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Free Genealogy Biography of Frederick Long Goodyear,
Pennsylvania Volunteer of the Civil War

Frederick Long Goodyear

Frederick L. Goodyear, the youngest of the eight children of the Rev. John A. Goodyear and Elizabeth Morret and brother to He was brother to William Goodyear, gave his age as 18 when he enlisted for one year on 28 February 1865 at Carlisle. He was described on enlistment as having dark hair, eyes, and complexion, a height of 5' 2" and was a laborer by occupation.

His enlistment was credited to South Middleton Township, Cumberland County, Pa.

Mustered into the service on 8 March 1865, the record was backdated to the date of enlistment. 8 February 1865. The records indicate a $100 bounty was due on enlistment with $500 retained to his credit.

He was present at Camp Curtin (Harrisburg), Pa., on 24 March 1865, when he was shown as a private in Capt. (William B.) Wolf's Company (Second Company F), of the 101st Regiment Pennsylvania Infantry. This was an old regiment that was originally enlisted in the fall of 1861 for three years and was now being recruited and reorganized as a ''Veteran'' regiment. The original 101st Pennsylvania was part of the garrison of Plymouth, N. C., when that town was captured on 20 April 1864, by the Confederates with the aid of the new CSS iron-clad Albemarle. It suffered casualties (killed or captured) of 27 officers and 382 men, a total of 409.

Those not captured served as part of the garrison of Roanoke Island to June 1865. Two companies of the 101st were on Roanoke Island under Lt. Edgar Lee of Company A as of 28 February 1865. New recruits were sent here to rebuild the regiment to ten companies.

Shortly after his enlistment and his assignment to the 101st Pennsylvania, Goodyear was shipped south to join the detachment of his regiment stationed on Roanoke Island, N.C.

By the close of April 1865, the war was effectively over, and Fredrick L. Goodyear was mustered out with the rest of his regiment at New Bern, N.C., on 25 June 1865, closing out his military career in just under four months. There is no indication that his service included any actual combat duty. The regiment received its last pay at Harrisburg on 13 July 1865.

Frederick Long Goodyear was Ezra Goodyear's 3rd cousin.

Source: Military service records and family histories of Frederick Long Goodyear submitted by Bob Goodyear.

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