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Free Genealogy Biography of William Reisinger
Pennsylvania Volunteer of the Civil War

William Reisinger

Carl, Gotlieb and Jacob Reisinger are of the early settlers of York County. Carl, Gotlieb and Jacob, three brothers, came to this country in 1767, and settled at Lexington, Mass. At the breaking out of the Revolution they joined a company organized by Benedict Arnold. and were engaged at the first battle of Bunker Hill. Jacob was killed or drowned at Long Island. Carl and Gotlieb served through the war, to the battle of Yorktown, where Lord Cornwallis surrendered the British troops to Gen. Washington.

Carl and Gotlieb then came to York County. Carl married a daughter of Gen. Boyer, and had born to him nine daughters and one son. Samuel Reisinger. Samuel married a daughter of Conrad Gipe, and raised a family of seven daughters and four sons. The names of the four sons are William I. Reisinger, George Reisinger, Henry Reisinger and Adam Reisinger.

Henry Reisinger was elected recorder of deeds, of York County, in 1866.

William I. Reisinger, the eldest of the four sons, married a daughter of Henry Hartman and had five sons, Samuel H. Reisinger and William F. Reisinger, who served during the late Rebellion, and O. De Witt Reisinger, Calvin J. Reisinger and Elmer E. Reisinger and two daughters.

William I. Reisinger was an active worker in the Democratic party from his early life. He joined the York, Penn., Rifle Company, which was ordered out by the governor in 1844, and took part in the Philadelphia riots in 1849. He took an active part in organizing the Worth Infantry Company, which was commanded by Captain Zeigle up to 1861.

At the breaking out of the Rebellion the company was attached to the Sixteenth Pennsylvania Regiment, 16th Regiment. Captain Ziegle was made colonel, for three months' service. William I. Reisinger was quartermaster-sergeant of the said regiment.

After the three months' service he raised forty men for the Ringgold Cavalry, 185th Regiment, and failed in getting a commission; organized a company of 109 men and gave the command to Daniel Herr, with the understanding that he should be major, but took first lieutenant.

After a short time Captain Herr resigned and he became the captain, and served as such in Company I, Eleventh Pennsylvania Cavalry, 108th Regimentup to October 15, 1864, when he was compelled to quit the service on account of his ill health. During his service he received four wounds, but none of a serious character, and was in bad health for some years after his return from the war.

In 1875 he was elected a justice of the peace in York, and in 1881 was re-elected, and was well spoken of as a justice.

Source: York County, Pennsylvania Biographical History, John Gibson, Chicago: F.A. Battey Publishing Co., 1886.

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