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Free Genealogy Biography of Winfield Scott Hammond
Pennsylvania Volunteer of the Civil War

Winfield Scott Hammond

Winfield Scott Hammond, the youngest son of Hervey Hammond, was born in Lewisberry September 11, 1847. He attended the public schools and studied the higher branches at home. When quite young he acquired a fondness for reading, and hence made good use of his father's library, and such other libraries as the town afforded.

In the spring of 1865 he enlisted in Company I. One Hundred and Ninety-second Regiment of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 192nd Regiment, and remained in the service until the fall of the same year.

Shortly after the war he went to southeast Missouri, and remained in that section about eighteen months, spending a part of the time in a printing office as compositor and local editor, and assisting in the United States land office, which was under the charge of one of the proprietors of the paper. While there Mr. Hammond became intimate with the leading business men and politicians of the county; one was State senator, and afterward land agent for a leading railroad in the West; another, a prominent lawyer, pleading before the Supreme Court of the United States; another, State treasurer of Missouri; another, delegate from the State-at-large to the National Democratic Convention; another, district attorney, etc.

This was under the "carpet bag" regime, and Mr. Hammond being a "Radical" (in Missouri politics) was offered the office of county clerk in one of the southeastern counties, which he refused and returned home to take charge of the window-spring business, and became owner and controller of the popular springs, which he has manufactured and sold with great success. He introduced some new improvements in the construction of them, and entirely changed the process of manufacture, doing by machinery what was formerly done by hand. He has recently invented some new styles of springs, and is engaged in their manufacture, and has a number of workmen in his employ. Large quantities of the springs are sold annually to wholesale dealers.

Early in life Mr. Hammond developed a taste for painting, and now spends his leisure hours in sketching places interesting to the scenes of his childhood, and the picturesque ravines and hills of the upper end of the county. Mr. Hammond is the artist who furnished the sketch, from which we have engraved the cut of the "Old Friends Meeting House," two miles east of Lewisberry; which engraving will be found in this work.

Mr. H. is at present secretary of the school board, and was a member of the committee on resolutions in the late Republican State convention. Mr. Hammond was married, in 1873, to Miss Jeannette Starr, daughter of Reuben T. Starr, and Elizabeth (Lloyd) Starr, of Lewisberry. They have two children, viz.: Edward and Grace. Mrs. Hammond is a descendant of the Friends of Chester County, her ancestors being of the celebrated Taylor, Sharpless, Lloyd and Starr families, and is an active member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Mr. Hammond keeps himself abreast of the times in literature, science and art, being a constant reader of various periodicals, literary and art magazines, mechanical, scientific and architectural journals, etc., etc., and is a book buyer.

Source: York County, Pennsylvania Biographical History, John Gibson, Chicago: F.A. Battey Publishing Co., 1886.

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