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Free Genealogy Biography of George Sherwood
Pennsylvania Volunteer of the Civil War

George E. Sherwood

George E. Sherwood, ex-representative and justice of the peace, was born in Virginia, August 17, 1813, and is a son of Lewis and Minnie (Koch) Sherwood, both natives of Germany. His father came to this country as a political refugee in 1834. settling at Hampton, Elizabeth Co., Va., where he bought a large plantation, upon which he resided until 1855, when he removed to Baltimore, Md.

Our subject was educated at Baltimore, and upon the breaking out of the late civil war, he responded to the call for volunteers, and enlisted as orderly sergeant in the First Virginia Scouts, under Gen. Roseerans; served likewise in Sanno's Scouts, Twenty-sixth Pennsylvania Infantry, 26th Regiment, and Ninth Pennsylvania Cavalry, 92nd Regiment, and served until the close of the war. He rose from the ranks to captain, and participated in the following battles: Winchester, Red House, Morefield, Gettysburg (where he was taken prisoner), Nashville, Savannah and Lister's Ferry. He received his discharge at Newburn, N. C., June 11, 1865, and on the 16th day of July of the same year came to York, where he has since been a resident.

Mr. Sherwood, upon his arrival in York, assumed the editorship of the York German Gazette, one of the leading Democratic papers in the county, filling the position with marked ability. In 1873 he was elected town clerk of York, and filled that position until 1881. He was elected to represent his district in the State legislature in 1876, and was re-elected in 1878, and attained high rank as a representative. In 1883 he was elected justice of the peace in the Fourth Ward of the borough of York, and is still administering the duties of that office in an efficient manner. He is a politician of influence, and has been a leading member of the I. O. O. F. for many years; is District Deputy Grand Master, and D. D. Grand Patriarch, treasurer of Humane Lodge, and of Mount Vernon Encampment, and a member of the order of Red Men, Knights of Pythias, Union Brotherhood, G. A. R., and Knights of the Mystic Chain. He was the founder of the York Public Library, of which he is president: was trustee of the Rescue Fire Company, and agent for P. B. Wright & Sons and other steamship lines.

Mr. Sherwood has been twice married; his union with Sarah A., daughter of Maj. R. J. Winterode, of Williamsport. Penn., occurred July 6, 1866. She died April 20, 1875, leaving three children, two having died. December 26, 1876, he was united to Lucy A., daughter of Peter and Charlotte Flickinger, of Hanover, Penn.; to this union there have been born five children, three of whom are deceased.

Source: York County, Pennsylvania Biographical History, John Gibson, Chicago: F.A. Battey Publishing Co., 1886.

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