Pennsylvania Volunteers of the Civil War
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Schuylkill County Civil War POWs
Prisoner of War Soldiers
by regiment

The Plymouth Pilgrims.

On April 20, 1864 the entire garrison of Union troops was captured at the Battle Plymouth, N.C. Over 2,100 men were captured during this engagement. The regiments captured were the 16th Ct., 85th N.Y., 103rd Pa. and the 101st Pa. which had men from Schuylkill County in its ranks. They would be known forever as the " Plymouth Pilgrims " and spend many months confined in Andersonville.

1.  Joseph Larkinson Co. I/ Captured 4-20-64/ Andersonville
2.  John Perry Co. I/ Captured 4-20-64/ Andersonville
3.  John Prosser Co. I/ Captured 4-20-64/ Andersonville
4.  R. Morris Co. I / Captured 4-20-64/ Andersonville
5.  Joel Strausser Co. I/ Captured 4-20-64/ Andersonville
6.  Henry Bergman Co. I/ Captured 4-20-64/ Andersonville
7.  Joseph Tomkinson Co. I/ Captured 4-20-64/ Andersonville
8.  Adam Wingefield Co. I/ Captured 4-20-64/ Andersonville
9.  Lieut. George Brown Co. I/ Captured 4-20-64/ Charleston Prison.


The Soldiers Who Died.

1. Henry Hoy/ Co. G/ Captured at the Weldon Railroad, Near Petersburg Va. 8-19-64/ Died in Salisbury Prison 4-1-65/ Pine Grove. 2. Francis Hellnor/ Co. G/ Captured at Weldon Railroad 8-19-64/ Held in Salisbury and dies 12-30-64.
3. David W. Reed/ Co. G/ Captured at Weldon Railroad 8-19-64 dies in Salisbury Prison 4-20-65.
4. Phil. Keely/ Co. G/ Captured at Weldon Railroad 8-19-64 held in Salisbury/ Dies at Norristown 4-1-65.
5. Lucian Manwiller Corporal/ Co. G/ Captured at Weldon Railroad 8-19-64. Held in Salisbury 8-19-64/ Feb. 1865.


COMPANY F Recruited in Schuylkill County during February 1864. Captain Wellington Jones M.I. February 23, 1864 M.O. On Surgeon's certificate June 27, 1864. Hometown: Manheim Township. Data: In the History of the 116th, Col. Mulholland stated that Jones disgraced himself by not having the stomach for battle.

Captain William A Shoner M.I. February 23, 1864 M.O. June 14 1865 by special order. Hometown: S. Manheim Twp. Data: Promoted from 2nd Lieutenant Jan, 17 1864

Lieutenant Peter Frailey M.I. February 23, 1864 M.O. June 2, 1864 Surgeon's Cert. Hometown: Data:Lieutenant George Reber M.I. February 19, 1864 M.O. July 14, 1865 Hometown: Data: Wounded at the Wilderness, Va, May 8, 1864 Promoted from Sgt. Feb. 14, 1865 Com. Captain June 15 1865.1 Sgt. Edward S. Kline M.I. 2-19-64 M.O. 7-14-65 Hometown: Data: Wounded at Reams Station 8-25-64.Sgt. William M. Wagner M.I. 2-19-64 M.O. 7-14-65 Hometown: Wayne Township Data: Wound in action at Cold Harbor, 6-2-64.Sgt. Horace B. Klock M.I. 2-19-64 M.O. 7-14-65 Hometown: Auburn Data: Sgt. Daniel Moyer M.I. 2-19-64 M.O. Hometown: Data: Missing in action at Spotsylvania C.H. 5-12-64.Sgt. Charles Maurer M.I. 2-19-64 M.O. 7-14-65 Hometown: Data:Corporal William Emerich M.I. 2-19-64 M.O. Hometown: Data: Missing in action at Spotsylvania C.H. 5-12-64 Prisoner Andersonville.Corporal Dan B. Burkheiser M.I. 2-19-64 M.O. KIA 8-25-64 Hometown: Data: Killed in action at Reams Station 8-25-64.Corporal Solomon Everly M.I. 2-19-64 M.O. Absent sick on M.O. Hometown: Frackville Data: Wounded in action at Tolopotomy River Va. 5-31-64.Corporal Chris Dieffenderfer M.I. 2-19-64 M.O. 11-4-64 Died in Prison Hometown: Data: Captured at Reams Station, died in Salisbury Prison 11-4-64.Corporal Levi P. Miller M.I. 2-19-64 M.O. 7-14-65 Hometown: S. Manheim Township. Data:Corporal William L. Hutton M.I. 2-19-64 M.O. 7-14-65 Hometown: Data: 1. Wounded at Fredricksburg 12-13-62/ Co. K 129th. 2. Wounded at Deep Bottom 8-18-64. 3. Wounded at Five Forks 3-31-65Corporal Solomon Camp M.I. 2-19-64 M.O. 7-14-65 Hometown: Port Carbon Data:Musician/ Jacob Schroder M.I. 2-19-64 M.O. 7-14-65 Hometown: Auburn Data: Captured at Reams Station 8-25-64/ Prisoner to March 1865.Musician Daniel Kramer M.I. 2-19-64 M.O. 7-14-65 Hometown: Auburn Data: Wounded in action at Wilderness 5-5-64.Corporal Adam Wagner M.I. 2-19-64 M.O. KIA 6-14-64 Hometown: S. Manheim Township. Data: Killed in action at Petersburg 6-14-64. 116th PENNSYLVANIA VOLUNTEER INFANTRY Men Who Died In Prison 1. Joseph Reber Co. F/ Captured 8-25-64/ Died in Salisbury 1-26-64. 2. Adam Buchner Co. G/ Captured 7-22-64/ Died Andersonville 3. William Heinbach Co. G/ Captured 5-12-64/ Died Andersonville 3-29-65 4. John Heinbach Co. G/ Captured 6-22-64/ Died Andersonville 10-12-64 5. Jacob Hummel Co. G/ Captured 8-25-64/ Died Andersonville6. S. Heinbach Co. G/ Captured/ Died Andersonville 8-14-647. George Krammer Co. G/ Captured 6-22-64/ Died Andersonville 10-30-64 8. Cyrus Ruck Co. G/ Captured 6-22-64/ Died At Lynchburg, Va. 9. Andrew Wilson Co. G/ Captured 8-25-64/ Died Salisbury 7-10-65 10. Chris Diffenderfer Co. F/ Captured 8-25-64/ Died Salisbury 11-4-64 11. Joseph B. Reber Co. F/ Captured 8-25-64/ Died at Salisbury 2-26-65The Men Who survived prison 1. Isaac Herring Co. G/ Captured 8-25-64/ Salisbury 2. Jonathan Hummel Co. G/ Captured/ Salisbury 3. Adam Foust Co. G/ Richmond 4. Samuel Krammer Co. G/ Captured 6-22-64/ Salisbury 5. William H. Becker Co. G/ Captured 7-26-64 6. Henry Ditzler Co. G/ Captured 8-25-64/ Salisbury 7. Paul Herring Co. G/ Captured 8-25-64/ Salisbury 8. Gottlieb Krause Co. G/ Captured 6-2-64/ Andersonville 9. Moses Rehring Co. G/ Captured 6-22-64/ Andersonville 10. George Smith Co. G/ Captured 8-25-64/ 11. Samuel Smith Co. G/ Captured 7-26-64 12. George Wintemouth Co. G/ Captured 5-12-64/ Andersonville 13. Franklin Reber Co. F/ Captured 5-14-64/ Salisbury 14. Jacob Shrader Co. F/ Captured 8-25-64/ Salisbury 15. Franklin Brigel Co. F/ Captured 8-25-64/ Salisbury 16. James Day Co. F/ Captured 8-25-64/ Salisbury 17. Elam Derluf Co. F/ Captured 8-25-64/ Salisbury 18. Daniel Henry Co. F/ Captured 8-25-64/ Salisbury 19. Josiah Koch Co. F/ Captured 8-25-64/ Salisbury 20. Christian Reichert Co. F/ Captured 8-25-64/ Salisbury 21. F. Hester Co. G/ Captured/ Andersonville. 151st PENNSYLVANIA VOLUNTEER INFANTRY 1. William Gray, Captain/ Co. I/ Captured 7-1-63 Gettysburg/ held in Libby. 2. H.H. Merkle, Lieut./ Co. I/ Captured 7-1-63 Gettysburg/ held in Libby. 3. Charles Potts, Lieut./ Co. I/ Captured 7-163 Gettysburg/ held in Libby. 4. John Cohoon, Sgt./ Co .I / Captured Gettysburg. 5. John Buchanan, Corporal/ Co. I/ Captured Gettysburg. 6. John Dietrich, Pvt./ Co. I/ Gettysburg 7. Comodore Hendricks, Pvt./Co. I/ Gettysburg 8. Sam Howser, Pvt. /Co. I/ Gettysburg 9. John McClure, Pvt./ Co. I/ Gettysburg 10. William McLaughlin. Pvt./ Co. I/ Gettysburg 11. William Manning, Pvt./ Co. I/ Gettysburg 12. Oliver Schwartz, Pvt./ Co. I/ Gettysburg
Note: Almost all of the enlisted men were paroled and mustered out with the company on July 27, 1863.

