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Free Genealogy Biography of Peter Filbert
Pennsylvania Volunteer of the Civil War

Major Peter Filbert

Peter Filbert, another son of Peter, was born in Pine Grove Nov. 20th, 1833; worked at the machinist trade in York, was clerk at the Ashland Furnace this side of Baltimore, clerk at the Swatara Furnace for Dr. G. N. Eckert, clerk for Graeff & Nutting.

April 20, 1861, he left the office to enlist under the call for 75,000 troops, left Pine Grove Sunday, 21st of April, for Harrisburg, was elected 2nd Lieut. of Company D, 10th Regiment, commanded by Col. Meredith.

After being mustered out he raised Company B, 96th Regiment for three years, was Captain till South Mountain Battle, promoted to Lt. Col., was discharged Dec. 22, 1862.

In June, 1862, helped to recruit Co. H, 39th Regiment, Pa. Volunteers, was elected Major of the Regiment. After coming home entered in the milling business.

He and his brother, Edward, put up the first steam mill in Pine Grove, run it for about 15 years when it was burned; it stood where S. G, Stine's butcher shop now stands. He was also in the mercantile business with Miller, Filbert & Co., where Mrs. Fessler is now; afterwards in the building where Christ & Rehrer are now.

He owns a lot of property, is one of the substantial men of town. He was married to Doty Reitzel, of Clear Spring, Md. He has two daughters, Corinne and Augusta.

Source: Biographical Notes, 1841-1916, of Pine Grove, Pa: J. W. Barr: Achenbach & Reber: 1916

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