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Free Genealogy Biography of William H. Goodyear,
Pennsylvania Volunteer of the Civil War

William H. Goodyear

William H. Goodyear, born 18 January 1844, was a son of the Rev. John A. Goodyear and his wife, Elizabeth Morret. He was brother to Frederick Long Goodyear.

He attempted to enlist in the Federal Army, and, while a record exists for his rejection as being "under size (5' 1 1/4 ")" and his discharge on 25 September 1864, his enlistment paper shows he was regularly enlisted the day before in Philadelphia, Pa.

He was 20 years old, and a painter by occupation. He enlisted for one year as a private and was assigned to the 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry (also known as the 108th Pennsylvania Regiment). His personal description says he had brown eyes, dark hair, dark complexion, and was 5' 3" high. He apparently refused to accept his discharge and went to the Recruit Depot for training. On 4 December 1864, he joined his company in the field, Company K, Capt. Stephen Tripp. Six days later, the 11th Pennsylvania engaged Confederate skirmishers in front of Fort (or Camp) Holly, near the Darbytown Road, southeast of Richmond. The regiment then went into winter camp, broken only by an expedition from Bermuda Hundred to Fearnsville and Smithfield, Va., 11-15 February 1865. On 28 March 1865 the regiment broke camp, crossed the James and Appomattox Rivers, and headed for Reams' Station.

On 1 April 1865, on the White Oak Road., neat Dinwiddie Courthouse, the regiment engaged with Confederate forces who were scattered by a mounted charge by Companies A, E, K, and C under Major Monroe.

A list of engagements credits the regiment with Gravelly Ford, Hatcher' s Run, 2 April ; Deep Creek, 4 April; Amelia Court House, 4-5 April; Prince Edward Court House, 7 April; Appomattox Station, 8 April; and Appomattox Court House, 9 April.

The regiment then passed around the Confederate Army and occupied Lynchburg, Va., on 12 April. From 5 May through June it was stationed at Charlottesville Va., going to Staunton on 10 May and Lexington on 11 May.

Around July it was on duty in the Sub-District of Albemarle and was finally mustered-out at Richmond on 13 August 1865.

Goodyear only remained with the regiment until he was mustered-out at Richmond on 8 June 1865 under War Department General Order No. 83 dated 8 May 1865.

William H. Goodyear was Ezra Goodyear's 3rd cousin.

Source: Military service records and family histories of William H. Goodyear submitted by Bob Goodyear.

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