Where they were held is unknown, possibly in the field with the rebel army.

17th Penna. Cavalry

In the summer of 1864 in Northern Virginia, members of the 17th Pa. Cav. Company H were captured.
1.  Thomas Herbert / Prisoner from Aug. 13 to Oct. 9 1864/ 
    Died    Nov. 19 1864
2.  Jacob Worus
3.  Charles Eyrster / Wounded at Sherperdstown, Va.
4.  Charles Merwine/ Wounded at Sheperdstown Va.
5.  Mike Shover
6.  John Snyder
7.  Joseph Bidlow
8.  William Zimmerman
9.  Franklin Shubb
10. Levi Michael
11. John Norris / Captured at Brandy station/
12. Jacob Kline/ Captured at Gordonsville, VA.


All of the men were captured at Petersburg 
and held in Andersonville.1.  Henry W. Adam Pvt./ Co. F/ Captured 6-22-64 Petersburg/                                 
    Held in Andersonville. Paroled    5-12-64.

2.  Percival Eckel Pvt./ Co. F/ Captured 6-22-64 Petersburg/
    Held in Andersonville/ Released   4-9-64.

3.  Charles Goldman Pvt./ Co. F/ Captured 6-22-64/ exchanged 4-1-64

4.  Jacob Hearter Pvt./ Co. F/ Captured 6-22-64/ Exchanged June 65

5.  Charles Krise Pvt./ Co. F/ Captured 6-22-64/ Exchanged June 65

6.  John F. Miller Pvt./ Co. F/ Captured 6-22-64/ Exchanged  10-31-64

7.  John Richards Pvt./ Co. F/ Captured 6-22-64/48th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

   The information on these prisoners was obtained from the following sources.

1. Bates History of Pennsylvania Volunteers.
2. The Miners Journal.
3. Listing of schuylkill County Volunteers
4. The 48th Regimental History.

The Soldiers.

1.  J. Braney/ Co. K/ Died in Andersonville 7-7-64 from diarrhea/  
    Buried in Grave 3027.

2.  F. Boyer/ Co. E/ Died in Andersonville 8-17-64 from diarrhea/
    Buried in grave 5969.

3.  J. Fetterman/ Co. H/ Died in Andersonville 9-8-64 from diarrhea/ 
    Buried in grave 8175.

4.  E. Gallagher/ Co. A/ Died in Andersonville 8-21-64 from diarrhea/       
    Buried in grave 6859.

5.  J. Mcelrath/ Co. C/ Captured Nov. 1863 at Knoxville/ Died  7-7-64 in Andersonville/ 
      from diarrhea/ Buried in grave 3017.

6.  J. Meese/ Co. A/    Died in Andersonville 10-4-64 from diarrhea 
    Buried in grave 10306.

7.  Daniel Root/ Co. B/ Captured Nov. 1863 at Knoxville/ Died from diarrhea 9-14-64/ 
    buried in grave 8742. Andersonville.

8.  Joshua Reed/ Co. G/ Captured at Pegrams Farm 9-30-64/
    Confined in Salisbury Prison/ Died at  home in Bary Twp. 
	From the effects   of prison.

9. Michael Crintin/ Co. C/ Died in Salisbury NC .prison/ from starvation. 11-29-64.

10. Phil Heffren/ Co. H/ Captured at Pegrams Farm 9-30-64/ Died from starvation at 
    Salisbury Prison  NC.

11. George Welsh/ Co. B/ Captured at Pegrams Farm 9-30-64/ Died from starvation at 
    Salisbury Prison  NC. 2-6-64.

12. Sam Shollenberger/ Co. A/ Captured at Pegrams Farm 9-30-64/  
    Died in Salisbury Prison NC.  6-13-64.

13. Charles Dindnyer/ Co. C/ Dies in Salisbury Prison NC. 

14. H.C. Graeff/ Co. D/ Sgt./ Dies in Salisbury Prison NC 

15. Edward McGinnis/ Co. D/ Captured at Pegrams Farm 9-30-64/                              
   Dies at Salisbury Prison NC 11-16-64.

16. William Fulton/ Co. F/ Captured at Pegrams Farm 9-30-64/                             
   Dies at Salisbury Prison NC 2-11-65.

17. Elijah Defrehn/ Co. F/ Captured at Pegrams Farm 9-30-                              
   Dies at Salisbury Prison NC 12-30-64.

18. Walter P. Aims/ Co. D/ Dies in Salisbury Prison from the  
    effects 8-12-65.

19. Jacob Hammer /Co. B/ Captured at Peagrams Farm 9-30-64 Dies  
    Salisbury 11/12/64THOSE WHO SURVIVED

1.  Henry Auman/ Co. E/ Andersonville/ Home Schuylkill Haven.
                        Captured 06/12/64

2.  John Bubeck/ Co. B/ Captured at Pegrams Farm 9-30-64/ 
    Held at Salisbury for 6 months/ 
    Home  Schuylkill Haven.

