K," 155th Pa. Volunteer Zouaves:
    A detailed history of its organization and service to the country during the Civil War from 1862 until the collapse ... much of the history of the grand old 155th

155th PA Regiment Organization, Service & Battles

  • Organized at Pittsburg and Harrisburg September 2-19. 1862.
  • Moved to Washington, D.C., September 4.
  • Attached to 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 5th Army Corps, Army Potomac, to May, 1863.
  • 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division. 5th Army Corps, to March, 1864.
  • 4th Brigade, 1st Division, 5th Army Corps, to April, 1864.
  • 1st Brigade, 1st Division, 5th Army Corps, to June, 1864.
  • 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, 5th Army Corps, June, 1864.
  • 2nd Brigade. 2nd Division, 5th Army Corps, to July, 1865.
  • 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 5th Army Corps, to December, 1864.
  • 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 5th Army Corps, to June, 1865.
    Service & Battles - 1862
  • Moved to Sharpsburg, Md., and duty there till October 30, 1862.
  • Movement to Falmouth, Va., October 30-November 19.
  • Battle of Fredericksburg December 12-15.
    Service & Battles - 1864
  • Burnside's 2nd Campaign, "Mud March," January 20-24, 1863.
  • Duty at Falmouth, Va., till April 27.
  • Chancellorsville Campaign April 27-May 6.
  • Battle of Chancellorsville May 1-5.
  • Gettysburg (Pa.) Campaign June 11-July 24.
  • Battle of Gettysburg July 1-3. Pursuit of Lee July 5-24.
  • Duty on line of the Rappahannock and Rapidan till October.
  • Bristoe Campaign October 9-22.
  • Auburn October 13.
  • Advance to line of the Rappahannock November 7-8.
  • Rappahannock Station November 7.
  • Mine Run Campaign November 26-December 2.
    Service & Battles - 1864
  • Duty on Orange & Alexandria Railroad till April, 1864.
  • Rapidan Campaign May 4-June 12.
  • Battles of the Wilderness May 5-7;
  • Laurel Hill May 8;
  • Spottsylvania May 8-12; Spottsylvania Court House May 12-21.
  • Assault on the Salient May 12.
  • North Anna River May 23-26.
  • On line of the Pamunkey May 26-28.
  • Totopotomoy May 28-31.
  • Cold Harbor June 1-12.
  • Bethesda Church June 1-3.
  • Before Petersburg June 16-18.
    Service & Battles - 1865
  • Siege of Petersburg June 16, 1864, to April 2, 1865.
  • Mine Explosion, Petersburg, July 30 (Reserve).
  • Six Mile House, Weldon Railroad, August 18-21.
  • Poplar Springs Church, Peeble's Farm, September 29-October 2.
  • Boydton Plank Road, Hatcher's Run, October 27-28.
  • Warren's Raid on Weldon Railroad December 7-12.
  • Dabney's Mills, Hatcher's Run, February 5-7, 1865.
  • Appomattox Campaign March 28-April 9.
  • Junction Boydton and Quaker Roads and Lewis Farm, near Gravelly Run, March 29.
  • White Oak Road March 31.
  • Five Forks April 1.
  • Appomattox Court House April 9.
  • Surrender of Lee and his army.
  • Moved to Washington, D.C., May 1-12.
  • Grand Review May 23.
  • Mustered out June 2, 1865.
    Regimental Losses
  • Regiment lost during service 5 Officers and 137 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 1 Officer and 111 Enlisted men by disease. Total 254.

155th PA Regiment Medal of Honor Recipients

  • PEARSON, ALFRED L. Colonel, 155th Pennsylvania Infantry. Entered service at: Pittsburgh, Pa. Birth: Pittsburgh, Pa. Citation: At Lewis' Farm, Va., 29 March 1865, Seeing a brigade forced back by the enemy, he seized his regimental color, called on his men to follow him, and advanced upon the enemy under a severe fire. The whole brigade took up the advance, the lost ground was regained, and the enemy was repulsed Date of issue: 17 September 1897.

* *Zouave (pronounced zoo-ahh-vah), patterned after the French Zouaves, were elite units especially popular in the Union Army. They were known for their precision on the drill field and for their colorful uniforms consisting of gaiters, baggy pants, short red jackets with trim, and turbans or fezzes.

The 155th wore a French Army Blue Zouave Jacket and blue chasseur trousers with yellow trim, and yellow tombeaus. A red wool flannel sash 10 inches or 8 inches wide and 10 feet long with yellow trim is worn around the waist. The foot-gear consisted of Jambieres (Leather Leggings, made of goat skin, painted a yellowish brown) capped the white canvas gaitors, which protected the standard brogans & bottoms of the trousers worn by the men.