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Free Genealogy Biography of Jacob Morrett Goodyear,
Pennsylvania Volunteer of the Civil War

Jacob Morrett Goodyear

Jacob M. Goodyear, the second son of Samuel Goodyear and Mary Ann Morret, enlisted 1 September 1864 for one year at Harrisburg, Pa., as a private in Company A (Capt. John B. Landis), 209th Pennsylvania Volunteers, Col. Tobias B. Kauffman. He was described as age 18, a farmer by occupation, with light hair, eyes, and complexion, height 5' 11''. His enlistment was credited to South Middleton Township. Cumberland County, Pa. He was mustered-in on 6 September 1864.

Enlisted in the same company were John and William Goodyear.

The 209th Pennsylvania was sent south to Bermuda Hundred, Va., 17 September 1864 where by 31 October 1864, it was placed in Col. Joseph H. Potter's Provisional Brigade of Butler's Army of the James. On 8 November 1864, the regiment cast its absentee votes for President with Lincoln receiving 311 votes and McClellan 254 votes.

Jacob Goodyear's active service was cut short by his capture in a picket skirmish in front of Bermuda Hundred on the night of 17 November 1864. Private William Goodyear was captured at the same time.

Taken from the point of capture through Chester Station, Jacob Goodyear was received and confined at Richmond, Va., 18 November 1864. On 4 December, he was sent to prison at Salisbury, N.C. Several months later he was brought back from Salisbury to Richmond on 24 February 1865. He was then paroled at Cox's Wharf, Va., on the James River, on 10 March 1865, and was shipped North, reporting at Camp Parole (near Annapolis), Md., on 17 March 1865.

Three days later, 20 March, he was given a furlough for 30 days which he used to visit his home and family in Carlisle. He was sick at home and confined to bed "with a low, nervous fever, which has followed the protracted diarrhoea, which he suffered with during his stay in the Rebel prisons." Dr. Cook, his attending physician, certified to Jacob's illness and on 15 April 1865 requested a 30-day extension of his leave which was granted. Returning to Maryland, he was again hospitalized, this time in the U. S. General Hospital, Annapolis, Md.

Although his regiment was mustered-out at Alexandria, Va., on 31 May 1865, Jacob was not discharged while still hospitalized. His discharge was furnished 7 June 1865.

After the war, he was a member of the Capt. Colwell Post No. 201, Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) in Carlisle.

Jacob Morrett Goodyear was Ezra Goodyear's first cousin.

Source: Military service records and family histories of Jacob Morrett Goodyear submitted by Bob Goodyear.

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