3.  George Cooper/ Co. D/ Captured at Pegrams Farm 9-30-64/                            
    Held at Salisbury NC/ Pottsville.

4.  Andrew Wren/ Co. B/ Held 11 months in Andersonville/  Pottsville.

5.  Lucian Mabeck/ Co. I/ Captured at Pegrams Farm 9-30-64/
                          Held at Salisbury NC./ Ringtown.

The Following Men All Were Captured At Pegrams Farm Va.
9-30-64 And Held In Salisbury Prison NC.

6.  F. Simmons/ Co. A/

7.  L.H. Sterner/ Co. A

8.  John Hammer/ Co. B

9.  Thomas Griffith/ Co. B

10. William Stevenson/ Co. B

11. George Ball/ Co. B

12. S. Wallace/ Co. C

13. William Larkin/ Co. C

14. M. Brennan/ Co. C

15. M. Condon/ Co. C

16. D. Deitrick/ Co. D

17. W.H. Williams/ Co. D

18. John Dooley/ Co. E

19. R. Paden/ Co. F

20. Joseph Finley/ Co. F

21. William Kohler/ Co. F

22. W. Welsh/ Co. F

23. David Miller/ Co. F

24. William Moore/ Co. F

25. N. Gross/ Co. G

26. Henry Jones/ Co. H

27. G. Holloway/ Co. H

28. James Moore/ Co. H

29. O.A.J. Davis/ Co. I

30. Patrick Crowe/ Co. I

31. Nathan Neifert/ Co. I

32. William Weirs/ Co. I

33. Thomas Fogarty/ Co. K

34. John Patry/ Co. K

35. George Gross/ Co. K

36. Thomas Leonard/ Co. K

37. Henry Neyman/ Co. I

38. Patrick Grant/ Co. G39. George Livingston/ Co. A/ Captured at Knoxville Nov. 1863 and 
   held in Andersonville.

40. Isaac Arndt/ Co. I/ Captured at Knoxville Nov. 1863/ 
    Held  in Andersonville.

41. J.R. Sherman/ Co. K/ Captured at Knoxville Nov. 1863/ 
    Held   in Andersonville.
The Following Men Were Captured During The Wilderness And Spotsylvania Campaign May 6 - 15 1864.
There was no listing as to which prison these men were held in, it is possible that most went to Andersonville Ga.
1.  George Seibert/ Co. C

2.  Edward Ebert/ Co. D

3.  John D. Weikel/ Co D

4.  William Gutshal/ Co. D

5.  George Krammer/ Co. F

6.  Harrison Bright/ Co. H

7.  Michael Scott/ Co. H

8.  Lewis Aurand/ Co. H

9.  James Wentzel/ Co. H

10. W.B. Beyerle/ Co. I

11. B. McArdel/ Co. I

12. W.B. Shearer/ Co. IThe Following Men Were Captured June 17, 1864
At Petersburg Va.

1.  A. Wren/ Co. B

2.  Jacob Winger/ Co. B

3.  Mike Laveil/ Co. F

4.  William Auchenbach/ Co. FThe Following Men Were Captured During the Charge
Of April 2, 1865.

1.  Isaac L. Fritz/ Co. B/ Held in either Danville or Salisbury Prison.

2.  John McElrath 1st. Sgt./ Co. E

3.  James McReynolds Sgt./ Co. I

4.  James Hanan Corporal/ Co. C

5.  George W. James Corporal Co. E

6.  William Reppert/ Co. B

7.  Mike Kingsley/ Co. B

8.  Nick Stevens/ Co. B

9.  Lewis Kleckner/ Co. B

10. Henry Kinker/ Co. B

11. Dan Hurley/ Co. B

12. Sam Kessler/ Co. D

13. David McGeary/ Co. E

14. John O'Neil/ Co. E

15. Albert Fisher/ Co. F

16. Patrick Galligan/ Co. G

17. James Mullen/ Co. I

18. Theo. Kett/ Co. I

19. John Oats/ Co. I

20. Thomas J. Reed/ Co. I

21. Jacob Reichmine/ Co. I

22. William Petton/ Co. K

23. John Marshall/ Co. K

24. George Shaners/ Co. K

50th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

The Soldiers Who Died.

1.  Ben Couch/ Co. H/ Died in Andersonville 7-11-64 from Anasskea/ 
    Buried in grave # 3480.

2.  H. Hiler/ Co. C/ Died in Andersonville from dysentery/ 
    Buried   in Grave # 2450.

The Following Soldiers Were Captured During May 5 - June 6 1864

3.  Edward W. Clark/ Co. A/ Died in Andersonville

4.  Daniel Stein/ Co. A/ Died in prison Andersonville.

5.  Hiram R. Weist/ Co. A/ Died in Charleston Prison 10-30-64.

6.  Sam Agley/ Co. A/ Died in Andersonville.

7.  Peter Dankle/ Co. A/ Died while in prison.

8.  Henry Hein/ Co. A/ Died while in prison/ 
    buried at Ft.  Monroe.

9.  Hiram Straw/ Co. A/ Died while in prison/ unknown when captured.

Other Deaths.

10. Isaac Artz/ Co. A/ Died while in prison/ unknown when captured.

11. Edward Bixler/ Co. A/ Died in Salisbury Prison.

12. Dan Brinkley/ Co. A Died in Prison Salisbury.

13. Jacob Dressler/ Co. A/ Died in Salisbury Prison. Date  Unknown.
14. Joel Gottshall/ Co. A Died in Salisbury Prison.

The Soldiers Who Survived Prison.

1.  William D. Guertler/ Co. C/ Captured Between May 5,- June 6 1864/ 
    7 months in  Andersonville/Also wounded./  Sch. Haven./ 
	Went to  Andersonville memorial dedication.

2.  Jacob Hehn/ Co. C/ Andersonville/ Shenandoah/ 
    Present at  dedication of memorial at Andersonville.

3.  David Radenbush/ Co. C/ Captured May 5-June 6 1864/ 
    Andersonville./ Sch. Haven.

4.  Elias Berger/ Co. C/ Andersonville for 10 months/ 
    May 12, 1864-March 21, 1865./ Sch. Haven

5.  Josiah Saltzer/ Co. A/ Andersonville 9 months and 24 days./ Tower City.

6.  William Kane/ Co. A/ Andersonville/ Port Carbon.
The Following Men were All Listed As 
Captured Between 5-5-64/6-6-64

7.  Hiram Stern/ Co. A/ Andersonville.

8.  Uriah Wenrich/ Co. A/ Andersonville.

9.  David Bolton/ Co. A/ Andersonville.

10. Daniel Burkley/ Co. A/ Andersonville.

11. John Dowdle/ Co. A/ Andersonville.

12. William Hains/ Co. C/ Andersonville.

13. Garret Kerrigan/ Co. C/ Andersonville.

14. Dan Sullivan/ Co. C/ Andersonville.The following men were held in 
Charleston, S. C. 

1. Hiram R. Wiest

2. Daniel R. Burkley

3. John Dowdle

4. Sam Agley

5. Peter Dankle

6. Henry Hehn

7. William Hains

8. Garret Kerrigan

9. Dan Sullivan

10. William Williams55th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
   The following listed men were held as prisoners of war in Andersonville and Salisbury prisons. 
This list was compiled from the records of the:
1. Miners Journal 2. Listing of Schuylkill County Soldiers. 3. Atwater List of Deaths in Andersonville. 4. Pennsylvania Survivors at Andersonville. 5. Memorial To Patriotism, Wallace. The Soldiers Who Died In Prison . Company E 1. J.S. Bannan/ Co. Captured 5-20-64 Spotsylvania Va./
Died while prisoner in Andersonville from Scorbutus 10-15-64/ buried in grave   # 10988. 2.  H. Strong/       Died in Andersonville on 10-15-64 of  Scorbutus/ Buried in Grave # 10299. 3.  James Tobin/     Captured during Wilderness Campaign between May 6-16 1864/ Died in                              Andersonville 10-11-64 from Diarrhea/   Buried in Grave 10735. 4.  William Kuehn/   Captured in May 6 - 16 1864/ Died in Andersonville 02-27-64. 5.  James McFarlane/  Captured in Battle of Drewry's Bluff  5-16-64/ Died at Andersonville                              7-31-64/ Buried in Grave 4414. 6.  Thomas Patton/    Captured in Battle of Drewy's Bluff   5-16-64/ Dies in Millen Ga. Near                            Andersonville. Grave # 130.           7.  George Yinchell/  Died in Salisbury prison NC. on 1-15-65. 8.  George Zeinhelt/  Captured 9-29-64/ Died in Salisbury  Prison NC. 6-16-65. 9.  Hioram Thomas/    Dies at home in Minersville from the effects of prison.The men who survived. 1.  David Weir/ Captured at Drury's Bluff, 5-16-64 held in  Andersonville and escaped 10-17-64 . 2.  John Dippen/ Andersonville 3.  John Maggee Corp/ Captured 03-06-64 4.  Mike Beck/ Captured 09-21-64/ 5.  Frank T. Bennet/ Lieutenant Col. Captured 3-16-64/ Held in Charleston and Colombia Ga.   The Following Men Were Held as Prisoners At Andersonville and Salisbury Prisons.
The men listed below were all captured during the fight at Drewry's Bluff (Fort Darling) May 16, 1864.

The regiment was caught by a surprise attack by the rebels of Gen. Beauregard and over 100 men were captured.

1.  Aaron Yoder.

2.  Daniel Billman/ Mentioned in Charles Taylors letter to the Miners Journal.
    October 22, 1864/Minersville/                     
	Held in Andersonville.

3.  Solomon Billman Mentioned in Taylors letter/ Minersville/
    Held in Andersonville.

4.  John McCann/    Mentioned in Charles Taylors letter/Minersville/
    Held in Andersonville.
55th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

5.  Luke Welsh/     Mentioned in Charles Taylors Letter/
    Held in  Andersonville/ Minersville.

6.  Phillip Anstee/ Mentioned in Charles Taylors letter/
    Held in  Andersonville/ Minersville.

7.  Thomas Conway/  Mentioned in Charles Taylors letter/
    Held in  Andersonville/ Minersville.

8.  George Dunlop/  Mentioned in Charles Taylors letter/
    Held in  Andersonville/ Minersville.

9.  Thomas Patton/  Mentioned in Charles Taylors letter/
    Held in  Andersonville/ Minersville.

10. Peter Churchfield/ Mentioned in Charles taylors letter/                        
    Held in Andersonville/ Minersville.

11. John Booth/     Held in Andersonville.

12. David Hughes/   Held in Andersonville.

13. Edward Coyle/   Held in Andersonville.

14. William Williamson/ Held in Andersonville.

15. David Wier/     Held in Andersonville/
    Only person from  Schuylkill County that is listed as escaped.
	He escaped on the 17th  of October 1864.

16. John Dippen/    Held in Andersonville.

The Following Men were Captured at Chaplins Farm
On September 29, 1864

1.  John Jeffries/ Held at Salisbury NC.

2.  James Murphy/  Held at Salisbury NC.

3.  Michael Murry/ Held at Salisbury NC./ Wounded.

4.  Patrick Delaney/ Was captured at Cold Harbor.67th PVI
In February 1863 the 67th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry was surrounded and captured at Winchester Va.

Company K was recruited in Schuylkill County and some of the men were captured and sent to Libby, Belle Isle and later paroled.

Company K

1.  Thomas Patterson Lieutenant/ Pottsville
2.  Edward Nagle 1st Sgt./ Pottsville
3.  John Christian Sgt./ Pottsville
4.  Franklin Shoener Sgt./ Pottsville
5.  Francis Hause Sgt. / Pottsville
6.  George Rice Corporal / Pottsville
7.  Martin Hutchinson Corporal / Pottsville
8.  John Martin Corporal/ Pottsville
9.  Sam McQuade Corporal/ Minersville
10. Ben Barlet Corporal/ Pottsville
11. Daniel Christian Corporal/ Pottsville
12. Charles Ewing Corporal / Pottsville
13. John Wren/ Drummer/ Pottsville
14. Henry Myers/ Bugler/ Tremont
15. Gorge Albertson/ Tamaqua
16. John Bauman Pvt./ Minersville
17. John Bauman Sr. Pvt./ Minersville
18. Ben Christian Pvt./ Pottsville
19. Benjamin Davis Pvt./ Swatara
20. Francis Deion Pvt./ Pottsville
21. Pete Dimmerling Pvt./ Pottsville
22. D.D. Dalicus Pvt. / Pottsville
23. Charles Dunkelberger Pvt. / Pottsville
24. William Faust Pvt./ Pottsville
25. Charles Garett Pvt./ Pottsville
26. John Gayer Pvt./ Pine Grove
27. Edward Hause Pvt./ Pottsville
28. Dan Keeler Pvt./ Pottsville
29. Martin Langton Pvt./ Ashland
30. Jack Lutz Pvt./ Tamaqua
31. Paul Litterman Pvt./ Pottsville
32. Edgar Lewis Pvt./ Pottsville
33. William Lowhert Pvt./ Pottsville
34. John McCurl Pvt. / Primrose
35. Aaron Moore Pvt./ Pottsville
36. Thomas Myers Pvt./ Pottsville
37. James O'Rorick Pvt. / Pottsville
38. Henry Poular Pvt./ Pottsville
39. William Schuntier Pvt./ Pottsville
40. Dan Shrivelry Pvt. / Friedensburg
41. Samuel Shoener Pvt./ Orwigsburg
42. James Shoener Pvt./ Pottsville
43. Ted Sands Pvt./ Pottsville
44. George Snyder Pvt./ Pottsville
45. Edgar Titus Pvt. / Pottsville
46. John Widerman Pvt./ Pottsville
47. Abraham Wendeard Pvt./ Pottsville7th Pennsylvania Cavalry
In 1862 members of the 7th Pennsylvania Cavalry were captured at Lavergne , Tenn. on January 1st, 1863

and all were paroled after a stay at Camp Parole, Annapolis, Md.

The Men From Schuylkill.

1.  Emanuel Kahlis, Pvt. Co. H/ Lavergne, Tenn.

2.  Henry Koch, Pvt./ Co. H/ Lavergne, Tenn.

3.  Joseph Shaw, Pvt./ Co. A/ Lavergne, Tenn.

4.  John T Hazzard, Pvt./ Co. L/ Captured and last seen driving a six mule team./
    Hazzard would die while at Camp Parole.

The Following Men Were Captured Between Dec. 20 1862
January 8, 1863

1.  J. Carle Corp,./ Co. A/ Exchanged

2.  William Zehner, Sgt. / Co. F/ Exchanged

3.  Abraham Berger, Pvt./ Co. F/ Exchanged

4.  Josiah H. Anderson, Pvt./ Co. F/ Exchanged

5.  Thomas Jones, Pvt./ Co. F/ Exchanged

6.  John Wightman, Pvt./ Co. F / Exchanged

7.  John Fitzgerald, Pvt./ Co. F/ Exchanged

8.  Samuel Trump, Pvt./ Co. F/ Exchanged

9.  Cornelius Link, Pvt./ Co. F/ Exchanged

10. David Lewis, Sgt./ Co. L/ Exchanged

11. Abe Hummel, Pvt./ Co. L/ Exchanged

12. William Montgomery, Pvt/ Co. L/ Exchanged

Men Captured at Perryville Tenn. October 9, 1862

1.  John Branley, Pvt./ Co. A/ Perryville/ Exchanged

2.  Martin Cannon, Pvt./ Co. A/ Perryville/ Exchanged

3.  Peter Clank, Pvt./ Co. A/ Perryville/ Exchanged

4.  William Thomas, Pvt./ Co. A/ Perryville/ ExchangedMen Captured at Gallatin, Tenn. August 21, 1862

1.  Joseph Abraham, Pvt./ Co. A/ Gallatin/ ExchangedMen Captured at Pulaski, Tenn. May 3, 1862

1.  Llewelyn Llewelyn, Pvt./ Co. F./ Pulaski/ Exchanged

2.  William Watkins, Pvt./ Co. F./ Pulaski/ ExchangedMen Captured on July 13, 1862
Captured at Murfreesboro, Tenn. By Gen. N.B. Forrest

1.  Francis Reed, Sgt/ Co. L/ Exchanged

2.  Henry H. Snyder, Sgt./ Co. L/ Exchanged

3.  Daniel Paul, Pvt./ Co. L/ Exchanged
96th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry The majority of the 96th prisoners were held in Andersonville and some in Libby prison.

The information was obtained from:

1. Miners Journal

2. Atwater report of deaths at Andersonville.

3. List of Pennsylvania survivors at Andersonville.

4. Schuylkill County soldiers lists.

5. Memorial To Patriotism/ Wallace.The Dead.

1.  M Muldowney/ Co. K/ Died in Andersonville 8-6-64 from  diarreha/ Buried in grave # 4698

2.  A Wike/ Co. B/ Died at Andersonville from scorbutus on
                   6-30-64/ buried in grave # 2699. Captured  12/14/63

3.  Winsinger/ Co. E/ Died at Andersonville from diarreha on  7-6-64/ buried in grave # 2987.

4.  Sylvanus Bishop/ Co. C/ Died in Andersonville 10-22-64 from  scorbutus. Captured Centerville  10/16/64

5.  J. Bennsinger/ Co. E/ Died in Savannah Ga. 7-15-64/

6.  Joseph Workman/ Co. F/ Captured 6-9-64 died in prison

7.  S. Covey/ Co. D/ Died in rebel prison.The Men Held as Prisoners.

1.  Michael Larkin/ Co. A/ Captured 5-10-64 Spotsylvania C.H.  held in Andersonville 13 months.

2.  David Pritchard/ Co. A/ Captured 5-10-64 Spotsylvania C.H. held in Andersonville for 13 months/

3.  Christopher P. Kane/ Co. C/ Captured in the summer of 1863/
    Held in Libby and Belle Isle, Castle Thunder and Andersonville for 16 months.
Captured White Plains Va, 07/25/63

4.  T. Prosser/ Co. H/ Captured May 1864/ Held in Andersonville/                       
 Mentioned in Charles Taylors letter.

5.  D.R. Boardman/ Co. H/ Captured in May 1864/ Held in Andersonville.

6.  D. Engle/ Co. H/ Captured in May 1864/ Held in Andersonville.

7.  A. Sandy/ Co. G/ Captured in May 1864/ Held in Andersonville.

8.  D. Williams/ Co. G/ Captured in May 1864/ Held in Andersonville.

9.  E. Hardman/ Co. G/ Captured in May 1864/ Held in  Andersonville.
10. S. Maddoc/ Co. G/ Captured in May 1864/ Held in Andersonville./ Exchanged at Millen Ga.   4-5-64

11. Evan Gery/ Co. G/ Captured in May 1864/ Held in Andersonville./ Exchanged at Millen Ga.  11-11-64

12. J. Devitt/ Co. G/ Captured in May 1864/ Held in Andersonville.13. William Fanny/ Co. K/
Captured in May 1864/ Held in  Andersonville.

14. Edward McCormick/ Co. A/ Captured in May 1864/ Held in Andersonville. Exchanged 11-11-64 at Millen Ga.

15. M. Moran/ Co. F/ Captured in May 1864/ Held in Andersonville. exchanged 1-5-64.

16. Joseph Larkinson/ Co.  / Held in Andersonville/ Mentioned   in Charles Taylors letter. Minersville

17. John Perry/ Co.  / Held in Andersonville/ Mentioned in Charles Taylors letter. Minersville.

18. R. Morris/ Co.  / Held in Andersonville/ Mentioned in Charles  Taylors letter/ Minersville.

20. John Coffield/ Co. H/ Held in prison Richmond/ Libby ?

21. Jacob Saylor/ Co. C/ Captured Spotsylvania, dies at Camp Parole 12/20/64.

22. Emanuel Saylor/ Co. C/ Captured May 20 1864 Spotsylvania.

23. Charles Newton/ Co. D/ Captured May 3 1863 Salem Church  Va. Died Date Unknown.

24. John Price /Co. E/ Prison 07/21/64 thru 02/22/65

25. William Prosser/ Co. E/ Captured Spotsylvania,  Andersonville ?

26. Albert Klinger/ Co. E/ Captured Spotsylvania 03/10/64

27. Steven Mensinger/Co. G/ Died Andersonville, 07/05/64, Grave  no. 2937

28. Sylvester Maddock/ Co. G/ Prisoner at Andersonville 03/14/64

29. David Macamer/ Co. G/ Captured

30. Joseph Workman/ Co. G/ Captured

31. Jonathan Erdman/ Co. H/ Captured Spotsylvania, May 14 1864

32. James McDevitt/ Co. I/ Captured Spotsylvania 05/14/64
                           Held in Andersonville.ANDERSONVILLE
   Following is a list of the soldiers from Schuylkill county who died 
while imprisoned at Andersonville Prison Camp Georgia,  during the years 1864 and 1865.
Cause of     Grave #   Name          Regiment  Co.   Death       Date. 1.  6859     A. Bennett     67 PVI  K    Scorbutus  8/21/64 2.  3027     J. Braney      48 PVI  K    Diarrhea   7/7/64 3.  5969     F. Boyer       48 PVI  E    Diarrhea   8/17/64 4.  10988    J.S. Banyar    55 PVI  E    Scorbutus  10/15/64 5.  8769     G. Boyer       7  Cav. F    Scorbutus  9/14/64 6.  3480     Ben Couch      50 PVI  H    Anasaron   7/17/64 7.  8175     J. Fetterman   48 PVI  H    Diarrhea   9/8/64 8.  6859     E. Gallagher   48 PVI  A    Diarrhea   8/21/64 9.  2450     H. Hilm        50 PVI  C    Dysentery  6/25/64 10. 8532     G.R. Hopkins   50 PVI  K    Diarrhea   9/12/64 11. 3017     J. McRath      48 PVI  C    Diarrhea   7/7/64 12. 10735    James Tobin    55 PVI  E    Scorbutus  10/11/64 13. 4698  Mathias Muldowney 96 PVI  K    Diarrhea   8/6/64 14. 10306    J. Meese       48 PVI  A    Diarrhea   10/4/64 15. 8742     D. Root        48 PVI  B    Diarrhea   9/14/64 16. 10299    H. Strong      55 PVI  E    Scorbutus  10/4/64 17. 2699     A. Wike        96 PVI  B    Scorbutus  6/30/64 18. 2987     S. Winsinger   96 PVI  E    Diarrhea   7/6/64 19. 11645    George Krammer 116 PVI G    Scorbutus  10/30/64 20. 4414    J. Mcfarland    55 PVI  E    Dysentery   7/31/64 21. 8081    W. Weber        116 PVI F    Diarrhea   9/7/64 22.         William Kuehn    55 PVI E    Unknown    02/27/64 23.         Edward Clark     50 PVI A    Unknown   24. 4084    Adam Buchner    116 PVI G    I. Fever   02/27/64 25. 10814   John Heinbach   116 PVI G    Diarrhea   10/12/64 26.         Will Heinbach   116 PVI G    Diarrhea   03/29/65 27.         S. Heinbach     116 PVI G               08/14/64 28. 2409    James McCabe    3rd Cav L    Pneumonia  06/24/64 29. 6052    W. Waterhouse   3rd Cav L    Cerebritis 08/18/64 30. 6940    John Richards   1st Cav      Scorbutus  08/17/64 31. 5940    James Purcell   109 PVI F   32. 12355   David Reese     7th Cav A    Diarrhea   12/29/64 33.         Jacob Hummel    116 PVI G    Unknown 34.         Daniel Stein     50 PVI A    Unknown
From The Miners Journal June 14, 1862: Returned Prisoners_ The following members of the 15th Regiment, P.V. who were captured at Falling Waters; on the 2nd of July, 1861, have been released. Some of them belong to Minersville, this County, and have reached home. They do not give the most flattering description of rebel accommodations:
J Wooley, J. Thomas, G. Went, C. Schlotterbeck, H. Shankey, A. Saylor, G.W. Walters, G. Thretto, J. Wilson, J. Williams, D.S. Sibert, G.W. Threkeld.

A correspondent of the New York World reports that Captain Scott Co. E U.S.C.T. was during the last assault on the enemies works at Petersburg wounded and taken prisoner. A letter from the 2nd Lieut. of the company says that the last seen of him he was in the opening made by the explosion and in the act of surrendering unhurt. There is every reason to believe he is a prisoner and unharmed.
Scott will be sent to Libby Prison and paroled on March 8, 1865.
Prior to his enlistment in the U.S.C.T. he was a member of the 141st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry and during the November 1863 battles on the Rappahannock, he was wounded and taken prisoner, but was exchanged a few days later. He described his treatment in the hands of the rebels as having been good. But they were short on provisions and medical supplies.

September 1864:
George M Boyer, son of Israel and Mariah Boyer a member of Company F 7th Pa. Cav. died in hospital at Andersonville, Ga. Sept. 30, 1864 aged 22 years and 8 months. When the traitors assaulted our government and tore down our emblem of liberty, George considered the interest of his country as paramount to all other interests and gave his service to it. For nearly 4 years he acted the part of a true and brave soldier participating in some 18 or 20 battles and at not time was he found absent from his post of duty. He fell as a man, he died for his country. He sleeps quietly on the southern soil. Peace to his ashes and comfort to his friends.

December 3,1864:
Members of the 96th Regiment still prisoners in the hands of the Rebels.- From Christofer Kane, of Co. C, 96th Regiment, an exchanged prisoner who reached Annapolis last week, we have received the following letter, with a request to publish. Mr. Kane was captured in the summer of 1863, after the battle of Gettysburg, and was a prisoner up to last week. He was confined first at Libby Prison, next at Belle Isle, next at Castle Thunder, and afterwards at Andersonville. Fortunately, his health was good during the term of his imprisonment. His letter, giving information of other members of this regiment is as follows:
Editors Miners Journal: Oblige a returned prisoner, of the 96th Regiment P.V. by inserting this in the columns of your paper. I have been a prisoner for sixteen months, and been in all the rebel hells in the confederacy. There were twenty three captured members of the regiment at Andersonville when I left. All of their names I do not know. The following are those I know: S. Bishop, Co. C; E Pritchard and M. Larkin of Co. A; T. Prosser, D.R. Erdman and D. Engle of Co. H; A. Sandy, D. Williams, and E. Hardman of Co. G and Maddox, of Co. F. The deaths have been A. Wike, Co .B died June 30, 1864; J. Bensinger, Co. E died July 15 1864; and S. Bishop, Co. C died October 22, 1864. The following are here in camp. E. Gearing, Co. G and J. Devitt, Co. I there are several more whose names I do not know.

C.P. Kane

February 4, 1865
Victims of Rebel Cruelty
Mike Crintin Co. C 48th Regiment died in prison at Salisbury N.C. November 29 1864. P. Heneran Co. H same regiment died in the same prison on the 25th of November. These men with hundreds of others were starved to death by the rebels.

March 8, 1865:
Captain D.W. Scott a paroled prisoner is at Annapolis along with Captain Gray (151st) Lieut. Heffner (67th) and others.

March 25, 1865:
Union dead in Salisbury, N.C. on Tuesday last the New York Tribune published a list comprising about 1200 names of prisoners who died in Salisbury pens during the months of December, January and February victims of rebel brutality, in the list are the names of the following soldiers from Schuylkill.

Elijah Defrhem Co. F 48th Dec. 30
Charles Dindnyer Co. C 48th Feb. 11
William Fulton Co. F 48th Feb. 11
Samuel Schollenberger Co. A 48th Jan. 13

April 1, 1865
Death of A Soldier:- John C. Hoskins was born in Minersville, this county, September 27, 1839, and died in this borough, March 27, 1865 aged 25 years and 6 months. His funeral was one of the largest and most impressive ever witnessed in Minersville. The military, Odd Fellows, firemen and a large number of citizens attended. Mr. Hoskins entered the service of the United States at the commencement of the Rebellion, in the 15th Regiment, in April, for three months. He was taken prisoner on the 2nd of July 1861, near Haynesville Va. and was sent through Martinsburg, to Charlotsville, where he remained a few days, and was then transferred to Libby Prison, Richmond. From there he was taken to New Orleans, and subsequently to Salisbury, North Carolina. While at the later place he was paroled and entered our lines at New Bern, N.C. in 1862, having been a prisoner for eleven months. At the time the nine months troops were being raised, he reenlisted in the service notwithstanding his exchange had not been effected. He entered the 129th Regiment, Col. J. Frick and was wounded at the Battle of Fredricksburg. After the battle he was promoted to 1st Sgt. of his Company. He was a good soldier, and an admirable man in all relations of life.

April 1, 1865
Henry Clay Graeff, 1st. Lieut. Company D 48th P.V. died in this borough on Wednesday last from disease contracted in rebel prisons. At the time of his death he was in the 21st year of his age. He had been in the 48th Regiment since its organization and was known as thoroughly good soldier. His father Franklin is a member of the same company, and is now with his command. Henry was taken prisoner at the fight on the Weldon R.R. in September last, and was a prisoner up to a fortnight of his death. At the time of his capture he was a Sergeant of his company, and was commissioned a lieutenant shortly after while he was in rebel hands. The remains of Lieut. Graeff will be interred tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock.

June 17, 1865:
Sudden death of a returned soldier: A soldier of the 95th William Boyd a returned prisoner from Andersonville dropped dead on Center Street. The cause was apoplexy. The deceased lived on Port Carbon Road.

June 27, 1865
Mr. Joehna Reed of Barry Township died at his fathers residence age 30 years 8 months. He died from the effects of starvation at Salisbury N.C.

June 27, 1865
Paroled Union Prisoners: The Government Steamer Thetas arrived at Annapolis Md. from Florida and Hilton Head. Landed 304 Union Prisoners and 35 commissioned officers.
David Pritchard A Co. 96th
John J. Howe K Co. 96th
E. McCormick A Co. 96th

July 15, 1865:
The following soldiers from this County, died in prison at Andersonville, Ga. between February 1864 and March 1865.
J Brenny, Private Co. E 48th Reg. died July 8, 1865. Grave number 3027.
J.S.Bannan, private, Co. E 55th Regiment died October 15, 1864 Number of Grave 10,983
J. Fetterman, private, Co. H 48th Regiment died September 8, 1864. Number of grave 8,173
E. Gallagher private, Co. E 48th Regiment Died August 22, 1864. Number of grave 6,349 H.Helm, private, C.

August 9, 1865:
Another victim of rebel cruelty, Walter P. Aims late a member of Co. D 48th Regiment P.V. died at Salldasburg, Lycoming County on the 12th from the effects of starvation and brutality which he endured in rebel prisons. His age at the time of his death was 21 years 6 months.

Major William Moorehead, Major of the 76th Pa. Regiment has been mustered out after a faithful service of nearly 4 years duration. He enlisted September 13, 1861 as a private when only 18 years old and rose step by step to the Majority of his command. He served in South Carolina and was with Butler in his movements on the James in 1864. Major Moorehead was captured for 2 months until exchanged. His career was highly honorable in every respect and we are proud of him as a son of Schuylkill.

The Miners Journal List

In late December 1886 the Miners Journal printed an advertisement requesting all men who were prisoners of war during the Civil War should send in their names. The following list of names is from the Journals list.
1. Thomas Alderson Pottsville 2. William Anspach Pottsville 3. Andrew Arnold Girardville 4. James Bartholomew Pottsville 5. Thomas Brennan Pottsville 6. William Beltz Pottsville 7. Abraham Berger Auburn 8. John Billey Sch. Haven 9. John E. Bubeck Sch. Haven 10. C.L. Bartholomew Port Gibson, Ontario Co. N.Y. 11. Albert Berdy Girardville 12. C.W. Cooper Pottsville 13. Jacob Deppen Pottsville 14. Francis Deams Pottsville 15. John Dooley Middleport 16. Joseph Edwards St. Clair 17. Charles Focht Pottsville 18. Thomas Flynn Pottsville 19. Joseph Fetherolf Ashland 20. H.O. Fernsler Shenandoah 21. William Gray Pottsville 22. James Goldsmith Pottsville 23. Edward Haus Pottsville 24. Steven Heran Pottsville 25. George W. Huth Pottsville 26. Frank Hause Pottsville 27. Adam Haekler Pottsville 28. Jacob Haerter Tremont 29. William Houlahan Mahanoy City 30. John Henry Heakler Pittsburg 31. Mike Kelly Pottsville 32. Reuben Kamp Tremont 33. William Killian Sch. Haven 34. Mike Larkin Pottsville 35. William Lewthart Mahanoy Plain 36. S.H. Lutz Mahanoy City 37. J.D. Lutz Mahanoy City 38. Edward McCormick Pottsville 39. John McBarron Pottsville 40. John McElrath Pottsville 41. John Martz Pottsville 42. Isaac Martz Tremont 43. Mike Moran Broad Mountain 44. C.P. Potts Pottsville 45. David Pritchard Pottsville 46. Ruch Samuel Pottsville 47. William Robson Pottsville 48. Frank S. Reber Pottsville 49. John Rohrbach Ashland 50. Joseph Richards Eckley 51. George Snyder Pottsville 52. William Smedley Pottsville 53. John Stevenson Pottsville 54. John Shaw Pottsville 55. Peter Schnerring Pottsville 56. Jacob Schroeder Tremont 57. Morgan Shoener New Philadelphia 58. Jacob Schroeder Pine Grove 59. Joel Strausser Joliett 60. Edward Titus Pottsville 61. Abraham Wineland Pottsville 62. Andrew G. Wren Pottsville Schuylkill Countians Captured in the Civil WarPrisons other than Andersonville and Salisbury1. George Brown , Lieut. , Co. I 101st PVI, Captured at Plymouth N.C. 4-20-64. Held in Charleston S.C. 2. Daniel Jones, Lieut., Co. L 3rd Pa. Cav. Captured at Salem, Va. 8-22-63. Held in Libby Prison. 3. David Evans, Pvt. , Co. G 5th Pa. Cav, Held in Richmond. 4. Heber Thompson, Captain 7th Pa. Cav. Captured at Lovejoy Station Ga. 8-20-64. Held in Charleston S.C. to 12-12-64. 5. Percy White, Lieut., 7th Pa. Cav. Captured and wounded at Lovejoy Station Ga. 8-20-64, Held in Charleston S.C. 6. Daniel Updegrove, Pvt., Co. B 9th Pa. Cav. Held in Libby Prison 21 days. 7. Joseph Edwards, Pvt. Co. G 5th Pa. Cav. Captured 9-9-62 Held in Libby, and paroled. 8. J. Dedden, Pvt. Co B. 47th PVI, Held in Libby for 21 days. 9. John Sennett, Pvt. 53 PVM Co. B., Captured 5-12-64 Spotsylvania Held in Richmond and Dies, 8-5-64.
The following soldiers from Schuylkill county died in the hands of the Rebels in the Salisbury Prison Camp N.C.
1.  Samuel Schollenberger    48th PVI   Co. A    1/15/65
2.  Michael Crintin          48th PVI   Co. C    11/29/64
3.  George Welsh             48th PVI   Co. E    2/6/65
4.  Elijah DeFrehn           48th PVI   Co. F    12/30/64
5.  William Fulton           48th PVI   Co. F    2/11/65
6.  Chris Dieffenderfer      116th PVI  Co. F    11/4/64
7.  James Day                116th PVI  Co. F    12/20/64
8.  Joseph B. Reber          116th PVI  Co. F
9.  George Yinchell           55th PVI  Co. E    01/15/65
10. George Zeinhelt           55th PVI  Co. E    06/16/65
11. David W. Reed            107th PVI  Co. G    04/01/65
12. Francis Hellner          107th PVI  Co. G    12/30/64
13. Phil Heffren              48th PVI  Co. H    11/25/64
14. Charles Dindnyer          48th PVI  Co. C    02/11/64
15. Walter P. Aims            48th PVI  Co. D    08/12/65
16. Jacob Hammer              48th PVI  Co.      11/12/64
17. Henry Hoy                107th PVI  Co. G    04/01/65
18. Mike Condron              48th PVI  Co. C    11/30/64
19. Jacob Wigner              48th PVI  Co.      01/01/65
20. Joseph Finley             48th PVI  Co.      01/22/65
21. Mike Welsh                48th PVI  Co. E    02/06/65
22. H.C. Graeff               48th PVI  Co. D    09/27/65
23. George Welsh              48th PVI  Co. B    02/06/64
24. Edward McGinnis           48th PVI  Co. E    11/16/64
25. William Kohler            48th PVI  Co. F  
26. Patrick Crowe             48th PVI  Co. I    11/19/64
27. Edward Bixler             50th PVI  Co. A
28. Dan Brinkley              50th PVI  Co. A
29. Jacob Dressler            50th PVI  Co. A
30. Joel Dottshall            50th PVI  Co. A
31. Andrew Wilson            116th PVI  Co. G     07/10/65
32. A.R. Wilson              2 Pa. Art  Ba. I  
33. John P. Snyder           17th Pa Cav Co. H     11-24-64
The following letters were written by Sgt. Francis Reed and describe his capture and the method of exchange that was used early in the war.

Nashville Tenn. July 19, 1862

You no doubt by this time have heard of the Battle of Murfreesboro and are uneasy in regard of me. But I have been fortunate enough to escape without as much as a scratch. You know doubt will like to now all the particulars of the fight, I will try to give you them as near as possible, I was in it from the commencement till our surrender on Sunday the 13th at about half after 3 O'clock in the morning Gen. Forrest made a dash upon our camp. Discharging their guns into the tents and killing the men in their beds. We were not aware of an enemy near they completely surprised us. Most of our men had gone out on a scout about 12 o'clock or their would have been more killed than was. 4 men out of our battalion were killed and 10 wounded. The 9th Michigan was encamped behind us and they soon came to our relief and the rebels skedaddled and they took with them a great number of prisoners and took the men out of their beds and would not allow them to put on their clothes. Henry Snyder and eight men of our company were taken barefooted and bare headed and two were taken naked. The rebels made them run 12 miles over the rough stony turnpike and did not allow them to rest till they had gone 28 miles. I should have been taken prisoner in the first charge if it had not been for the man who slept with me. He pulled down the tent and would not allow me to get out. So I lay under my tent till they were leaving the camp, then I crept out and gave them a good bye shot. There shots fell thick and fast around me for a while but none touched me. We followed them into town were one hundred men fought them from 4 in the morning till 12 o'clock at noon. When about 25 hundred surrounded us and demanded our surrender. Col. Parkehurst concluded it was best to surrender as our force was to small to hold out. Major Seibert was very angry when it was announced to lay down arms and give our selves up as prisoners of war. He had fought all morning with a private uniform on. He escaped without a wound or a scratch. After we surrendered the rebel General said private property should be respected and we packed up our clothes and put them on our company wagons. The rebels burnt our tents and everything that was in them that they did not want. We were marched 22 miles then put up for the night and the next morning taken 3 miles beyond McMinnville. The next day they Paroled the whole party except the commissioned officers they are to be sent to Atlanta, Ga. The night at McMinnville they took all our clothes from us and broke open the officers trunks and took everything away, they did not leave us as much as a shirt to change. We got to Nashville on Friday night nearly dead, we had to foot the whole way and from Friday night to Saturday night we had only got three meals.

After being released Reed and the rest of the men stayed in Nashville for 5 days and were then sent to Camp Parole in Annapolis, Md. The following excerpts are from letters Reed wrote while being interred at Camp Parole.

July 31, 1862
Camp Parole, Annapolis, Md.
We arrived hear yesterday morning, we heard that exchanging has been stopped. We are all very anxious to be exchanged to go back and square accounts with some of the rebels in the vicinity of Murfreesboro. We are entirely out of money. The rebels took all my clothes they did not leave me anything except what I had on, I have no change and I am pretty dirty. Harry Snyder is situated worse than I am, he has no shoes. He has come about 800 miles barefooted. If we do not get exchanged I shall try and get a furlough from here for a few weeks.

September 3, 1862
Camp Parole
Why I did not write to you I was waiting to see what they are going to due with us. I was in hope we should know before this time. All are anxious to be exchanged we have sent several petitions to Secretary Stanton asking to be exchanged, but no attention is paid to our petitions. I have wrote to the Captain to go to General Commanding the Western Division to have us exchanged, but have received no answer yet. I only wish we could get out of this place. Never have I been so discouraged as since being here. Everyone is dissatisfied all want to go home or be exchanged. So their is continual growling, we are comfortably quartered now, the boys will all have blankets and tomorrow they will all get a new suit from head to foot. We have plenty to eat and drink coffee twice a day, we have fresh bread every day, fresh beef three times a week, salt pork three times a week, bean soup three or four times a week and salt beef at any time, so we don't suffer for anything.

On September 9, 1862 Reed states that the camp now has 11,350 men confined there.

September 12, 1862
Camp Parole
We all have new clothes and look like soldiers again. George Fraser of Company K tried to leave camp on Wednesday last but was stopped, and is now in jail for mutiny in camp. He was going to take 100 men with him, and if my foot would not have been sore I should have made the attempt with him. We have not been paid yet but are promised from day to day. We know nothing about exchange, fifty different stories are raised daily. Our camp increases every day, we number about 4000 men now.

September 29, 1862
Harrisburg, Pa.
We arrived at Harrisburg on last evenings train. We expect to leave for Cincinnati this afternoon, but the boys are coming in so slow I doubt very much that we will get off for two or three days.
Reed left Harrisburg for the seat of war on October 3. Arrived back with his regiment on the 13 of October at Louisville, Ky.

Contributed by Stu Richards

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